Experiences of using Pre-seed or Conceive Plus

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sak96x Mon 01-Nov-21 10:37:59


Please can anyone who has used Pre-seed or Conceive Plus share their experiences.


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Pugmumm Mon 01-Nov-21 10:57:02

I have purchased conceive plus to use next month if AF comes on 3rd November smile

Will be interested also to see what people think. It has really good reviews.

Pumpkinsonparade Mon 01-Nov-21 10:59:57

Got pregnant 4 times in 5 months with Conceive Plus. Sadly mc. Age related as I was 44..

sak96x Mon 01-Nov-21 11:40:09

@Pumpkinsonparade Thank you for your response. I'm so sorry for your loss. Have you tried taking any vitamins when TTC? xx

@Pugmumm Me too! I've seen some great reviews, but I don't want to get my hopes up lol xx

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Pugmumm Mon 01-Nov-21 12:28:19

Me neither but certainly no harm trying it. It's supposed to be very effective @sak96x xxx

Mrslight Mon 01-Nov-21 12:30:22

We have used concieve plus for 2 cycles now, first one bfn, second don't know yet 🤞🤞🤞

Pugmumm Mon 01-Nov-21 12:35:57

Wow @Mrslight good luck 🤞🏻 I can't believe the reviews it has- I'm really looking forward to using it next month. Can I ask which days you used it ?? Was it on ovulation date?

The one I have bought I won't get about 3 in a box.

Sorry to jump on post OP 😆 x


Pugmumm Mon 01-Nov-21 12:36:16

Only get*

Walesrecommendations Mon 01-Nov-21 12:41:35

Used preseed, conceived the 2nd cycle using it after 9 months trying. Could be a coincidence though!

20viona Mon 01-Nov-21 12:43:40

We used preseed and got pregnant first month. Month 1 of TTC #2 and haven't used it so will see what happens.

sak96x Mon 01-Nov-21 12:56:10

I was reading online that if you don't have much EWCM or if it's too acidic the sperm doesn't survive and therefore it can be difficult to get pregnant.
I don't really have much EWCM so I think that Preseed may help me...

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Dollywilde Mon 01-Nov-21 13:03:03

We used it with DC1. Conceived her the first month we used it after 10 cycles of nothing so I always vote that it’s worth a go!

On the other hand DC2 was a one shag wonder when we weren’t even trying and no lube involved at all so who knows tbh confusedgrin

Imisscoffee2021 Mon 01-Nov-21 13:13:49

I've used concieve plus for some and preseed for some of 5 cycles and no hint of a bfp yet!

sak96x Mon 01-Nov-21 13:22:29

@Dollywilde Haha! TMI but... Could it be you had more natural CM the second time round?x

@Imisscoffee2021 I hope you get your BFP soon! Are you tracking ovulation?x

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FlyOnTheWall89 Mon 01-Nov-21 13:23:18

I used preseed last month - no bfp.

Dollywilde Mon 01-Nov-21 13:26:53

@sak96x it’s a good question! I definitely get I was lacking it with DC1. Second time around because we weren’t trying I wasn’t keeping an eye on it so annoyingly I can’t be sure!

Dollywilde Mon 01-Nov-21 13:27:23

*definitely think, not definitely get

sak96x Mon 01-Nov-21 13:41:15

Hmmm interesting! It could be that when TTC, for some women the cervical mucus isn't as present due to the stress or worry of getting it right. Whereas, like you said the second time, you don't even remember how your CM was because you wasn't fixated on TTC.
Does that make sense? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Mrslight Mon 01-Nov-21 13:47:31

@Pugmumm thank you! we use it every time we dtd. I first bought concieve plus that comes in pre filled applicators, but I found it not very convinient so switched to a tube one

Imisscoffee2021 Mon 01-Nov-21 15:42:59

@sak96x yeah I'm tracking it with clearbue advanced digital, and just started doing the SMEP to extend DTD over the fertile window, fingers crossed soon! I'm 10dpo atm and thought I had some potential implantation cramps at 8dpo, but I'm so jased by the BFNs at this stage I can't get my hopes up!

Imisscoffee2021 Mon 01-Nov-21 15:43:33


Moonshine160 Mon 01-Nov-21 18:02:24

We got pregnant on the first cycle when TTC our DS using preseed.

Used it last month TTC our second baby but it was a BFN but will keep trying it as I also don’t have much CM throughout the month!

beckyBP Mon 01-Nov-21 22:18:52

I fell pregnant first time using preseed. We had been trying 5 months.

Baby girl is now 4 weeks old xx

LittleMysSister Mon 01-Nov-21 23:05:27

I have some Preseed to try 😊 Did try it once last month but it turned out not to be the right dates. Some advice though - use it sparingly otherwise it can cause a lack of friction and so make it hard for DP to get an...end result 😂

I have never ever noticed any EWCM so I'm hoping it will help me. Also taking Evening Primrose Oil to help with that now, thanks to a recommendation on here.

shivermetimbers77 Mon 01-Nov-21 23:31:55

I used preseed and got pregnant first cycle but can’t tell if it was the preseed that helped.. but it obviously didn’t hinder things! Good luck .

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