Conceiving after miscarriage

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Tina12745 Sat 23-Oct-21 23:26:55

Looking for some positive vibes from others that have been through similar 💫I had a miscarriage in June, had my first period last month. Tracked ovulation and ttc straight away this month, feeling deflated as af has arrived right on time tonight 😢

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Skl2021 Mon 13-Dec-21 13:40:25

@irishfarmer I'm sorry to hear that but also so happy u have one healthy baby 💞✨ hope your doing ok xx

irishfarmer Mon 13-Dec-21 10:20:32

@Skl2021 the scan was as I had in my gut expected. One of the twins is not progressing. The other one though is and there is a good strong heartbeat smile I had prepared myself for that, I just knew one wasn't viable. I thought I would be more upset to have it confirmed I'll lose one but honestly I am just so happy that there is one healthy little baby in there I am over the moon!

Skl2021 Fri 10-Dec-21 17:19:14

@irishfarmer I have been thinking of you today. Hope your scan went ok ✨

Skl2021 Thu 09-Dec-21 22:53:09

@irishfarmer that's amazing news IV got everything crossed for you and hope Everything turns out ok 🤞🤞 Hopefully tomorrow u will get some answers. Xx

irishfarmer Thu 09-Dec-21 22:43:58

@Skl2021 it was good but confusing. They found twins which is exciting, but could see a lot more with one compared to the other which is worrying. I;'m in again tomorrow and will hopefully know more. I just wish I had left it until 8weeks when I would have been given a definite answer either way, but after my last MC the EPU said to come in straight away and I did, I wouldn't in future.
@NishaaS123 Lovely to hear good news smile

Beck208 Thu 09-Dec-21 22:08:48

@NishaaS123 sorry for your loss, it's lovely to hear a positive story out of the sad times, and it's hard and frustrating but yes time will tell, hopefully for next year that's for sure 🤞🏻xx


NishaaS123 Thu 09-Dec-21 21:29:44

Hey I had a miscarriage 2 years ago then I waited 6 months to try and got pregnant within 2 months of trying and have a happy and healthy 18 months old baby 😃 you will definitely get there give your body time and don’t lose hope xx

Beck208 Thu 09-Dec-21 18:26:44

@Skl2021 they definitely must of been, and yes so emotional feel like giving up sometimes, next month might be a winner! Let us know how you get one with everything and hope for a short cycle for you 🤞🏻xx

Skl2021 Thu 09-Dec-21 17:53:25

@Beck208 so weird isn't it I don't know why that's happened unless they were dodgy tests! Such a rollercoaster of emotions this ttc journey. I hope our bodies start to behave themselves soon! Yes don't feel great but dont want to miss the opportunity 😩 I hope so 🤞🤞 sending some luck for you too ✨ xx

Beck208 Thu 09-Dec-21 17:37:31

@Skl2021 I no I was to and I'm 16 weeks postpartum so I'm not to sure, and that's like me, the day before my peak it was negative, maybe our body's just arnt up to performing properly😢 and it's always the way isn't it bet you're to tired to do anything, you never know you might be lucky tho🤞🏻xx

Skl2021 Thu 09-Dec-21 16:17:36

@irishfarmer yes I will try tonight or tomorrow if we can face it. Would have to be Ill when I'm ovulating 😩 yes I had my last scan at 8 weeks can't really see much before that. Did Everything look ok on your scan? X

irishfarmer Thu 09-Dec-21 15:55:34

@Skl2021 try and DTD tonight, I think you ovulate the day after your peak.

I'm not sure I'd take my own advice, but try put it out of your mind until you miss AF. Then leave it until at least 8 weeks before a scan. I got my BFP at 8 DPO, then a scan last week at 6 weeks since LMP (altho I recon actually only 5+5wks gestation) and it's left me with more questions then answers!!

Skl2021 Thu 09-Dec-21 15:31:14

@Beck208 Im sorry I was convinced they were positive! Maybe they were picking up leftover? Your still in with a chance tho arnt you as you were DTD? Well IV been annoyed all week as my opk tests were stark white then today there nearly peak 🤦🙄 no build up like normal. Hardly DTD as were both poorly. So great timing! Nothing is ever easy 🙈 think I should ovulate tomorrow or day after I'm cd 15 today xx

Beck208 Thu 09-Dec-21 15:05:35

@Skl2021 hey, I kept doing tests to see if it would get darker, but they never got any darker, still waiting for AF which should be some time next week, how are you getting on? Xx

Skl2021 Thu 09-Dec-21 09:21:21

@beck208 how u doing xx

LaForza101 Sun 28-Nov-21 12:52:07

Thank you for your kindness @Kelb79 smile Hopefully next year is our year!

Kelb79 Sun 28-Nov-21 12:28:16

@LaForza101 oh huni! Sending you so much love ❤️ That just sucks so much!! I’m with you - I’m counting down the minutes until this year is out!! I don’t feel like this is our year at all and just want a reset 😩
AF is due tomorrow for me - no symptoms either way and BFN yesterday so I’m pretty sure I’m out 😐
My next AF will be due on Christmas Day ffs! 🤦🏼‍♀️ That’ll either completely make or completely ruin Christmas 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

Sending up some prayers for all of us ❤️❤️❤️

LaForza101 Fri 26-Nov-21 08:39:59

I've had my first chemical pregnancy, 5 months after the MMC. I wouldn't usually test so early at 9/10 dpo but I wanted to know before I accepted this new job. I've spent a couple of days thinking I had the perfect dilemma and though the timing was off, this was still so exciting. Obv the line has faded.

I can't wait for this year to end sad
I need to reset and feel some hope again

Beck208 Thu 25-Nov-21 17:45:37

Thank you 🥲 hope some luck comes your way soon!! Xx

Skl2021 Thu 25-Nov-21 17:43:44

@Beck208 I have everything crossed for you 🤞🤞✨✨ xx

Beck208 Thu 25-Nov-21 16:49:16

@Skl2021 yes definitely earlier than I thought must be 8/9 instead of 5 dpo, or something like that, cycles are so unpredictable! And that's clever how they pick it up before a pregnancy test, just want to fast forward a week so there super dark 😂 we will see 🤞🏻xx

Skl2021 Thu 25-Nov-21 16:44:36

@Beck208 I was going to say arnt u too early to be getting positives u must have ovulated earlier than u thought!! I really hope they go darker for you that's fabulous news 🎉🤞 and well it worked for me I got positive ovulation tests when I was pregnant xx

Beck208 Thu 25-Nov-21 16:33:26

@Skl2021 is that a thing then if your already pregnant that ovulation tests are positive? Xx

Beck208 Thu 25-Nov-21 16:29:33

I've got no idea when I would of conceived 😬 hoping it's not a chemical I'll follow it up with a digi on the weekend 🤞🏻xx

Skl2021 Thu 25-Nov-21 16:27:23

@Beck208 they are definitely positive 🤞🙌✨🙊 that will be why your ovulation tests are positive!! Congratulations x

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