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Lua2020 Sat 30-Oct-21 14:34:13

Well… AF came and got me in a big way today so on to the next cycle anyone else TTC November 2021?

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Tillyturtle Sat 11-Dec-21 22:09:29

If it's any consolation mine did the same kinda. Said he felt pressured.

Tillyturtle Sat 11-Dec-21 22:08:06

Hi I had my peak days 29th nov- only done the deed on the 28th. I'm now irregular but used to be on a regular 27 day cycle. I used the clear blue fertility monitor to track peak days but felt so pressured wasnt able to dtd on peak days. I'm guessing I am due tomorrow. I have done CB preg test that comes with monitor yest and today both negative. I knw the tests are almost always right but I just wanted to hold onto some hope. What is likelihood test can suddenly turn positive? Has it happened to anyone before?

Billymay Tue 07-Dec-21 07:58:41

I just need to off load my frustration. This is our second cycle trying… husband is all up for it. Yesterday was my ovulation day and we dtd Sunday night, last night we did and then he pulled out 🙈 I now feel bad but I was so annoyed, he just said he forgot. I had in my head this was our month and I’ll be telling him around Xmas we were pregnant. I’ve said after this month if it didn’t happen we would leave it for a while as I have my other daughters birthdays jan and feb and obviously Christmas is an expense… I just feel deflated… he had one job 🤦‍♀️

SantiagoSister Mon 06-Dec-21 09:14:27

Sure @alexalexalex18

alexalexalex18 Mon 06-Dec-21 08:53:44

Any chance you can help me with a link to it?

SantiagoSister Fri 03-Dec-21 18:09:50

Thanks so much for setting that up @ajayelbee, so sorry for the delay in getting back to you about the location of the group, had a busy day today! Appreciate you getting that set up, I’ll tag @Essexnewbie so she can join the new thread too 😊

@alexalexalex18 I did indeed get my bfp, so thankful 🥰 hoping everything goes ok this time. Wishing you lots of luck!! There’s also a TTC December thread going now too if you wanted to join, for when this thread gets a bit quiet soon 😊


CountryGirl189 Fri 03-Dec-21 15:24:46

@alexalexalex18 looks like your surge was detected yesterday!

Definitely DTD before you get this so that there are speed ready and waiting for the egg 😊

newjourney21 Fri 03-Dec-21 13:36:01

6DPO today for me and my boobs are sooo sore! I literally never get sore boobs before AF but I'm trying not to think too much and get my hopes up!

alexalexalex18 Fri 03-Dec-21 11:28:29

Forgot to attach what I believe was a surge yesterday

alexalexalex18 Fri 03-Dec-21 11:26:50

The 2 ones on the upper side are from yesterday (they looked way darker yesterday, I attached a second photo just with them, I believe it was a surge) and the 2 ones on the bottom are from today. It wasn’t first pee as we DTD this morning and I wasn’t thinking about ovulation tests 😂
Hope I’m still in the fertile window and the ovulation happened either last night or will happen tonight/tomorrow.
Will try again tonight

ajayelbee Fri 03-Dec-21 11:07:01

@alexalexalex18 your LH surge happens 24-36 hours before ovulation occurs.

So if your positive OPK was yesterday, you’ll ovulate sometime today or tomorrow.

alexalexalex18 Fri 03-Dec-21 10:57:11

Does anyone know if there should be a strong line on the ovulation strip as ovulation is actually happening or happened last night?
I got a surge yesterday, the second line was dark but today it’s very faint.
Tried for a baby this morning smile)

ajayelbee Fri 03-Dec-21 10:05:55

@CountryGirl189 yes, 11th/12th August due date ☺️

@SantiagoSisters I’ve popped a new Due August 2022 thread in Birth Clubs, as there wasn’t one in there yet.

Hoping to see lots of you over there!

Cmacq32 Fri 03-Dec-21 10:00:12

I absolutely know and remenber what you are feeling. I lost all symptoms at 9 weeks, literally from sore boobs, sickness, headache and then they disappeared. I had a scan and all fine. Every pregnancy is different and doesn't mean to say something will go wrong. She's now one!!

CountryGirl189 Fri 03-Dec-21 09:23:51

@ajayelbee how funny! Have you got a predicted due date of 11th August?!

