4 days late and BFN - any chance?

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Geemmm Wed 13-Oct-21 10:37:07

Hi all - as the title says I’m currently 4 days late with my period and it usually comes like clock work. I usually have very definite signs my period is coming too - really bad cramps in stomach and back, eat everything in sight, really emotional/cry a lot, really tender boobs. So far I really don’t feel like my period is coming on. I have had very light cramping each morning past 3 days in my lower belly and that’s it. I’m usually a 29/30 day cycle.

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and ended up they were pregnant?

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Bundaberg84 Wed 13-Oct-21 10:50:42

Hi @Geemmm
First of all, do you track your ovulation, so you're sure you're late, or could you just ovulated a bit later than you thought?

Geemmm Wed 13-Oct-21 11:11:34

I do yeah - have been tracking properly for about 8 months now. I’ve actually just taken another test and I think I can see a faint line - it appeared after the 3 minutes though so I’m not sure whether it’s a positive or not. Not a clue how to add a picture here I’m afraid.

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Bundaberg84 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:58:58

If you're a new member you'll have to wait 48h before you can upload a picture unfortunately.
How many DPO are you now?

1984Winston Wed 13-Oct-21 15:10:26

I was a week late and tested negative every day, she's now nearly 6 :-)

Geemmm Wed 13-Oct-21 15:27:26

@Bundaberg84 ah I see - thank you. I’m 17 dpo now - I’ve checked yesterday’s test again which now has a faint line but wondering whether this is just evaporation perhaps.

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Geemmm Wed 13-Oct-21 15:28:31

That’s amazing to hear grin! Can I ask how long it took before you got a positive test? @1984Winston

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1984Winston Thu 14-Oct-21 07:29:21

I was a week late before I got a bfp, fingers crossed for you

TTCjourney2021 Thu 14-Oct-21 21:30:12

Any update OP?

Geemmm Sun 17-Oct-21 10:51:28

@TTCjourney2021 not a good update I’m afraid. Had two positive tests Tuesday/Wednesday then began to bleed on Thursday night. Doctor thinks it could have been an early MC due to the two tests.

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TTCjourney2021 Sun 17-Oct-21 10:53:31

Aww I'm really sorry OP sending love

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