TESTING TRAIN!! Who else is with me?

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hereforthefood Tue 05-Oct-21 11:12:56

So I'm looking for ladies who are nearing the end of their cycle, will be testing soon, and want to support each other!😁

As an intro: Hi! Im 23 and on month 2 of TTC #1, I'm currently on CD30 of a 32 day cycle. Exciting things to note for this month are that on CD27 I experienced a gush of bright red blood and have had nothing else since so I'm thinking this could be implantation! Also, for the past 2 days my cervix has been high and soft so I'm taking this as a very good sign!

How is everyone else doing?😁

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hereforthefood Tue 05-Oct-21 11:13:58

Those emojis were meant to be smiling faces - whoops!grin

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FlyOnTheWall89 Tue 05-Oct-21 11:29:18

@hereforthefood all sounds very good and positive to me. You are much younger than me though :-). 32 and cycle number 6 of trying to conceive baby number 1. I am on CD 13 - ovulate on Saturday so will be testing in a few weeks. Fingers crossed for a BFP x

hereforthefood Tue 05-Oct-21 11:36:33

@FlyOnTheWall89 thank you, I'm quite hopeful this month as these aren't my normal AF-is-arriving signs!

FX for a BFP for both of us soon! I'm sure you'll be having a fun week anywaywink

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PinkFizz1 Tue 05-Oct-21 12:20:55

Hi ladies!

I’m 31 and while not ‘actively’ TTC #1, I’ve come off the pill and we’re just seeing what happens 😬

I was on the mini pill for 11/12 years with no periods at all so I have no idea what my cycle is going to be like. I came off the pill 3 weeks ago (not even had my withdrawal bleed yet!) and have been DTD lots since then. I have no idea when/how regularly to test?!

I’m going to test on Friday and then I think every 2-3 weeks? It’s all new to me!

Good luck to you for BFPs soon!

SylvanasWindrunner Tue 05-Oct-21 12:27:41

Hello! I'm TTC #2. DD was born in 2019. This is first cycle after a pregnancy in June ended at seven weeks and it's a bit of an odd one so not sure when will be a good time to test, but might start soon grin

hereforthefood Tue 05-Oct-21 13:15:08

Welcome everyone!

@PinkFizz1 you haven't had a period for 12 years?! My god that sounds like a dream!!grin

@SylvanasWindrunner sorry to hear about your MC, can't imagine the pain you must have been insad How far along in your cycle are you now?

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PinkFizz1 Tue 05-Oct-21 13:33:41

@hereforthefood it’s been great! The only downside is that now I have absolutely no idea what my body is going to do! The fact that lots of ladies on here know exactly when their AF is due/when they’re ovulating etc is fascinating to me 😂 are you testing soon?
I don’t know if my plan to test on Friday and then every 2-3 weeks after that until I get my first AF is a silly idea or not!

FlyOnTheWall89 Tue 05-Oct-21 13:50:48

@hereforthefood I don't think you need to be testing until you have AF. After that, you'll ovulate at some point (use OPKs or if you are taking it chilled, just monitor EWCM) and then you can test if you don't get your AF again. I guess it's hard if you have no clue what so ever.

As an example. I have a 30-31 day cycle. I ovulate around day 17 which I know because I get ovulation pain, EWCM and I use the clear blue OPK to just confirm the hormone changes. I would then test if I miss my AF or if I feel I have obvious symptoms.

Good luck! TTC is quite a different journey to what I expected. x

maggiegary Tue 05-Oct-21 18:42:54

I'm on my second cycle of tv for the first time, I'm 32. Last month we dtd around the flo apps predicted o date and I got pregnant, but unfortunately it was a chemical pregnancy!

This cycle we dtd the same as last month (according to flo). I'm currently 9dpo. I don't know if I feel the symptoms as much as last month but I feel some. I've been testing like a mad woman already 🙈 all bfn. But I only have internet cheapies and I did one clear blue yesterday that I could have sworn had something on it ...

Good luck everyone!

Lushmama Tue 05-Oct-21 18:52:48

Hi ladies I'm currently 6dpo I had a chemical last month and experiencing the exact same symptoms as last month just a little earlier baby dust to you all ❤️

hereforthefood Wed 06-Oct-21 07:42:06

@PinkFizz1 that sounds pretty reasonable! Provided your cycles were normal pre-pill (although I know you have no idea) then you should start ovulating pretty quickly! I'm honestly so impressed that you've been on the mini-pill for 12 years with no problems though, that's the one that I always hear people are getting accidentally pregnant on!!grin

@FlyOnTheWall89 I don't think that was meant for me!

