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Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 14:40:09

Hi all

Just wondered if there was anyone else starting out now that wanted to keep me company?

Background is that I’ve been with my partner 3 years and I have one 5 year old from a previous relationship who DP treats as his own ( though he does see his dad).

I came off the injection in summer as it was making me fat and miserable, and last month we weren’t as careful as we should have been and we thought I was pregnant (possibly a CP) as several faint positives before AF.

Anyway DP now wants to try which is absolutely lovely and I’m so on board and excited.

I’ve been tracking my cycles as a contraceptive method so I know I’m due to ovulate tomorrow or the next day.

I would appreciate any advice and support as my little one was conceived on the pill so I didn’t get any of this excitement - but equally I don’t really know what I should and shouldn’t be doing.


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CoalCraft Mon 15-Nov-21 14:52:30

Hi, also starting out about now - had my last pill on Friday!

I have a nearly-one year old DD so we'll be trying for number 2. Don't have a huge amount of advice as while DD was planned we conceived very quickly!

Fingers crossed we are both lucky 🤞

Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:05:39


How lovely, have you been on the pill since you had your little one?

Hopefully we can middle through together, I’m interested to see how we get on as I have no idea how likely we are to conceive quickly.

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Dann186 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:09:29

Hi there, I am completely new to this just signed up today! TTC baby number 1 with my SO for over 2 years, been undergoing fertility treatment and when my next period comes I begin taking my Clomid which I and seriously excited about! Always had irregular periods so am due anytime really! Been having brown spotting the last couple days, have a sore lymph node in my armpit so sure it’s just around the corner now!

LH1987 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:17:16

Hi, I’m trying to conceive no.2. It would be great to have some people to talk to about it. This is only cycle two but I am a bit disappointed. My periods are all over the place and ovulation sticks aren’t indicating a lot!

Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:19:30

@Dann186 how exciting for you! It does sound like af is on her way, i bet you’ve never wanted her to show up more in your life!

@LH1987 how old is your little one? Are you tracking your cycles with an app or anything? X

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Dann186 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:23:50

@Beck3115 yes exactly! I usually pray it doesn’t arrive hoping this will be the month I get my BFP but now she’s being bloody stubborn and messing me around haha! Always the way! I’ve just had a HyCosy done and have read that they also help improve your chances of conception so hoping that paired with the drugs will have the desired effect and no more pulling my hair out on a monthly basis grin


LH1987 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:26:02

Hi @Beck3115, I’m not and clearly I should. My DD is only 18 months and I used to have an exact 28 day cycle (you could set your watch by it!) and now I wonder am I hitting peri menopause. I am very lucky to have one I know but I always wanted two. Maybe that is greedy! I will look at apps now. Be good to talk to you ladies and support each other.

Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:27:59

@Dann186 did they find anything on the hycosy? I’m guessing not 🤞

I’ve just ordered some folic acid but if anyone has any tips for anything else I should get please let me know.

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Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:29:53

@LH1987 my cycle definitely changed after my son and is now shorter and less predictable. Im using Flo and opks at the moment but that’s it.

How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Im 31 x

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Dann186 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:32:53

@Beck3115 no nothing found! Lovely and clear apparently so here’s hoping! I have read about the pre natal vits you can buy that they recommend but how well they work I don’t really know! I think as long as you are eating a varied and balanced nutritional diet then you should pretty much be getting everything you need!

LH1987 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:37:37

@Beck3115, I’m 33, but my health hasn’t been good so i am concerned my biological age might be older! (I say as someone with no medical experience!)

I think I’ll look at using tracking. I have been using clear blue sticks for the last few months and I don’t seem to be get much in the way of smiley faces!

I also think my husband is getting sick of my methodological approach to when we have have sex! It really takes the romance away, how are people dealing with that? smile

Dann186 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:44:11

@LH1987 I am 35 btw ladies so the granny of the group ha!

If you haven’t noticed much in the way of smiley faces, it might be worth booking in with the drs they can arrange some blood tests for you which happily show what’s happening and if you are ovulating as you should be so worth looking into!

me and my SO are pretty active when it comes to that so I haven’t really noticed any methodical approach although, when my clomid kicks in it has to be done every day over a certain period so I will soon find out whether for not he gets annoyed I’m sure smile

Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 16:02:55

@Dann186 that’s so good that everything showed up ok! I’ve realised how much crap I’ve been eating now I’m conscious of it, I don’t think working nights helps that one though. You made me chuckle with the granny comment I’m 5 years older than my other half and I keep telling him the clock is ticking.

