Ovulation/TTC continued

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newtolineofduty Sat 09-Oct-21 20:44:36

@Aims1991 @CShandy01 @hoola23 @MrsRosaline @plantbasedlondoner @LittleDoveLove thought I'd best start a new thread before it stops letting us post given we're almost at 1k! 🥰 x

Have I forgotten anyone!? X

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MrsRosaline Sat 09-Oct-21 21:20:37

Excellent I was thinking the same earlier!

I reckon you should test @newtolineofduty 🤞🏻

newtolineofduty Sat 09-Oct-21 21:23:46

Will do tomo @MrsRosaline xx it's amazing how not tempted I am! It's just because I'm petrified and I've convinced myself if I'm pregnant that I'll miscarry (due to my fears of late implantation!) so can't even feel excited at the prospect! X

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MrsRosaline Sat 09-Oct-21 21:58:06

Yeh I know what you mean but you can't possibly know when you implanted can you? Remember how many times you've convinced yourself of something that proves to be untrue...!

JonSnowsCloak Sat 09-Oct-21 22:11:01

Hello may I join please 🙂
TTC#1, cycle 2 - day 12!
I started using the ovulation tests last cycle but no joy so far.

newtolineofduty Sat 09-Oct-21 22:18:09

Just because of the cramping I had at 12/13dpo @MrsRosaline so convinced myself that's when I must have ovulated and (evil) google seems to confirm! X

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newtolineofduty Sat 09-Oct-21 22:18:50

Welcome @JonSnowsCloak! X

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MrsRosaline Sat 09-Oct-21 22:20:31

Honestly it could be anything. With DD I got cramps throughout early pregnancy and was told it's just things stretching in there! @newtolineofduty

newtolineofduty Sat 09-Oct-21 22:23:22

Yes @MrsRosaline I had the same it was awful-bleeding and awful cramps for 3 weeks! X

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Aims1991 Sat 09-Oct-21 22:33:37

Still no AF which is good! No more pains or any symptoms of anything

MrsRosaline Sat 09-Oct-21 22:54:59

So maybe it could be the same this time @newtolineofduty ! Fingers crossed for you xx

hoola23 Sun 10-Oct-21 12:55:04

@newtolineofduty oh I didn't even realise! Sorry! Let's use this one!

Any update?!

hoola23 Sun 10-Oct-21 13:01:03

@CShandy01 use this thread hun, we started two at the same time 🤣

newtolineofduty Sun 10-Oct-21 13:06:34

No AF as yet @hoola23! I'm petrified to test as I'm starting to think I could be pregnant! 😢😢😢

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hoola23 Sun 10-Oct-21 13:12:13

@newtolineofduty do you really?! Oh I'm literally buzzing for you to test!!! Try not to overthink it, and prepare yourself that if you test and it's negative, it's ok and next month is a new month

TEST NOW!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

newtolineofduty Sun 10-Oct-21 13:44:01

@hoola23 I've really worked myself up about it-I've never been like this before! I have to wait until DD is in bed so will do this eve! Currently in bed feeling like poo but I have to go out in an hour and really don't want to! The reason I think AF is coming is because I don't feel as bad as I did yesterday! I have back pain but it's more like a nerve pain rather than a dull ache which is what I usually get pre period! X

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MrsRosaline Sun 10-Oct-21 13:53:21

Hopefully this is the start or something @newtolineofduty.

I am still waiting for my LH surge. CD20 and no ovulation yet 😭

hoola23 Sun 10-Oct-21 13:57:26

@newtolineofduty I also feel like crap today. Currently lying on the sofa and exhausted!!! Most likely due to the three glasses on wine last night though🤣

How do you feel? Do you feel sick or just general crap feeling?

newtolineofduty Sun 10-Oct-21 14:16:32

Feeling sick @hoola23 but I always get nausea as part of pms. I have a positive feeling for you! X

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hoola23 Sun 10-Oct-21 14:39:05

@newtolineofduty keeping everything crossed for you. Prepare yourself either way and then you can deal with whatever the outcome is

Oh trust me, I know I'm not! My gut never lets me down hun! Af will prob be here by Tuesday so only a couple days late which is prob normal for the first cycle after a chemical x

Aims1991 Sun 10-Oct-21 14:42:17

Afternoon ladies. Just home from a girls weekend away which totally took my mind off any signs or symptoms. But I'm now 11dpo and on CD25. Af due any day now (hopefully not)

hoola23 Sun 10-Oct-21 15:01:56

@Aims1991 I hope AF stays away for you! How are you feeling?

Aims1991 Sun 10-Oct-21 15:19:50

@hoola23 a little hungover🤣 but apart from that ok. Had cramp Friday morning, but nothing else

hoola23 Sun 10-Oct-21 15:21:28

@Aims1991 me too🤣 I had cramp feeling about 3 days ago now and thought AF was going to start but not yet arrived. I hope mine is here by Tuesday latest or I'm going to be really confused! Just want to get on with it all now and hype myself up for another fertile week!

Aims1991 Sun 10-Oct-21 15:22:30

@hoola23 I'm normally a 25/28 days cycle and so far on day 25! I have no urge to test as I do t believe this month I DTD enough

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