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Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 14:40:09

Hi all

Just wondered if there was anyone else starting out now that wanted to keep me company?

Background is that I’ve been with my partner 3 years and I have one 5 year old from a previous relationship who DP treats as his own ( though he does see his dad).

I came off the injection in summer as it was making me fat and miserable, and last month we weren’t as careful as we should have been and we thought I was pregnant (possibly a CP) as several faint positives before AF.

Anyway DP now wants to try which is absolutely lovely and I’m so on board and excited.

I’ve been tracking my cycles as a contraceptive method so I know I’m due to ovulate tomorrow or the next day.

I would appreciate any advice and support as my little one was conceived on the pill so I didn’t get any of this excitement - but equally I don’t really know what I should and shouldn’t be doing.


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Beth262 Mon 15-Nov-21 17:04:16

@Dann186 Don't knock being a cougar! I'm in that club too grin

redxlondon Mon 15-Nov-21 17:09:11

Hey, just (properly) started TTC this month (literally a week ago!). Talked with husband that we’d stop using contraception last month and just see what happened, we weren’t sure if we really wanted kids. When my period arrived last month we were both a mix of incredibly relieved and really sad. The sadness has stuck with me me so this month I used the CB ovulation sticks. And we DTD around the flashing smiley and steady smiley….so let’s see.
I am 33 and have PCO, but all blood work looked generally okay. And the fact I got the static smiley is hopefully a good signs. Oh, but one other complication is my bicornuate, was looking almost didephys, uterus. So could be a journey…

Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 17:11:38

This is definitely turning into a cougar club!

My first was 3 weeks early but I had bleeding and reduced movement throughout and a haemorrhage delivering the placenta. Stressy that it will happen again so I’m really determined to look into hypnobirthing and really looking after myself this time round x

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Dann186 Mon 15-Nov-21 17:15:39

@Beth262 haha tell me more grin

CoalCraft Mon 15-Nov-21 17:19:04

Interesting to hear the tales of less than ideal pregnancies. I also had bleeding throughout the first trimester with DD then sporadic spotting after that. I also had intense, constant Braxton Hicks... I would have a hundred or more in a day. I think they call it irritable uterus, though not sure if that is really a medical term. I was told by various midwives that it was nothing to worry about, but somehow I still wasn't too surprised when DD was born at 33 weeks!

I think if and when I conceive again I'll ask for consultant led care (actually I think you are automatically referred if you previously had a premature birth?). Midwife led is great for uncomplicated pregnancies but I guess I consider myself high risk now. I know there are things they can give to stop early contractions and I can't help but wonder if DD might have hung on a few more weeks of I'd been given those.

But that's kind of a tangent from Mr, sorry! Something to talk about when we're all together on the pregnancy board wink

Dann186 Mon 15-Nov-21 17:19:49

@redxlondon I also have PCO so you have someone in the same boat as you on here! But the smiley face is a terrific sign so fingers crossed for you this month 🤞


redxlondon Mon 15-Nov-21 17:22:06

Yay thank you @Dann186
I can’t believe just how obsessive I’ve become of counting down days to period. Lovely to share the journey with you all x

Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 18:08:46

We are sat watching one born every minute, some of the guys on here… If onion spoke to me like that I’d be raging!

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Dann186 Mon 15-Nov-21 18:21:00

I can’t watch it freaks me out too much! Ignorance is bliss as far as I’m concerned with that 😂😂😂

Beth262 Mon 15-Nov-21 19:57:49

@Beck3115 I can totally sympathise with you already stressing about it happening again. Fingers crossed for a textbook pregnancy for you.

@Dann186 My OH is just over 10 years younger than me. He winds me up about the age gap more than anyone. His favorite line is 'I was 8 when you were on your first girls holiday abroad' or whatever else he can think of to make me feel old! Love him though. Most of the time grin

Glago2017 Mon 15-Nov-21 20:21:36

Hi can I join please? I'm ttc #2. Last month was my first month of ttc but AF got me. 😩 used opk's for the first time as my periods can be irregular so was good to see when I ovulated.
I already have a DD who is 4 in 2 weeks. We didn't really ttc with her tho it was kind of not take precautions and see how it goes. 🤣
Hopefully there will be lots of BNP's soon. 🤞 x

LH1987 Mon 15-Nov-21 20:34:09

@Beth262, I’m sure he thinks he is hilarious 😂

Welcome @Glago2017

tryingtobeamama Mon 15-Nov-21 23:03:17

I am on my second month TTC. I mean, I had withdrawal bleeding street away followed by a normal period and I think I ovulated, but it obviously wasn't our month.

