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OneDay86 Thu 14-Oct-21 23:10:00

Hi all, just noticed that we had reached our limit on the last thread so here we are now on thread 20! Have to admit I’m very new to this thread still so please tag anyone I’ve missed…


Not started a new thread before so I’ve just gone back through thread 19 and tried to tag everyone whose posted. Apologies if I’ve ended up tagging anyone though that no longer wants to follow the thread. I’m sure there’s been quite a few bfps. Here’s hoping for many more on here too🤞

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OneDay86 Thu 14-Oct-21 23:12:25

Just to recap, I’m 35 TTC #1. Been trying since July 2020. Had a chemical pregnancy in February this year and then a MC at 9 weeks in August. Hoping for 3rd time lucky 🤞🌈

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chasingtherainbow1 Thu 14-Oct-21 23:41:52

@OneDay86 thanks for making another thread. I only just joined the last one. So a recap on me is I'm 32 TTC first baby. Trying since February 21. Got pregnant first time but was a chemical. Pregnant again without a period in between but had a mmc at 9 weeks. Cycles been a bit all over the place since and have a consultation to Morris about nk cells testing. Hoping we can be third time lucky as well 🤞🍀🌈

hewegoagain Fri 15-Oct-21 07:30:18

@OneDay86 thanks for opening a new thread.

To recap, 36 TTC #2. Had a MC at the June at 7 weeks, and currently going through a MMC at 10 weeks (empty sac on the scan last week).

Thank you all for your lovely messages. Still stuck in limbo hoping that I might miscarry before my scan appointment on Tuesday, I'm spotting more but nothing compared to my last MC so it's looking more likely that I'll need some sort of management at the hospital 😕

@RosieRainbow1986 I still need to talk to my GP at some point over the next few weeks but I'll definitely be asking her about aspirin, Coq10 and DHEA to see what she thinks. Anything we can do to help at this point will be greatfully taken or done 😔

I found this

It has some interesting information and a link to a book with further info, so looking to get a copy of the book and have a read.

Littlebutload Fri 15-Oct-21 09:20:21

Can I join please. Hoping to ttc#2 after miscarriage at 9 weeks in September. It was suspected to be a molar pregnancy so I had a D&c, thankfully it wasn't. My period came back yesterday and I coincidently had an appointment at the hospital and they say I can try again!

hewegoagain Fri 15-Oct-21 11:41:37

Hi @Littlebutload so sorry for your loss. Great that you've got the all clear to start trying again. Where I am all the doctors still have the out of date theory that I should wait 6 months before trying again. At the ultrasound where they found my MMC the doctor said I should have waited longer to get pregnant again 🤦🏼‍♀️ (MC end of May/beginning of June, bfp 1st September).

We'll probably wait till after Christmas now to start trying again, or at least until my cycles are back under control and I know when I'm ovulating etc.

Good luck on your journey 💐

Shortmamashortcycles Fri 15-Oct-21 12:01:51

Hi all, I've been following the old thread but haven't commented - would like to join here too.

I'm TTC #2, DD is 2 next month.

After it took 9 months to conceive DD, I was thrilled to get a BFP on our second attempt for #2 in June. Everything went super well, including seeing a heartbeat at 7 weeks. So it was a shock to discover the MMC at the 12 week scan.

It's been a pretty crappy couple of months, especially as I haemorrhaged during my surgical management and had to have emergency transfusions, but I'm luckily through my first period and I think just starting my TWW... not particularly hopeful as we couldn't DTD as much as we wanted.

It's so hard not to obsess over things now - I keep resenting having to try again, and keep thinking, "I should be 18 weeks now." Oh well...


hewegoagain Fri 15-Oct-21 13:37:56

Hi @Littlebutload so sorry for your loss. Great that you've got the all clear to start trying again. Where I am all the doctors still have the out of date theory that I should wait 6 months before trying again. At the ultrasound where they found my MMC the doctor said I should have waited longer to get pregnant again 🤦🏼‍♀️ (MC end of May/beginning of June, bfp 1st September).

