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Irishfarmer Wed 13-Oct-21 15:27:14

My new tests arrived today! I'm excited to see if they work. Although I have no idea how an app can tell how my LH is present just by uploading a picture, and the amazon reviews were very good. Many said the clear blue ones were a rip off, you paid for the exact same thing just you got a smiley face or not. I want to test every day so needed something a lot cheaper!!

AF is expected any day now so I will do a test everyday after, as I'm not sure when I ovulate, my cycles vary every month.

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czycoup Wed 13-Oct-21 15:59:28

I think you will always have some level of LH so the tests will usually always show 2 lines. For the test to be positive the test line needs to be as dark or darker than the control line. If the app you mention is the one I'm thinking of then I think it works just by comparing the colours of the lines. Or the shades. So if they are the same colour it will be a 1.0. It's not 100% but it does give you a good guide. I've had positive ovulation tests where the app doesn't even get up to a 1.

I'm not an expert but that's how I've always thought they work.

I think the instructions should tell you what day to start testing but what I did is test every day then twice a day (or more) when the line got darker and a day or 2 after to make sure the line got lighter. Then once you know what days you ovulate you can then just test around then.

I hope that helps - good luck! 🍀

Irishfarmer Wed 13-Oct-21 17:04:09

@czycoup thanks, I have used a different brand before. Bog standard cheapest ones going. I was advised they are the same ones the hospitals use! They worked, I got pregnant, but it ended in m.c.

I'm just intrigued by these ones, I'll give an update in a few weeks

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LuluF91 Thu 14-Oct-21 21:53:12

That's what I used and got pregnant with several times. I gave my remaining ones to a friend who has been ttc but didn't know about tracking ovulation. Lots of luck to you!

weathervane123 Fri 15-Oct-21 07:50:44

I use those and the app. Find them pretty easy and reliable. I've been pregnant three times this year so they're definitely accurate!

My advice with taking the photo is to try and make sure you do it in the same place every time, same times of day and light if possible.

I have roughly a 28 day cycle (usually O on cd16) and start testing on day 9. That goes up to twice a day around day 12. Even if your cycles vary I wouldn't bother testing until day 5 at least. You'll likely just waste your tests if you start on cd1!

Amyhal13 Fri 15-Oct-21 11:05:32

Hi sorry to jump on your post. This is my second month ttc but my first month using the easy@home tests. This is my results so far. ( I'll attach a photo) I ovulated around cd12 last month but this month the app said peak on cd9. However now I've added a new test today cd12 and it has removed the peak and just says high so I'm assuming I'm ovulating now. Has anyone else had this problem? I think it just goes of the highest reading. I can see from looking at the test that today is definitely a lot darker than any of the others. Any advice is welcome this is all so new to me.

weathervane123 Fri 15-Oct-21 11:47:09

@Amyhal13 your LH levels will fluctuate throughout the month, but sometimes people experience more than one peak. It just means that your body has tried and failed to ovulate so it'll give it another crack, usually a few days later. CD9 is early for a peak, but not unheard of depending on your cycle length, so it was smart to keep testing afterwards.

I can see from your photo that the control line looks quite light on the first peak, which may have interfered with your result. All the app does is compare the appearance of the two lines to assess the concentration of LH, so if the control is a bit lacking in dye, a weak test will match it easily, if that makes sense.

The app isn't failsafe though. Lots of things can affect the results, such as the light for taking the photo, what time of the day you do the test, and your levels of hydration. Easy@home recommends doing a first test of the day after 10am, I believe.

Just keep testing twice a day for now. I'd want to see a test line as dark as the control (which happens at 1.0) or over to confirm peak (mine is usually around 1.7-1.9 though it's gotten as high as 2.47!), though different people have different levels of LH.


PinkPlantCase Fri 15-Oct-21 11:48:40

I used these and found them really helpful, conceived in our second month of trying. DS is now 4 months old grin

Amyhal13 Fri 15-Oct-21 12:01:40

@weathervane123 thanks so much for that. I downloaded the app last month but was using boots tests and my peak was on cd12 and was higher than 1. I'll keep testing and see how I get on I'm sure I also felt ovulation last month the night off the peak test so hopefully I'll feel it again this month.

Amyhal13 Sun 17-Oct-21 21:27:14

So I've continued to test and it's now showing my peak. Does this look like a peak to you? I just can't tell. thank in advance smile

Irishfarmer Thu 21-Oct-21 15:05:10

@Amyhal13 bit late in replying, but that peak one def looks like two very dark lines.
I've been testing every day and it's up and down. I'm over a week late, but tests are negative. Not really surprising my last period wasn't a period it was a miscarriage, so it's counting that as CD1.

@weathervane123 good tip, I'll make sure I take them in the same spot. I try to do the test around 4pm and don't drink much after lunch to get a clearer reading. It seems to take me about 6/7 months to get pregnant without any tracking, I don't want to wait that long this time so I'm hoping with tracking I can get pregnant before we see out 2021 and fingers crossed this one stays.

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Amyhal13 Thu 21-Oct-21 18:06:18

@Irishfarmer farmer thanks for replying. It did seem to be my peak as it didn't get any darker and now has got a lot lighter. We did bd the day after peak but only once so I'm not very hopeful but will see. I'm sorry about the miscarriage I had one before I had my son 10 years ago. Wishing you lots of luck

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