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Lua2020 Sat 30-Oct-21 14:34:13

Well… AF came and got me in a big way today so on to the next cycle anyone else TTC November 2021?

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Moonshine160 Sat 30-Oct-21 15:55:28

Me smile
TTC second child. Just finishing my period of cycle number 2, due to ovulate around Nov 9th.

Decaffe Sat 30-Oct-21 16:07:24

AF started today, it’s been a rough few months. Fingers crossed for November.

Glago2017 Sat 30-Oct-21 17:01:43

Me 🤞🤞
I am 1dpo ttc DC#2. We are only on cycle 2 but u never know. Hoping this is our month. X

Glago2017 Sat 30-Oct-21 17:02:19

@Decaffe hope you are alright. X

AliceAnnie Sat 30-Oct-21 17:04:47

Can I please join? I have PCOS and this is second cycle TTC. Hoping November will be my month. AF was 10 days ago. We are going away to a spa next week for a break so hoping to relax and DTD lots! Any advice? Xx

tryingtobeamama Sat 30-Oct-21 18:31:07

AF started two days ago. Feel bummed, but it was only cycle 1.

This cycle I started drinking grapefruit juice two days ago...I will use pre seed and gonna try smep. I told him to be prepared for a long and tiring week LOL


AliceAnnie Sat 30-Oct-21 18:32:20

Sorry what does smep mean? I'm intrigued x

xoJellyBean Sat 30-Oct-21 20:50:57

@AliceAnnie I have suspected PCOS too. Fingers crossed for you! Smep is the sperm meets egg plan smile x

Pugmumm Sat 30-Oct-21 21:15:36

I will be on the November TTC journey also. AF isn't due until 3 days but have a feeling I am 'out' this month too. Good luck 🤞🏻 xxx

AliceAnnie Sat 30-Oct-21 21:36:40

@xoJellyBean ohhh ok! I'm not down with all the lingo yet lol. Yes PCOS, my cycles are ridiculously long at times. I haven't tracked ovulation yet as I'm scared I'll mess it up as I am not very good at that sort of thing and keep getting flustered 😫

Lua2020 Sat 30-Oct-21 21:57:53

Fingers crossed for us all! I have longs cycles so seems forever waiting least we have each other x

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Chh0412 Tue 02-Nov-21 14:23:17

Can I join please 😊
TTC #2
Took 15months to fall with my daughter.
I have PCOS but seem to have more of a regular pattern over the last 8months. Between 35-50day cycles.
Copper coil got taken out end of august.
No luck in September. This is cycle 2
I'm now on 10dpo but have had spotting over the last few days and Aunt Flo is due Friday. X x x

Chanel05 Tue 02-Nov-21 14:45:11

I'm between 4-6dpo on cycle 2 of ttc#2. I'm hopeful as always, but it usually takes me almost a year to fall pregnant so I'd highly doubt anything is going on!

ttcbabya Tue 02-Nov-21 14:51:56

Hey! Can I join?
I went away on holiday with my friends during my fertile week in October as the BFNs were having a negative effect on me.. I'm now ready to try again in Nov. I should be ovulating around the middle of the month and we have a staycation planned around that time so hopefully lots of DTD xx

andpeggy1 Wed 03-Nov-21 07:04:07

Me! This is cycle 9 for me (first 6 cycles of just trying but not trying, last 3 actively trying with OPK) I really hope it happens this month, but at the same time I really don't want to have an august baby! We have too many in the family already 🙈😂

Whoknew22 Thu 04-Nov-21 01:47:14


Whoknew22 Thu 04-Nov-21 01:52:43

Just jumping on this thread if that’s ok. I came off the pill mid September. However not had a period yet or any withdrawal bleed.

I did have a positive ovulation test on Monday so we will see what happens. Negative ovulation test since, does that mean ovulation has happened? This is all new to me. Even although this will be baby number 2, our first wasn’t planned at all but was the best surprise ever.

HereWeGoAgain2022 Thu 04-Nov-21 18:35:50

Can I join?

I'm ttc baby #2, I think I'm 9dpo today. I'm going to test Saturday so fingers crossed.

It's our first month trying again and I'm hoping to get pregnant soon. We have a trip book to go back home to South America to celebrate our son's second brithday in March. I'm really hoping to be pregnant by then so we can surprise our families and announce baby #2 in person!

Best of luck to everyone!

Pugmumm Fri 05-Nov-21 08:33:10

AF has come this morning sad feeling low but at the same time excited to try again this month. I am sure we DTD literally on my most fertile days as well ... confused

FlyOnTheWall89 Fri 05-Nov-21 09:06:21

Hi! Can I join. TTC baby #1. Have been trying since April/May 21 but only tracking w OPKs for a few months. This will be cycle 7 and ovulation is due 9th November. Fingers crossed for this month for everyone x

ajayelbee Fri 05-Nov-21 12:09:48

Hi! I’d love to join you all if that’s okay!

I’m new to mumsnet 🤗 I’ve been lurking for a bit & everyone just seems so nice and supportive, and I’m worrying that I’m talking DH’s ear off about this process and taking all the fun out of it for him. I just can’t do the “it’ll happen when it happens” anymore 🤣

I’m 34 and we’re TTC #1, this will be cycle 4 and I’m now CD2, was so sad when AF showed up yesterday. But now really hoping November will be the month I get that BFP! I’ve got OPKs and a BBT thermometer arriving today as I’m just not convinced I really know when ovulation is actually happening.

HereWeGoAgain2022 Fri 05-Nov-21 13:06:13


I'm between 4-6dpo on cycle 2 of ttc#2. I'm hopeful as always, but it usually takes me almost a year to fall pregnant so I'd highly doubt anything is going on!

Looks like we ovulated around the same time. Are you going to wait until you are late or are you planning on testing before that?

Whoknew22 Fri 05-Nov-21 19:23:20

I ovulated around the same time too and ttc #2.

Last time I did a test the day of my missed period as I didn’t feel right and it was negative. A week later I still had no period, tested again and it was positive. We’re weren’t trying then so it was quite a shock. Don’t think I’ll be able to wait without testing this time though. Got lots of cheap tests so no biggy xx

winkles23 Sat 06-Nov-21 08:52:19

Hi ladies, hope you don't mind me joining! 9dpo today and driving myself crazy with line eyes again. I was certain I could see something but now I can't lol. I suppose 9dpo on an internet cheapie would be a miracle anyway!

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