7 DPO anyone else in TWW?

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Bambi11 Sun 10-Oct-21 18:30:52

Hello I believe I’m 7/8 dpo anyone else in their TTW?
Trying not to test early! AF due 16th but might use an early test in the 13th as we are meant to be going to visit DH sister in the weekend

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mrsm44 Sun 10-Oct-21 21:50:53


Came across your post searching for the same thing. Also think I’m 7/8 dpo based on OPKs. This will be my first time ovulating since a missed miscarriage in August so no real predicted period date (going for 16th based on the ovulation tests). Are you driving yourself mad symptom spotting like me? Is this your first pregnancy? Love having someone else to talk to in same boat! Xo

Bambi11 Sun 10-Oct-21 22:21:21

@mrsm44 sorry to hear about your miscarriage flowers
Day 15 I had a line on the cheap opk, it’s our 3rd month trying so didn’t do tests everyday as don’t want to get my hopes up. Also changed to DTD before and during ovulation rather than on ovulation.

First time trying yeah, we got married 4 weeks ago so didn’t want to wait any longer. Trying to to spot symptoms!! I have had a bad taste in my mouth those which my sister thinks is a sign.
So nice being able to talk to someone.
How about you? X

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mrsm44 Sun 10-Oct-21 22:32:54

Awh congratulations! Enjoy this special time. Loved the honeymoon period.

You’re just right not testing everyday as it gets so consuming. A bad taste in mouth is supposed to be a great sign!

Trying not to read into things either but can’t help it. I have very mixed feelings, have a few signs that I normally get before AF like evening nausea but a few things that I had before my last BFP (no sore nipples which I normally get pre-period but only started around 5 weeks pregnant) and a really strange one- a ticking feeling inside my left inner arm. Such an odd symptom that I’ve never heard anyone talk about- probably just me! Only ever had it when pregnant and I think (or maybe hopeful) I felt a little ticking whilst watching TV tonight. Keep me updated with how you’re getting on this week, everything crossed for us both smile xo

WaitingForEgg Sun 10-Oct-21 23:12:43

✋ I’m 8DPO I think
Been trying quite a long time (14 months) and waiting for some tests to be done. So if I’m honest very little hope, but there is always a little bit there

WaitingForEgg Sun 10-Oct-21 23:14:12

I’m due AF 16-18th
Each TWW is SO slow

Bambi11 Mon 11-Oct-21 07:37:07

@mrsm44 sending you lots of baby dust.
Yeah I have a bloated ‘full’ feeling and been off food but my dad pass away suddenly last Thursday so it can all do with that rather than pregnancy.
I’ve got the same feeling now like AF will spear but I’m so hoping for some good news. I’d love it so much in this sad time and my two best friends are expecting so would be extra lovely.

@WaitingForEgg I’m due same day as you so sending you baby dust! Are you going to test early or hold out?

I’m every 29 days bang in so tempted to test Wednesday which would be 3 days before AF X

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mrsm44 Mon 11-Oct-21 07:50:17

@Bambi11 I’m so sorry to hear that! Hopefully this might be a little blessing sent from your dad flowers 2 of my best friends are expecting too so I know how you feel, we’re so happy for them but makes it harder for us. I obviously hoped to be having my little one that I lost around the same time so this would be just amazing.

@WaitingForEgg sending baby dust to you too.
Don’t loose hope as it took me almost 3 years to fall pregnant with my first (although it ended in miscarriage).

I’m going to try to wait and test on Friday if I can make it that far! xo

Mrslight Mon 11-Oct-21 08:40:33

I am 6dpo today, AF due 20th. This is our 2nd cycle ttc our first baby. I will be testing on 10dpo, on Friday, the earliest.

Mrslight Mon 11-Oct-21 08:45:18

@Bambi11 so sorry to hear about your dad 😔

Bambi11 Mon 11-Oct-21 09:22:07

@mrsm44 thank you 😊 I usually get very light spotting 2 days before so this will give me a good indication. I’ve been going to acupuncture for stress relief to help but that’s all out the window now.

@Mrslight thank you lovely. Yes it’s the first baby we were trying for too. We should all find out around the same time, fingers crossed for us all x

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Bundaberg84 Mon 11-Oct-21 13:26:49

Hi there! I'm 9dpo today, AF due on Friday. I had a lot of distraction the last couple of days so I kinda feel I just entered the TWW which is a nice change. I'm not too hopeful though as it's only the second cycle after my ectopic which resulted in the loss of my right ovary. Also I just turned 37. But who knows, right? Weirder things have happened.