We'll probably wait till after Christmas now to start trying again, or at least until my cycles are back under control and I know when I'm ovulating etc.

Good luck on your journey 💐

hewegoagain Fri 15-Oct-21 13:40:09

Sorry my last post posted twice 🤦🏼‍♀️

SamBass Fri 15-Oct-21 14:33:32

Thank you for adding me 😊
Im 31 TTC first child after MMC at 9 weeks in March 21. It took me 11 weeks to get a negative frer and my first cycle after the MMC was May 21 we have been TTC ever since.
Feeling very low and emotionally this week as yesterday would have been our due date and my best friend of 22 years gave birth to her first last Saturday although I'm really happy for her it hurt like hell 😔

hewegoagain Fri 15-Oct-21 14:42:04

@SamBass so sorry for your loss.

It can be so hard seeing other people having their babies while we struggle with loss 😔

I got a reminder message for my 12 week scan date this morning and it felt like I'd been punched in the stomach 😔

SamBass Fri 15-Oct-21 15:01:40

@hewegoagain thank you for your kind words! O im sorry about your reminder i can imagine how much that hurt!
Hopefully we have some luck soon! I have just finished my AF and bought some Ovulation tests for the first cycles have been so irregular since the MMC so decided to give the tests ago

hewegoagain Sun 17-Oct-21 18:17:38

Hi everyone, how are you all doing this weekend?

Me MMC passed naturally on Friday night which I'm grateful for. While I'll still go to my scan appointment on Tuesday to make sure that everything has passed correctly I'm glad that, in theory, I won't need medical management or a D&C 🤞 And hopefully the 'recovery' time will be quicker and my cycles will get back to normal quickly.

Now for a slightly weird question, hopeful that someone might have some insight. When DS was born I remember labour being horrific, my 'contractions' weren't at all what I expected. There was no 'wave' of increasing and subsiding pain coming and going every few minutes, it was just constant, unabated pain for hours. Like a hot poker through my cervix. At the time I put this down to the fact that I'd had to be induced, I knew that induction contractions could be a bit more intense than natural labour so just assumed that it was that. HOWEVER, both of my MCs have felt the same, the first one was about an hour and half of 'contractions' and on Friday night around 4/5 hours (finally subsiding around 6am, allowing me to get a few hours sleep). But both the same as when DS was born, not waves of contractions every few minutes, just constant cervical pain. Has anyone else experienced this? Is that how MCs feel normally? Anyone who's had a MC after giving birth previously, how did the 'contractions' compare? (Obviously nowhere near as intense, but to me the pain was similar to when I was just beginning to dialate with DS). It's not really important, I'm just curious 😅

I've started taking Coq10 these last few days and as I already had a midwife appointment for tomorrow morning, I'll still be seeing her to pick up blood test results and speak to her about my options. I would like to get tested for Vitamin D deficiency, thyroid issues and auto immune response, as these are things which are easily detectable with blood tests and can cause early miscarriage.

I mentioned in a previous post about a book called 'It starts with the egg' so I've had a read over the last few days and there's some very good information in there about improving egg quality. Some stuff seems a bit off the wall, phalates in perfumes, nail polish, lotions etc but if not painting my nails for a few month might help then I'm game 😅 There's also ALOT of good stuff explaining how different supplements like Coq10 work etc and about diet as well.

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing ok 😘

susiebluebell Tue 19-Oct-21 09:27:12

Hello everybody, thanks for adding me to the new thread - I thought about doing it, but then life got in the way and I wasn't on here for a few days!

I'm nearly 31, two miscarriages while trying for Baby #1.

@hewegoagain regarding your question, no my MC pains have felt very much like period cramps, just a bit deeper if that makes sense? Burning pain with no let-up sounds horrible and I'm sorry you've had that. Is it something you could ask a gynaecologist about? xx

hewegoagain Tue 19-Oct-21 11:16:27

@susiebluebell thanks for your reply. I'm sorry for both your losses, 2 in row is do heartbreaking.

