11dpo BFN is there still hope?

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siaa Fri 01-Oct-21 19:09:23

Thought I had a squinter on a FRET at 9dpo and felt like I had similar yesterday (10dpo) and today (11dpo) but not had anything concrete yet. Is there still hope for me this month? I'm finding conflicting responses online!

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siaa Fri 01-Oct-21 19:11:09

Sorry I meant FRER not FRET!

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siaa Fri 01-Oct-21 20:52:47

Bump star

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Honey2 Fri 01-Oct-21 22:11:46

How sure are you on Ovulation day? I would say at 11dpo you are not out yet. Personally the latest I’ve had a line appear on FRER was 12 dpo. Good luck xx

siaa Fri 01-Oct-21 22:46:59

@Honey2 pretty sure, from what I've read it just feels like with FRERs if you've not had a positive by 11dpo there's not much hope left! x

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CommaStop Sat 02-Oct-21 01:17:36

Absolutely still hope. On my third pregnancy I had a BFN on FRer - nothing, not even a squinter - at 13dpo and then a BFP at 14dpo

CommaStop Sat 02-Oct-21 01:18:49

Like you can implant up to 12dpo so more than possible to get a neg at 11dpo and go on to get a positive


bco96 Sat 02-Oct-21 10:34:55

I am the exact same! 11DPO today and got nothing yesterday. I was quite sick yesterday and had what I thought was food poisoning last night (woke up at 2am with knots in my belly and so nauseous-- had to make myself throw up). I also slept for 3 hours this afternoon and still so tired. Also normally I get sore boobs just after I OV and this month ive had nothing.. so strange.

siaa Sat 02-Oct-21 15:32:56

@CommaStop thank you you've given me a little bit of hope to keep going!

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siaa Sat 02-Oct-21 15:34:10

@bco96 it's so hard isn't it because you start attributing everything you feel to a possible pregnancy! I have to take progesterone during the TWW as well which can give you all the early symptoms so that doesn't help! Fingers crossed for you x

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SapphosRock Sun 03-Oct-21 12:19:38

I didn't get line until 15 dpo when pregnant with DD and even then it was so faint could barely see it. She's 6 now smile

siaa Sun 03-Oct-21 13:54:10

@SapphosRock aw that's a lovely story smile I had a faint line on an IC late this morning so I'm hoping that's the start of something and not a false alarm...

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SapphosRock Mon 04-Oct-21 21:02:09

Oh wow! Any news today?

siaa Mon 04-Oct-21 22:57:14

@SapphosRock nothing and I'm 14dpo today. Think that's probably it for my chances this cycle sad

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bco96 Tue 05-Oct-21 02:10:14

I’m the same! AF due in 2 days. We aren’t out until she arrives so fingers crossed xx

bco96 Tue 05-Oct-21 03:27:03

I don’t know if I’m imagining this 😂 I swear it’s easier to see in real life. Can’t anyone see a line or do you think I have line eyes?

bco96 Tue 05-Oct-21 04:25:26

This is with the contrast altered. I swear I’m going insane 😂

siaa Tue 05-Oct-21 19:58:53

@bco96 I do see it and I have had a few of these in the last week, but from the other threads I've read on here and other forums (trust me, I've scoured them all in the last 7 days!!), I think this is what people would call an indent or evap line. This is what I've been getting on and off since last Wednesday so I don't think it's necessarily reliable but fingers crossed for you that it's the start of something! x

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Sexnotgender Tue 05-Oct-21 20:03:00


*@Honey2* pretty sure, from what I've read it just feels like with FRERs if you've not had a positive by 11dpo there's not much hope left! x

My BFN at 11dpo on a FRER is currently sleeping upstairs.

I didn’t get a hint of a line until 12dpo.

siaa Tue 05-Oct-21 21:48:03

@Sexnotgender aw that's lovely. I'm 15dpo today and still nothing, unfortunately I have to take progesterone during the TWW which can give you early pregnancy symptoms so it really messes with your head!!

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bco96 Tue 05-Oct-21 22:54:43

@siaa yep I think so too! I’ve read a lot as well.. fingers crossed for us x

siaa Thu 07-Oct-21 20:09:31

@bco96 how you getting on? I've had 2 faint positives this morning but the timing doesn't add up so I have no idea what's going on.

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bco96 Thu 07-Oct-21 22:24:40

Yay!!! Congrats!! My period is two days late now and too scared to test again..
Your timing seems perfect! X

siaa Fri 08-Oct-21 07:27:57

@bco96 just got a negative clearblue digital test first thing this morning so I'm not holding out much hope, seems to be leaping around all over the place!

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bco96 Fri 08-Oct-21 07:34:14

They do say that the digital tests are not as accurate.. any signs of AF yet? I’m in Aus and it’s afternoon here and still no sign. Might get a test and do it in the morning if it hasn’t come..
fingers crossed for you xx

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