@Bambi11 I'm so sorry for your loss, that's devastating! I hope you're alright. And of course fingers crossed for it to be your month, how wonderful that would be. The week my mother died, my brother's wife welcomed her daughter. How closely joy and sorrow can be linked.

@mrsm44 it's so hard not to symptom spot right? Even though you know it's most probably nothing, it's just in the back of the head "but it could be that...."

@WaitingForEgg fingers crossed for you as well! What tests have you done?

@Mrslight oh that's early! Fingers crossed!

Jujules20 Mon 11-Oct-21 17:22:58

Am glad I found you guys. Am 8dpo today af due on 17th. Not testing till Sunday but still trying to listen to my body signals.
So far pinching feeling in breast, nausea after every meal and a real feeling of joy inside(nothing special happened just that my little papillon decided that her elective anorexia is not cool anymore and has now started to eat)

We’ll wait and see

Jujules20 Mon 11-Oct-21 17:51:44

Forgot to add: sweet taste in my mouth and a craving for beer

Bambi11 Mon 11-Oct-21 22:43:19

@Jujules20 bit TMI but I’ve been having loose BMs in the mornings (I normally have trouble going) and feeling bloated and warm in my lower abdomen.
I was naughty and took a FR early test and nothing but it is early confused

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Bambi11 Mon 11-Oct-21 22:44:13

@Jujules20 is this your first time tying?

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Jujules20 Tue 12-Oct-21 05:33:59

@Bambi11 Hey, any change in BM is significant be it loose or hard so take it as a sign.
It's our second month trying I didn't think it would be this nerve-wracking
But I try to focus on the end result😀
We all will get there soon!!

KJ1994 Tue 12-Oct-21 06:26:13

I feel all of this right now. It's seriously has me up past midnight laying in bed googling and beyond. My partner and I have had a rough year trying to convince. We have been through 3 miscarriages since February. sad fast forward to today/yesterday I do believe I'm 9dpo. I felt just like junk most the day and actually ended up getting sick. Later in this afternoon I had some super light rust colored spotting when I went to the bathroom. (sorry TMI) it seems to be gone now however..soooooo I'm thinking this could be implantation bleeding??
TWW drives me crazy. (Insert face palm emoji).

Bambi11 Tue 12-Oct-21 06:47:46

@KJ1994 I’m so sorry you e been though it flowers
Read a lot and brown spotting is such a good sign, do you ever have this before a period? If not it sounds like implantation, fingers crossed for you

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Bambi11 Tue 12-Oct-21 06:51:03

@Jujules20 I knew I’d be like this, I just love all the info I can get from here, YouTube and books. Sister keeps telling me to just relax and hitch isn’t easy at all.
Woke up with pre period cramps which I’m gutted about.
I’m only holding out hope now as my BBT hasn’t dropped yet!

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Jujules20 Tue 12-Oct-21 06:59:30

@KJ1994 that sounds very much like implantation bleeding! Thinking of you these next few days xx

@Bambi11 your sister is right. I find the more I read or spot check the more anxious it seems so I prefer to tune into my body's signals and see where they lead me to. I had a chemical in august so I know am fertile
Am convinced that when it's a good zygote it will stick

KJ1994 Tue 12-Oct-21 07:12:19

@Bambi11 I have not like this. So I really hope this one is the one.
@Jujules20 thank you!
I'll be crossing my fingers for both you as well!!
The wait can seriously drive someone insane I swear.

MegAnne83 Tue 12-Oct-21 09:17:32

Morning all. I'm new here, joined yesterday after wanting to post on a really lovely gender scan post!
I'm 38, newly married and stopped the pill on 22nd August. This is the first cycle ttc, and the first ov that I have tracked. We dtd around ovulation day.
I'm now 6/7 dpo.
My body and brain is going insane with all the symptoms I am experiencing, but I'm also very aware that it could just be my body adjusting to regular hormones after being on the pill for many years.

Anyway just wanted to say hi and get myself started on a thread as it's a good way to pass the tww!!

Hope you are all well

Bundaberg84 Tue 12-Oct-21 09:24:02

Hi @MegAnne83 and welcome! I thought the first cycle was the worst really. I had so many symptoms. I think it was actually the first time I focussed so much on my body. I was off the pill for many years as I had bad reaction to a new one I got prescribed, so it wasn't anything new to me. But wow, the weird thing my body does each month. Crazy. Fingers crossed for you!

MegAnne83 Tue 12-Oct-21 09:32:28

Thank you, I feel like even joining mn is making me 'feel pregnant'!!
I blew my nose to hard this morning and there was a tiny bit of blood, and I was "ooh implantation spotting" then mid thought realised it was the wrong end!!!!

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