7DPO thread 2

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Mamastarz Thu 14-Oct-21 12:42:36

@line123eyesalways i could not reply to you last message as it said thread closed.

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line123eyesalways Thu 14-Oct-21 12:53:29

@Mamastarz we filled the thread up!!

AF came with a vengeance this morning! I knew she would! X

chasingtherainbow1 Thu 14-Oct-21 13:18:05

I tried replying too but then the thread had disappeared. Sorry to hear AF has arrived. Sounds like we're not having a very successful month again! I think I'm due on Monday but not 100% sure as my cycles have been a bit all over the place. Not testing again, just going to wait for it to show.

@Mamastarz thanks for creating the new thread, would be nice to see how you all get on until I can try again in January!

line123eyesalways Thu 14-Oct-21 13:24:40

@chasingtherainbow1 do you need to let them know tomorrow if you're pregnant? When do the tests start?

Hopefully this threads luckier than the last one!!

chasingtherainbow1 Thu 14-Oct-21 13:36:26

@line123eyesalways i called them this morning and just said the results are negative so far so we will have the meeting tomorrow. The actual biopsy won't be until 7-10 days after my next ovulation so at least there's no worry there.

Yeah fingers crossed 🤞 I'm hoping for a new year new start with it!

Mamastarz Thu 14-Oct-21 13:55:50

@line123eyesalways, im so sorry AF arrieved this morning, how are you feeling. Onto the next cycle ??? Or are you planning a little break also.
Hope you didn't mind me starting this thread, as you were the orignal poster, and i would love to keep up with everyones journey. X

@chasingtherainbow1, how are you feeling, so AF is due for you on Monday. How you feeling about waiting until January, at least then you can maybe get some answers..x

Well going by my app AF is due next friday for me, so im apparently 6dpo, but not sure with that, as i never felt my usualy O pains this month and i always feel them, as they are bad. So not very hopeful. X

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chasingtherainbow1 Thu 14-Oct-21 14:02:55

@Mamastarz i don't want to do it at all tbh. It makes me feel horrible that we have to miss 2 months of trying because I don't want to keep wasting time. But I'd kick myself if I went through all the nhs tests and ivf etc only to find out this could have been the problem all along so might as well go for it whilst I have the opportunity. Was hoping I could have caught this month so I would have to 😂

I think both times I got pregnant, I didn't feel anything either so don't count yourself out! Sometimes it comes when you're least expecting it!


line123eyesalways Thu 14-Oct-21 14:10:33

@Mamastarz I feel okay! I was sort of expecting it anyway. I think I'm going to have a little break but still keep up to date with everyone! Of course I don't mind!! Hopefully O just wasn't as painful for you this month! Do you use OPKs or not? Xx

@chasingtherainbow1 I hope you get some answers with these tests! X

Mamastarz Thu 14-Oct-21 14:12:00

@chasingtherainbow1, i totaly understand where you are coming from, as when i had my 3rd miscarriage in a row they referred me to the hospital for tests, but me being me i couldnt wait and fell pregnant again before the appointment, my gp was amazing and helped me straight away, and i have never been as thankful in my life.
Your AF hasnt arrived yet, so your not out yourself yet, keeping all crossed, i know 2 months is a long time when your trying, but it will be worth it all, especially if you get answers. I really am wishing you every bit of luck and success. X 🤞

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Mamastarz Thu 14-Oct-21 14:18:04

@line123eyesalways sometimes they say when you take a break thats when it happens as you don't focus on everything as much, maybe that approach could be the lucky one for you,
No there nothing something i use, tried them in September but hadnt a clue about them, so gave up and just stick with the go for it plan 😉.

Yes very much would love to keep uptodate with how everyone gets on from month to month until their bfp, which hopefully won't be much longer, lets hope we dont get to the end of this thread before there popping up everywhere. 😁🤞. X

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chasingtherainbow1 Thu 14-Oct-21 20:58:30

@Mamastarz yeah that is exactly how I will be. I mean I can't try in these 2 months because they need to do a biopsy which would be dangerous for pregnancy. But if I get referred by the nhs, I would still be trying 😂 Thank you, same for you! I didn't get a positive on a frer until the day of my expected period the first 2 pregnancies so I know it's possible but I don't think it will happen this month.

I'll still be hanging around in here to see how you're all getting on though!

Mamastarz Fri 15-Oct-21 20:05:03

Hi everyone, so 7dpo for me, and my boobs are very sore which is very uncommon for me, and some cramping going on, but thats nothing new, possibly something and nothing. Im going to hold out till next Thursday to test, as that will be the day before im due on, according to my app, but who knows 🤷‍♀️
Hope everyone else is doing ok. X

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chasingtherainbow1 Fri 15-Oct-21 20:55:44

@Mamastarz ooo maybe that's a good sign! Let us know how you get on next week. I'm due on Monday but decided I'm not going to test until I'm a day or two late (if I am to be late).

