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Happy2189 Mon 27-Sep-21 14:30:21

Can someone please help. I took a FR test last night which showed a very very faint positive. I also took a CB digital which said not pregnant. I then took another FR today which showed nothing. Can anyone see a line???

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User112 Mon 27-Sep-21 14:32:45

Sorry Hun! I don’t see a second line on any of them.
Have you tested with first wee in the morning?

DressBitch Mon 27-Sep-21 14:38:48

Maybe a slight line on the second photo.

Happy2189 Mon 27-Sep-21 14:46:42

@DressBitch yeah was the second photo that I had a very very faint line. @User112 yeah I tested this morning with FR which showed nothing.

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1940s Mon 27-Sep-21 14:49:36

How many days post ovulation are you?

Happy2189 Mon 27-Sep-21 14:52:08

I thought I had ovulated about 14th September but due to BBT it said 22nd September. It was my first time ovulating since having baby so unsure how long my cycle would be.

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1940s Mon 27-Sep-21 15:02:04

That would make today 5 days post ovulation which would give you a very very very small chance of getting a positive even if you were pregnant. I'd try again in about 4/5 days as 10DPO tends to be the more realistic side of 'early' to see a faint positive.
Good luck


AryaStarkWolf Mon 27-Sep-21 15:04:39

I can only see one line on those

DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou Mon 27-Sep-21 15:05:39

All very negative.

Happy2189 Mon 27-Sep-21 15:39:08

@1940s I don't know what I ovulated though. I never got a peak ovulation always high fertility and still getting that now. Also got alot of CM. I am sure I can see a line here

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actingsergeant Mon 27-Sep-21 15:44:56


Happy2189 Mon 27-Sep-21 15:46:06

And here

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ProfSprout Mon 27-Sep-21 15:46:17

I’m sorry op but I don’t see a line on any of those (& had plenty of faint positives in my time). It sounds like it might just be too early though. Give it a couple more days and hopefully you’ll know more.

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Mon 27-Sep-21 15:48:28

The one on the left has a very clear positive. The middle one something faint, and the one on the right nothing.

KitBumbleB Mon 27-Sep-21 15:50:54

The one you just posted is positive I would say

Hope you get the result you wanted

shouldistop Mon 27-Sep-21 15:52:04

They look negative to me. Try again in 2 days smile

Athers666 Mon 27-Sep-21 15:57:49

Hey OP. I do think that they all look negative at the moment. But yes deffo try again in a few days! Best of luck, I remember how utterly stressful it is!

AngeloMysterioso Mon 27-Sep-21 16:07:14

When is your period actually due?

PaperhouseLegs Mon 27-Sep-21 16:14:02

They all look negative to me OP, sorry. Give it a few days/week and retest.

Antinerak Mon 27-Sep-21 16:21:13

They all look negative to me. Try again in a few days. 5 days post ovulation is very soon to get a positive.

Happy2189 Mon 27-Sep-21 16:28:43

@Athers666 not even the last 1 of the CB

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TweetyPieBird Mon 27-Sep-21 16:41:26

They all look negative to me. Try again in a week!

Amiwronghere Mon 27-Sep-21 17:08:17

Clear lines!

Happy2189 Mon 27-Sep-21 17:21:27

@Amiwronghere do u mean positive or negative?

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Whentheydontmeanwhattheysay Mon 27-Sep-21 17:23:44


*@Athers666* not even the last 1 of the CB

How long after taking the test was the photo taken?
If it was after the time specified to read the test you can’t count it & need to retest. Good luck.

You really shouldn’t post this in AIBU though, you should stick to conception boards.

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