Remember Remember The Month of November.. 🎆 THREAD 2

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Coco9910 Mon 15-Nov-21 09:19:28

Just went to post in the other thread and it’s closed so thought I’d set up a thread for us all. Please forgive me if I’ve not tagged you!


Congratulations @Floslittlebean 💕

I’m 12dpo today and I feel like AF is on its way. Got some dull cramps so expecting that to arrive soon 😩 I’ve had such dry lips and a dry mouth over the weekend too, and I’ve been up since about 3am this morning as I just couldn’t sleep, so we you can imagine, I’m a treat to be around today 😭😂 Here’s hoping for many more BFP’s this week 💕

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Coco9910 Mon 15-Nov-21 09:20:28

15/11- @MindZGap 12DPO, @BH1926 14DPO @Mummytobe93 12DPO
16/11- @Squiff70 11DPO, @Decaffe 9DPO, @OK92 10DPO
17/11- @Peonies94 9DPO, @Coco9910 (AF due), @Irishfarmer 12DPO
18/11- @lottieb92 14DPO
19/11- @whitelily86 no idea DPO so AF due date.
20/11 @Digby86 19dpo (approx), @Natalie2304 10DPO, @ohmybaby 13dpo
21/11 @Firsttimetrier 11DPO @nervousdave 15DPO
24/11 @Firsttimetrier 14DPO @madeleine85 13DPO
30/11- @Curlywurly3 13DPO

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MindZGap Mon 15-Nov-21 09:27:47

Morning all! AF arrived early yesterday so I'm out. At least I saved myself a test I guess...

So excited for the BFPs!! I'll be keeping an eye here to see how everyone else gets on this week but also joined the December thread

Squiff70 Mon 15-Nov-21 09:43:12

Congratulations @Floslittlebean! Wow!

BFN for me this morning at 10 DPO. Will test again tomorrow.

mrsS21 Mon 15-Nov-21 10:05:03

Morning all, huge congratulations to Floslittlebean and crabcake smile wonderful news!

I’m due to test this Friday, so here’s hoping this week has great news for all of us due!🤞🏻

Nausea seems to have eased, have lower abdominal discomfort today, so just no idea what to expect. Following on from last thread, can’t remember who posted it, but my CM appears to have vanished too from maybe 2/3dpo…not sure if that’s a good/bad sign 🤷‍♀️

Mummytobe93 Mon 15-Nov-21 10:11:39

Thank you girls, I didn’t realised we full up on the other one! Good luck lovelies xxx

I feel bit deflated to be honest, I feel overwhelmed by other things in life apart from TTC, maybe it’s not a good moment for me to get pregnant. Feel like life is just pure chaos at the moment, mainly because of work… I’m too stressed and I need to loose a couple of pounds to feel better so that’s my plan for the next couple of weeks/months.

I’ll keep my eye closely on this and December thread to witness your BFPs! 💀

mrsS21 Mon 15-Nov-21 10:54:10

So sorry @Mummytobe93, sending thoughts your way and hope things settle down for you soon x


Irishfarmer Mon 15-Nov-21 10:58:35

Thanks for opening a new thread. Congrats on the BFPs girls.

I'm 10 DPO and was just about to say another very clear BFN, but I went and looked at it again, there is a v v faint line, but it has been about an hr since I did the test so I know I can't rely on it. I did fish out the one from yesterday, and that is still completely white not even a hint of a line after more than 24 hrs. So maybe....

I'll try not to drink to much until lunch and test again, my wee was a bit diluted when I just went so didn't both testing.

Firsttimetrier Mon 15-Nov-21 11:08:28

I feel you @Mummytobe93 my life has gone from 0mph to 100mph and I don’t know if it’s a great time to try. Work is incredibly busy and full on, we’re selling our flat and hoping to buy a house which is way more stressful than I imagined, and trying to maintain a social life and keep on top of everything feels quite overwhelming at the moment.

I think I just need a week off work to reset, but it’s so difficult to put annual leave in because work is so busy!

BH1926 Mon 15-Nov-21 11:09:05

@Coco9910 thank you for the new thread I just went to post and couldn't 🙈

@Floslittlebean congratulations ❤️

@Mummytobe93 sending hugs 💕 hopefully work settles down soon for you x

BH1926 Mon 15-Nov-21 11:14:50

So ladies I tested this morning ❤️

I'm 14DPO fingers crossed this is a sticky one 🤞🏻

Floslittlebean Mon 15-Nov-21 11:17:47

Thanks everyone, it's so lovely to see all of the support, distracts nicely from the anxiety.
Crossing my fingers for everyone still to test or entering a new cycle.
@Mummytobe93 and @Firsttimetrier I hope things simmer down a bit for you both xx

Mummytobe93 Mon 15-Nov-21 11:18:54

Yaaay congratulations @BH1926 !!! 🎉✨🤞

Irishfarmer Mon 15-Nov-21 11:19:20

@BH1926 that's fantastic!!

MidnightPatrol Mon 15-Nov-21 11:20:46

Congrats @BH1926

I’ve been lurking but would like to join this thread.

Cycle 8, CD 26, 10DPO

Did a boots test this morning, thought I could see something very faint but decided I was misleading myself.

Looked at it 12 mins after (it’s supposed to be a five minute test) and I got this. Unsure if this is the dreaded evaporation line.

I guess I will wait until tomorrow then try again.

Floslittlebean Mon 15-Nov-21 11:21:25

🎊 congratulations @BH1926! Lovely news!

MidnightPatrol Mon 15-Nov-21 11:21:46

Doesn’t look as pink in that picture as it does in real life!

Firsttimetrier Mon 15-Nov-21 11:21:47

Yay @BH1926 congratulations! Hope it is the stickiest bean and everything goes well for you 💕

Thank you @Floslittlebean and I hope everything goes well for you! 💕

Irishfarmer Mon 15-Nov-21 11:29:46

@MidnightPatrol I can def see a line. I'm the same 10DPO, and actually some how forgot about my test this morning! I left it too late and can see a line. But still have stark white BFN from yesterday morning, so looks like they don't create lines for no reason.

12 mins isn't that long to have left it. Do you have any more tests?

MidnightPatrol Mon 15-Nov-21 11:33:48


I could go and buy more, but as it’s faint anyway I’m wondering if I’d only get a result in the morning!

How long did you leave it for?

We shouldn’t have caved, hard to resist but leaves you on edge!

Danani Mon 15-Nov-21 11:41:44

Oh yayyy!!!

Huge CONGRATULATIONS lovelies @crabcake, @Floslittlebean and @BH1926!!!

Really sorry for those still getting BFNs and feeling down, sending you a big big hug!!!

I'm 4 DPO today but not adding myself to the calendar, because I just know I have no chance this cycle so would rather wait for AF. Will keep you posted though, if anything changes (it won't) and will come back around to check for everyone else's updates on how the testing's going! xx

Mummytobe93 Mon 15-Nov-21 11:44:07

I’m so delighted for all the BFPs, I can’t even imagine how happy you all must feel! Lovely news 😘

I need to snap out of the pre period funk!

Irishfarmer Mon 15-Nov-21 12:01:53

@MidnightPatrol Nearly an hour. I just did another one and did check it after 5 mins. This it it compared to the one from yesterday morning. It looks darker IRL, can you see a line or am I loosing it! Top one is today, bottom is yest

Irishfarmer Mon 15-Nov-21 12:03:39

@MidnightPatrol and yes, my app said to wait until 12 DPO why did I cave! Now I am questioning it

Shortmamashortcycles Mon 15-Nov-21 12:03:50

@Irishfarmer, I can see a line!!

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