This time around I started temping and used preseed. I think that that I ovulated Saturday according to my temps....DTD two days in a row by peak and both my peak days and the day after. I think we have covered every possible avenue, but I really don't want to get my hopes up.

I think I should be 2 dpo...I am not testing until she's late (pray that she is late.)

springseason22 Mon 15-Nov-21 23:13:31

Ill join you all.

Trying to conceive baby number 2 also.

It's only been 2 months but I had hot flush 3 days after my supposed fertile window.

Got my period today 16 November. I'm around 25 days average. Could my ovulation time moved ?

Anyway fingers crossed all.

CoalCraft Tue 16-Nov-21 08:00:18

@tryingtobeamama @springseason22

Welcome, crossing fingers for you both!

Dann186 Tue 16-Nov-21 09:51:47

Welcome to all our new joiners! So my AF arrived today! Usually I’d be a weeping willow at this point but I am absolutely buzzing as I start the clomid tomorrow! I have a scan next Friday to check I’m not producing too many eggs...knowing my luck I probably will be and end up being the next Octo mum grin

Going to purchase a clear blue ovulation tracker today as want to know the clomid is actually doing the job it’s designed for and working for me!

Daisydolly1986 Tue 16-Nov-21 10:11:09

We are now also trying. We wanted to wait another year, but due to a Mirena coil mishap (it came out?!?), we're starting now.

Beck3115 Tue 16-Nov-21 14:00:31

@Dann186 how exciting! Octomum made me chuckle.

How’s everyone doing today? I’ve just night shift one of 4 and I’ve already had enough! Flo says I’m due to ovulate today, but no obvious signs and a negative opk

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Samthenanny Tue 16-Nov-21 17:15:28

Hi everyone can I join please

I’m 34 and trying for baby no1. Been on the pill for years came off it about 8 weeks ago, finally had a period which I thought wouldn’t happen for ages so according to Flo we should ovulate next week, it’s all a bit daunting and exciting also.

Hope everyone’s doing ok

Dann186 Tue 16-Nov-21 18:18:55

Hello ladies! Welcome all! Lots of us starting the journey which is lovely! Hopefully lots of Christmas/new year’s BFPs for us all! Would be a great present wouldn’t it and what a way to start 2022! Sprinkling magical pregnancy dust on you all! 🧚

CoalCraft Tue 16-Nov-21 20:39:42

Blech, think I am getting yet another cold - has been pretty constant since DD started going to nursery.

Can minor viral colds and things affect your cycle? It's been so long since I've had a natural cycle (no pill or pregnancy) that I can't remember!

Dann186 Wed 17-Nov-21 11:50:32

@CoalCraft I think they definitely can, I think there are such a vast amount of things that can throw cycles off to be honest! Also, as you have been on the pill for a while your body will need the time to adjust itself! I am guessing you are currently waiting for your withdrawal bleed? Did you take the full 21 days of your last pack or stop mid way etc?

Babydancing2020 Wed 17-Nov-21 12:14:54

Hi everyone is there room for 1 more:D
We just decided to ttc #3! We got a 4 year old and a 1 year old. Not really focused on getting pregnant more like a stopped the pill see if my cycle goes back to normal kinda mindset. Been on cerelle for almost a year literally just stop taking it a few dahs ago. Baby dust to all of you!

mamalaw88 Wed 17-Nov-21 13:19:02

Hope it's ok to join too! TTC #1 - about 2 months in. I'm 33 and step-mum to 2 wonderful SKids, excited to hopefully add to the brood with an ours baby. Came off the mini-pill in June, but only started properly monitoring my cycle in August (only now am I aware that my cycle is looooong - about 40 days), used to think I was just suuuper irregular.

Currently 10 DPO, AF should be due in around 3 days but been feeling bloated, sore boobs, mild cramps, lower back ache and mildly nauseous (like that sick/full feeling when you wake up from a nap) since 6DPO...
Part of me doesn't think it will happen this quickly so I'm cautiously optimistic about taking a test this weekend.

Just curious, for those who already have kids, how long did it take you after coming off birth control / starting to actively TTC to get pregnant?

Baby dust, love & luck to you all! ✨

Welshgal85 Wed 17-Nov-21 13:28:21

Can I join too please? 😊 will be TTC #1 in January so it’s all new to me!

I’m already taking vitamin D and will start with the folic acid soon too. Is there anything I need to be doing? I’m trying to lose a bit of weight too as put on a bit in lockdown but finding that tricky!

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