Yeah it is pretty awful 😬. I have an appointment with my GP on Friday to get myself referred to a gynaecologist. I was due for a smear test just before falling pregnant in April and between the 2 pregnancies and MCs I haven't had one. And to be honest I haven't had one since just after DS was born 9 years ago 😬😅

I had my second scan at the hospital this morning, the sac has passed but the doctor could still see some tissue on the scan so he's given me 2 lots of misoprostol pessaries and an appointment for another scan in 10 days time. He was lovely and sat with me and had a chat, nothing like the doctor I saw 10 days ago. He explained what my next steps should be, even though I've only had 2 MC he recommended seeing a haemotolgist (spelling?) for a full blood work up and he prescribed myo-inositol and anticoagulant injections for me to take in the mean time. He was very kind and said that most women manage to carry to full term if they take these things. I don't know if it'll actually help but honestly I just feel so much better knowing that I'm doing something that might help. And his demeanor was very comforting.

I'm also cleaning up my diet a lot, just to be healthier in general and to try and lower my BMI a little to improve my chances.

Hope everyone is doing ok today 🥰

susiebluebell Tue 19-Oct-21 22:04:21

@hewegoagain Ah, it warms the heart when I read of good healthcare professionals. I'm so glad you had a good experience - it makes things feel possible again. With my recent MC, I spoke to a new GP on the phone and she transformed the way I felt about it. Really good tips from your doc too about what you need to do.

Hope everyone's having a good week? It's been bucketing down here in the Southwest...

OneDay86 Wed 20-Oct-21 00:02:33

Hi everyone, glad you’ve found the new thread all ok. Hoping it’s a lucky one for us all. Not much to report here, just coming to the end of the 2ww, 10 dpo and tested bfn. Didn’t feel pregnant at all, although still found it harder than I thought I would, seeing the negative test. Ah well, on to the next cycle. I think AF is imminent as I’ve spotted a little bit today. Weirdly, never spotted before my periods but this is the second cycle in a row since my last MC that this has happened. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

@chasingtherainbow1 I hope your cycles settle down soon and your consultation into the NK cells goes well. Have you got to wait long for the appointment?

@RosieRainbow1986 I’m so sorry for your loss. I can completely relate to wanting to try again straight away. I had a MC in august too and we started trying as soon as we could. Fingers crossed you get your bfp soon. With regards to aspirin, my doctor wants me to try a low dose aspirin when I next get pregnant as well as progesterone pessaries, hoping it will help support the pregnancy more.

@Littlebutload so sorry for your loss, I hope you find some comfort here on this thread with these lovely ladies. That’s good your period has returned and you can start trying again. We also started TTC straight away, felt like the right thing to do for us. Especially as I don’t seem to catch that quickly!

@Shortmamashortcycles welcome to the new thread. I’m so sorry for your loss and that you’ve been having such a hard time. Your surgery sounded like an awful experience, I hope you feel all recovered from it now? I know what you mean about resenting starting at square one again, I felt exactly the same. I also keep thinking about how many weeks I should be now… I would love to be pregnant again, and I think if I could get that magical bfp it would be easier dealing with my recent MC… or maybe that’s just wishful thinking? I really hope this 2ww goes quickly for you and you get your bfp soon.

@hewegoagain I’m sorry you’re still going through it with the MC but glad you’ve had a more supportive doctor this time round. It’s so comforting to feel like a healthcare professional is genuinely listening to your concerns and cares about your well-being - physically and mentally. That’s good they’re sending you for full blood tests too, I had the same after my 2nd MC and they all came back normal, which was reassuring.