@LH1987 at the moment we are just enjoying not having to be careful, I’m not particularly methodical but that said my hormones definitely take over sometimes, one way or the other! X

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CoalCraft Mon 15-Nov-21 16:11:48


Yes I was on Cerelle within a few weeks of DD being born. Before TTC the first time I was on the combined pill, so I'm aware my body may not react the same way and possibly it may take longer for fertility to return. Have already had a bit of a withdrawal bleed which I guess is a good sign?

Personally I haven't looked into cycle tracking yet. I have a tendency to get a bit obsessive about things and I think I could easily get too focused if I was using the ovulation indicators regularly, plus my cycle will probably be all over the place straight after the pill! Have promised myself that I won't test unless no period + pregnancy symptoms... But knowing myself I imagine if six months or more goes by I may reconsider!

Lovely to have a group to talk to ☺️ I'm 27 btw. Wishing everyone loads of luck xx

LH1987 Mon 15-Nov-21 16:15:39

Yea @Dann186, I think I will book a doctor appointment and see what is going on! I hope all is okay but it does seem strange these sticks aren’t giving smiley faces very often.

I think once I get a plan in my head I start the to move to action as opposed to romance. I need to slap myself on wrist and remind myself this should all be fun!

Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 16:21:26

I can see how easy it would be to get drawn into it being a plan, especially if you’ve tried a while.

For now I’ll just enjoy it and see how we get on. It is nice how many of you have replied ❤️

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Beth262 Mon 15-Nov-21 16:34:13

Also ttc #2. Had a CP almost 3 weeks ago and negative this morning so ready to go! Trying out opk so that when they ask at EPU I have a rough idea how far I am. With a previous mc I was encouraged to have a full cycle before trying again but approaching 39 I don't feel I have time for that!
Been lurking in the fringes for a little while but ready to post now smile

CoalCraft Mon 15-Nov-21 16:35:25

For now I’ll just enjoy it and see how we get on. It is nice how many of you have replied ❤️

It's nice that you started the thread! It can be intimidating going into a big established group so feel glad to have some folks who are also newly TTC smile

Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 16:38:52

Hi @Beth262 how olds your first?

I’m really nervous for actually being pregnant and a bad birth last time, does anyone know if there’s midwives who deal with trauma? I don’t really know where to start with that kind of thing x

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Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 16:42:26

@CoalCraft that’s exactly how I felt! Aww I hope we get some bfps before Christmas 🎅🏻

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Dann186 Mon 15-Nov-21 16:45:57

@Beck3115 I am 9 years old than mine...cougar alert! Not doing myself any favours here really am I haha! I have been trying to be super healthy also as I have not been eating great! I think my philosophy was I knew it wasn’t going to happen before I got my script for the drs so I just kinda enjoyed being a fatty for a while grin

@LH1987 it is easily done when we want something so much, us ladies can become quite obsessive over these things, they say reaping is super helpful but that is waaaaay easier said than done!

Let’s hope my AF arrives tomorrow and then we can finally get this show on the road!! Good luck with your journeys ladies! Looking forward to seeing how you progress along the way and here’s hoping for our BFP’s sooner rather than later!!

Dann186 Mon 15-Nov-21 16:46:35

I meant relaxing...really should proof read my messages...doh

Beck3115 Mon 15-Nov-21 16:59:01

I’m due to ovulate any day now, and we dtd yesterday and the day before. I’m not sure if it will be enough but I’m on nights now for 4 days so we won’t see much of each other unfortunately.

I just feel really happy that he wants me to have his babies, sounds soppy but it’s lovely.

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Beth262 Mon 15-Nov-21 17:02:10

@Beck3115 He's just coming up to 2. Not the most straightforward pregnancy though... bleeding on and off throughout (so lots of stress and scans!) and then he made a surprise appearance at 30 weeks. He's thriving though thankfully.

Your partner sounds like he's going to make a great dad smile

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