@Cmacq32 thank you, I really appreciate it! It’s such a worry, I find myself constantly pressing my boobs to make sure they’re still sore 😂 I swear this journey drives you nuts!

Cmacq32 Fri 03-Dec-21 09:19:24

Firstly congratulations (regardless what ifs) you made a baby 🥰
Secondly, you can not rely on all test strips. I took 3 in one day and the middle one was light and the next was dark. They are not reliable. The only way of tracking HCG in pregnancy is blood tests as these are the most reliable. But every women's levels are different and might be 'normal for you'.
I think you should contact your GP if your worried and personally I would stop taking the strips. My understanding is that they only record a certain amount and if your levels exceed the maximum the records are skewed.

Anxiety around TTC has to be the most stressful so I empathise with you. Try to relax if you can and join the thread where you are with other newly pregnant mums for support-I found this a great help in the early days xxx

ajayelbee Fri 03-Dec-21 09:15:03

@Cmacq32 you’re welcome. And for what it’s worth I’m sorry you’re in this position with your OH. It sounds so frustrating to have had the big chat and to then still be in the same situation. I do hope he starts pulling his weight in your ttc journey.

@CountryGirl189 I’m 4 weeks today too! I think your third and fourth test lines look the same. Which is reasonable given hcg doubles every 48 hours. I think your lines are much too dark to be a CP.

@SantiagoSister yes! I can set it up ☺️ Shall I put it in ‘pregnancy’ or ‘birth clubs’? ❤️

CountryGirl189 Fri 03-Dec-21 09:07:33

@Cmacq32 yes they’re my pregnancy tests!

I’m only 4 weeks today though and I’m so terrified that it’s still so early and I could lose it, so I’ve been tracking my HCG progression and worried that the one I took last night is slightly lighter than the day before as this is a sign of a chemical pregnancy! 😭

*just to clarify, I have quite bad health anxiety 😬

Cmacq32 Fri 03-Dec-21 09:03:03

Just checking this is a preganancy test??
If so it's of course a positive!?!!! I'm doubting if I'm looking at the wrong thing as its for sure positive 😍🥰❤️

alexalexalex18 Fri 03-Dec-21 08:49:18

you got your bfp??
Congraaays!!! Sorry tried to keep away from this thread before ovulation 😂
Yesterday I had the surge, felt some ovary pain and DTD this morning.
Stayed for 15’mins in bed smile)

Please girl throw your positive vibes and thoughts and baby dust towards me, I’m 31 and tired 😂

CountryGirl189 Fri 03-Dec-21 08:43:59

Would be helpful if I attached the image 🙃

CountryGirl189 Fri 03-Dec-21 08:43:23

@ajayelbee all good this was and no sign of the monster, but I stupidly did another test strip yesterday and I’m having an absolute meltdown because I think it’s lighter! 😭

If anyone could look at this progression and tell me it’s okay/to prepare for the worst, that would be great!

Top test - 11dpo
2nd test - 12dpo
3rd test - 13dpo
4th test - 14dpo

I know you shouldn’t go off of tests, but I’m practically hyperventilating over here 😅

SantiagoSister Fri 03-Dec-21 08:20:28

Thank you @ajayelbee, same for you too, I’m glad the day passed smoothly for you 😊 shall we set up our August 2022 group soon? Would be lovely to have all our bfps from this month together. I don’t know why but I feel so weird about it, like it still hasn’t sunk in that it’s real yet!! 😂

Cmacq32 Fri 03-Dec-21 08:06:06

@ajayelbee thank you. It is nice to hear that, I often feel its my responsibility as 'the women'. He absolutely knows the right information about times, we have been here before and we had a big chat only yesterday. Yet today he is showing the same behaviours. X

ajayelbee Fri 03-Dec-21 07:44:20

@Cmacq32 there’s just so many extra things to worry about now! 🤣 my guilty pleasure is awful reality tv haha. That will keep me distracted! I’m also going to start wrapping Christmas pressies this weekend and going on a hunt for delicious Christmassy food ☺️

I’m so sorry you’re having issues around TTC with your OH. Have you had the chat about how specific it actually has to be over your fertile window? The stress of worrying about DTD enough at the right times shouldn’t be solely on your shoulders, you’re right. It literally takes two.

@CountryGirl189 how did you go through yesterday? All good over this way ☺️

@SantiagoSister glad your AF day passed without incident!

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