@maggiegary that would be amazing if you've already got a BFP!! Do you have a photo of the test you can upload?

@Lushmama sorry to here about your chemicalsad hopefully we all get BFP's this month!!

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hereforthefood Wed 06-Oct-21 07:44:06

So for me, I'm now on CD31 and feeling a bit disheartened if I'm honest. I've been obsessively checking my cervix (as you do) and last night it had dropped down much lower and become more firm than earlier in the day, this morning is the same story. I'm thinking I'm probably out as AF is due on Friday sad

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Lushmama Wed 06-Oct-21 08:09:46

@hereforthefood thanks these things happen hopefully we're all lucky this month 🙏🏼 Your not out untill your out 💕

@maggiegary have you done another test?

Lushmama Wed 06-Oct-21 08:10:54

I'm 8dpo tomorrow trying to hold out to test may test tomorrow night will expect a BFN probably to early my tests show up better in the evening for some reason anyone else have this?

maggiegary Wed 06-Oct-21 08:55:47

@hereforthefood @Lushmama

I have a picture of a clear blue I did yesterday but it was left over night so probably an evap.

I have taken other internet cheapies and they're all negative

hereforthefood Wed 06-Oct-21 09:48:26

@Lushmama I have never had a positive test so can't help you there, I do think 8dpo may be a bit early to be testing but if you can handle a BFN, more power to you and good luck! I'll be testing on Friday if my AF doesn't show tomorrow.

@maggiegary I can definitely see a line but I'm not sure if there's any colour. Don't be too disheartened by the negs on cheapies though, they're less sensitive than clearblues anyway!

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maggiegary Wed 06-Oct-21 11:05:20

@hereforthefood I'm due on Monday so I will get a FRER for then if I don't come on. I have a clear blue in the cupboard too which I'm trying to be patient about 🤪

PinkFizz1 Wed 06-Oct-21 11:40:37

@hereforthefood I know, I can't believe it myself tbh - I don't know whether it's a bad thing or not that I've not caught once though hmm or maybe I'm overthinking....

@FlyOnTheWall89 I think your message was for me smile Unfortunately until I have at least one AF (or even a withdrawal bleed!) I have absolutely NO idea when my fertile window is (or if I'll even have one this early after stopping the pill!) so if we're DTD lots I think it's sensible to test every couple of weeks or so, just to 'make sure' / know what's going on etc (loosley translated to.. "so I can enjoy my weekend wine grin"

@maggiegary I had a horrible evap line on one of those tests a couple of months ago angry it was thick and blue, would have completely believed it if I hadn't done another with FMU the next day. So me and those tests are not friends!! I hope you get your BFP soon.

@Lushmama sorry to hear about your chemical. I had no idea how common they were until I joined this site. I hope you get your BFP soon!

@SylvanasWindrunner Hi! Sorry to hear about your pregnancy ending. Fingers crossed for your BFP!

I will be doing my first test on Friday with FMU. Not really expecting a BFP until I start my cycles properly but it's exciting nonetheless!

hereforthefood Wed 06-Oct-21 12:33:52

@maggiegary ooh good luck for Monday! I'll be on here to find out your result!!

@PinkFizz1 there's a chance you were just incredibly good at taking it on time! I wouldn't worry about your fertility until you've gone a good few months without a period yetsmile
I'll also be testing Friday with FMU, we can be each other's test buddies!

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PinkFizz1 Wed 06-Oct-21 14:11:59

@hereforthefood Definitely! I'm not expecting a BFP at all but it's really just to -enjoy my weekend gin- keep on track wink

Good luck for Friday, I'll be here for your update!

PinkFizz1 Wed 06-Oct-21 14:12:34

Well that strikethrough didn't work did it.... grin

maggiegary Wed 06-Oct-21 17:13:46

Update - I feel sick as a dog 🤢

I might take a cheapie tonight 🤔

hereforthefood Wed 06-Oct-21 18:33:30

@PinkFizz1 ah I see! Definitely do one just in case then!

@maggiegary omg good luck!! I've got my fingers crossed for you!!!!

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hereforthefood Wed 06-Oct-21 18:39:23

Update for me: so I know you're meant to only check your cervix once a day at the same time which is advice I have been actively ignoring... BUT, when I checked my cervix again this morning at my usual time it was back up high and soft again?!?! Now I'm really confused as to what my body is doing, which cervix check do I take as accurate???

I also caved and did a cheap Asda test today because I couldn't concentrate on my coursework and it has to be done by tomorrow morning. Unfortunately it was a BFNsad
On the bright side it was only a 4 hour hold, not FMU, only 4 days after potential implantation, and I'm not even due AF yet!!!

God I need to get a grip

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