Had my consultation with the nk cells clinic which was really good and insightful. He spoke about lots of things to do with finding if difficult to get pregnant and difficulties staying pregnant. Made me feel much more positive about the whole situation.

The main take home point was that perseverance is key and we all just have to keep trying. We'll all get there girls ☺️

Mamastarz Sun 17-Oct-21 10:46:10

@chasingtherainbow1, thats good you had your consultation, and that your feeling much more positive about everything, and you just never know, how are things. X

I've had lots of cramping the last two days, and boobs hurt so bad, cramps i always get but never sore boobs, so don't know what to think about that, probably just AF going to be super bad this month. Im 9dpo today i think going by the app anyways.

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Charl881 Sun 17-Oct-21 12:26:14

Hi guys, I lost you all! Glad to have found the thread again. @line123eyesalways sorry AF arrived! How are you feeling? @chasingtherainbow1 sounds like you are feeling positive after your consult appt which is good… what are next steps? @Mamastarz sounds promising, what are you planning on testing? 🤞🏻

Mamastarz Sun 17-Oct-21 13:13:36

@Charl881, glad you are back, how are you doing. Im not sure when to test, was maybe going to wait till Thursday as according to my app AF is due on Friday, but thats not to say I'll not do a sneaky test in between.
As im not keen on frer especially after everything I've read about them recently, and the most after that are of a higher sensitivity although the answer one step is apparently 10mul. X

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line123eyesalways Sun 17-Oct-21 13:21:23

@Charl881 I'm feeling awful this time! Bad AF cramps have written me off haha! How are you?

Sorry I haven't replied! Been laid up in bed! Hope everyone else is okay x

Mamastarz Mon 18-Oct-21 09:11:29

@chasingtherainbow1, how are you, has AF arrived yet, x

@line123eyesalways, sorry to hear AF has been so bad for you and knocked you of your feet, hooe they ease of soon. X

@Charl881, how are you doing. X

So im 10dpo, done a test this morning, bfn, was a sensitivity of 20mul, but i think AF is on her way as the cramps just dont stop, they ease but thats it, and some feel so intense. X

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chasingtherainbow1 Mon 18-Oct-21 11:50:28

@Charl881 yeah feel really positive about it. The consultant was amazing. I need to do opk's and when I get my next positive test I need to let the clinic know and they will book me in for the biopsy 7-10 days later. Then I will repeat that next month. After that we can go back to trying and he will provide advice and treatment if necessary.

@Mamastarz it arrives this morning bang on 28 days. My last 2 cycles have been 32-34 days which was longer than usual and I think my mmc had messed my cycles up a bit. Hopefully when we go back to trying in December they will be regular again.

10dpo is still early though. Don't rule yourself out just yet. When is AF due?

chasingtherainbow1 Mon 18-Oct-21 11:53:04

Considering having a break from Mumsnet for the 2 months we're not trying because I'll probably get frustrated that we can't 😂 I'll still be around for this thread because I wanna see how you guys get on but im banning myself from casual browsing! Give me some BFP's for inspiration whilst im off guys!

Mamastarz Mon 18-Oct-21 12:17:44

@chasingtherainbow1, im sending loads of luck your way for everything over the next few months and more, hoping everything goes well for yous, and maybe by that time well be seeing a nice bfp from you, to kickstart the new year.. 🤞😊. X

According to my app AF is due friday, but im not hopeful, and to be honest i don't want to go through another miscarriage. X

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chasingtherainbow1 Mon 18-Oct-21 12:43:49

@Mamastarz thank you. Hoping the time goes quickly! I've not had a drink of alcohol since my first pregnancy in March but I've decided I'm going to have a drink at a Halloween party at the end of the month and try and enjoy the break a bit more so it goes a bit quicker. Going to try and focus on getting fitter as well because I've let that slide over the TTC period!

I know what you mean, it's weird wanting to be pregnant but sometimes feeling that relief that you haven't had another loss. I felt like that last month when I thought the FRER indents were a chemical.

Charl881 Mon 18-Oct-21 18:18:03

@chasingtherainbow1 I’m so glad you’re feeling positive about it, I’m sure the time will fly by!

I feel the same about MN, I’ve decided not to check any other threads as it just doesn’t help with the obsession in the TWW.

I’ve decided that I definitely want to keep trying and hope to conceive as soon as possible as I’ve been weighing up job options and basically realised the best thing to do is to get pregnant where I am now then leave rather than try to leave now. But I don’t want to be in this job too much longer so the sooner I can conceive the better 😂

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