I also bought the book ‘It begins with the egg’! Haven’t read it all yet, although I did skip to the section regarding supplements and from that I started taking CoQ10 tablets… and that was the month I got my bfp in June! Not sure if they helped or if it was just a coincidence. But just in case I’m taking them again now 🤞Which brand did you get if you don’t mind me asking? I definitely need to follow your lead and clean up my diet too. I’m one of those people who ‘eats my emotions’ which have been a lot since the last MC and I’ve piled on half a stone! Think I need to start by putting down the pizza, chocolate and wine 😂

@SamBass welcome to the thread. Sorry to hear about your loss, it can be so hard when it takes a while to get another bfp. It took me 8 months to get my first one. But my doctor has said to me it’s a really positive sign that you’ve gotten pregnant before. I really hope you get your next bfp soon x How are you getting on with the ovulation tests? I find them quite helpful in pinpointing my exact ovulation day, especially as mine have been a bit over the place too since the MC. I use the results to follow the Sperm Meets Egg Plan which I started the month I got pregnant in June so trying that again for the time being hoping it will be as successful!

Ahh nice to see you @susiebluebell! How have you been doing? It’s bucketing down here in South Wales too (although that isn’t unusual for wales 😂)! Maybe all the sunshine is in the north?

Sorry for the long post! Hadn’t been on here for a little while, and wanted to catch up with everyone. Hope everyone’s having a good week so far xx

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USaYwHatNow Wed 20-Oct-21 08:22:51

Hi everyone, hoping it's OK to join? I've just had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. 1st baby, and fell pregnant on our first attempt at trying. I felt deep down it was almost too good to be true, and am now CD5 and waiting to see if/when I ovulate this cycle so we can try again straight away. Wishing everyone luck

Lua2020 Wed 20-Oct-21 09:37:07

Hi I know I haven’t been added and hope you don’t mind me joining but I would like to see if any of your symptoms early on match mine as we all know the 2ww is long and it’s nice to see when others get the BFPS as gives me confidence mine will follow good luck to everyone

MamTee10 Wed 20-Oct-21 09:48:10

Hi, hope you don't mind me popping on? Desperately seeking threads that I can be a part of over this journey following a late loss in September 21.

Currently waiting for my first AF to arrive following pregnancy. Not 100% on when I want to start TTC again, but hoping having some places to connect may help.

Good luck to everyone xxx

Shortmamashortcycles Wed 20-Oct-21 09:49:37

Thanks so much for checking in, @OneDay86. I hope you're feeling better @hewegoagain, and welcome to the new joiners.

I am having a weird cycle - somewhere between 4-8DPO and do not feel good about my chances at all. I'm not even sure I ovulated. I'm only CD21 and feel like I could come on any moment (and yes as my username says, my cycles are short but not that short).

I'm crampy, tired and grouchy and already fed up with running to the loo to check for blood. I almost cried this morning thinking I should be feeling the baby kick now.

Sorry, just needed a real rant. Grrrrr.

hewegoagain Wed 20-Oct-21 11:26:39


hewegoagain Wed 20-Oct-21 11:35:58

Ops posted too soon, I only downloaded the app yesterday (online me before) and I'm still figuring it out 😬.

@oneday86 I live in Spain so the Coq10 I've bought is a national brand. I popped in to my local health food shop and spoke to the lovely assistant in there. He knew what it was used for in this case and was very helpful.

I've really packed on the weight since my first MC in June. I'm an anxiety eater too, and I've put on about 10 kg over the summer 😬. Although my jeans are fitting better this morning, but I took my first dose of misoprostol last night so I'm probably just less bloated. I'm eating a lot of berries as I've heard that antioxidants are good for fertility, so lots of low calorie smoothies.

My cramping with the misoprostol last night was much more manageable than what I felt on Friday night, although I did feel shivery. They gave me 2 doses and told me to use the second dose if the first didn't bring on any bleeding, but I was already bleeding so not sure. I think the bleeding isn't quite as heavy as my first MC, but a lot more clots coming out (sorry tmi). I'll probably use the second dose tonight just to make sure everything is cleared out.

Welcome to the new comers 🥰

susiebluebell Thu 21-Oct-21 12:06:30

Welcome newcomers, you're in good company here! Sorry that you've found yourself needing this thread but there's a lot of support and positivity from these ladies smile

susiebluebell Thu 21-Oct-21 12:06:57

@OneDay86 Sunny here today, have you got it too? wink

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