What do you make of these lines?

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BirtieB13 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:41:37

I have taken 6 tests, some Sainsbury’s own and some clear blue. These are results out of the 10 minute window. Are they evap lines?

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BirtieB13 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:43:19

These are the others x

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FlyOnTheWall89 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:46:11

@BirtieB13 how many DPO are you? You really do need to read them in the window of time. I think they may be BFP as they don't look grey but I really wouldn't get your hopes up to avoid disappoint. Try FMU tomorrow... someone more experienced may have an insight.

BirtieB13 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:51:04

@FlyOnTheWall89 I don’t know, I had the coil removed during my last period so due in less than I week I think. I won’t be disappointed if I’m not but I will be happy if I am. So it won’t get my hopes up, just find it strange to have 6 tests with lines. 2 were just outside the 10 mins. Just didn’t think evap lines are coloured x

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TreaterAnita Wed 13-Oct-21 09:51:27

I can only see 4 of the pictures, but I’d say they are all faint positives. They don’t look like evap lines to me, and the chance of getting evap lines on 4 different tests would be v v slim.

starsinthegutter Wed 13-Oct-21 09:52:24

Was going to say the same but don't want to get your hopes up if it is an evap line. Evap lines are usually grey i think. These look very clearly blue! 🤞

BirtieB13 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:56:33

Thanks for your opinions. That’s what I think to be honest. I just wanted to make sure I hope want imagining things. Like I say, it’s the first month so will be happy if I am but will be ok if I’m not. Xx

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BirtieB13 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:58:42

I don’t get why it’s so blue but so thin. Haha x

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Mamamamasaurus Wed 13-Oct-21 11:06:58

I see lines but blue dye tests are shit. Test again - FMU, collect your wee in a pot and dip, use FRER. Oh, and read in the time frame.

Good luck!

SylvanasWindrunner Wed 13-Oct-21 11:23:00

Pink dyes! Blue ones are crap and I don't trust them at all. Get a cheap pink dye or better yet a FRER. Clearblue do very early digital tests now - I got a positive at 10dpo on one.

BirtieB13 Wed 13-Oct-21 12:11:23

Took your advice and nothing in first response xx

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BirtieB13 Thu 14-Oct-21 14:33:51

Sorry for going on but I've been sick this morning and the test looked like this within 10 mins. It’s just thin. Was my last blue test I will never use them again. Red and digital say negative Xx

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jadeypies Thu 14-Oct-21 15:06:26

Hi @BirtieB13
You must be going mad not knowing!
If you can try and wait a couple of days as test again with a frer...
The digital tests seem to be less sensitive in my experience. Good luck xx

BirtieB13 Thu 14-Oct-21 15:25:21

@jadeypies thanks I will try my best 😬 xx

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