Shackets from yesteryear, baltic crotches ❄️ and lots of ostriches 🐦 TTC bus 48

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bez91 Mon 20-Sep-21 05:35:35

It’s been thirteen million years & Minster & the good time crew are still here…its September, autumn in full swing and we haven’t done too bad so far this month compared to previous months but I still think we are owed ladies.

Oh and we don’t just talk TTC, we’ll chat about anything. In fact that’s positively encouraged cos TTC can be bloody boring sometimes!

It costs an embarrassing life (or TTC) story for your ticket please then you can hop on board

Agency bus driver at the wheel.…

All aboard bus number 48

Plugging @minster2012 blog __________\\_____\\_______\\___________, we’ve had cancer, travels & ivf so need to get to the fun stuff, more ivf, surrogacy and more! #shamelessplug for the blog that’s where the full stuff happens
& minstermusings on insta - some of our ladies have made special anonymous accounts so we can link up via me 🥰 so if Insta gets mentioned it’s there

*If you want to sign up & get updates please do, please note your username if you comment shows up to others so maybe make it anonymous* I won’t be offended 😂🤣(unless you are mean)

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bez91 Mon 20-Sep-21 05:36:37

Taking up their seats & buckling up...


Just about hanging on with fingertips

IVF/IUI/ICSI /clomid passengers as well as TTC on the side!

Newly promoted to the bump list;
The “ostrich club” (recent BFPs but sticking their heads in the sand about it)

Bumps & babies who want to keep track of us 👀

Story so far...

We’ve been around since March 2020 but @minster2012 took over in …
June 2020 24 BFPs
July 11 BFPs
August 18 BFPs
Sep 4 BFPs
Oct 7 BFPs
Nov 7 BFPs
Dec 14 BFPs
Jan 2021 7 BFPs
February 8 BFPs
March 5 BFPs
April 5 BFPs
May 4 BFPs
June 5 BFPs
July 1 BFP
Aug 2 BFPs
Sept 4 BFPs

Let the shacket weather commence

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Juno231 Mon 20-Sep-21 09:24:18

Thank you for the new bus @bez91 !

Vil10 Mon 20-Sep-21 09:43:54

@bez91 Thankyou for the new bus!!

Juno231 Mon 20-Sep-21 09:57:53

Penultimate week at work - woop! Still bricking it though as I have an incredible amount of work left to do.

Got my flu jab tomorrow - anyone else having it?

CD8 today and honestly I am so ready to TTC again, I can't wait for the new job to start.

feliznavidad2 Mon 20-Sep-21 10:00:22

Thanks for the new bus @bez91 😊

@Juno231 yep, think mine is next week.

feliznavidad2 Mon 20-Sep-21 10:06:49

Where is everyone recommending to buy a shocker please? I'm so out of touch but really need to get A/W ready.


Juno231 Mon 20-Sep-21 10:22:56

@feliznavidad2 loving the autocorrect! grin

feliznavidad2 Mon 20-Sep-21 10:25:18

Hahaha shacket. blush@Juno231

whatwonder Mon 20-Sep-21 11:04:27

thanks for the new bus @bez91

@Juno231yaz, new job new cycle - get it girl! you still waiting to TTC until you've been at the new job for a while or are you going for it now?

@feliznavidad2 h&m do some nice ones!

Juno231 Mon 20-Sep-21 11:09:40

@whatwonder undecided! Def not this cycle as if I'd catch (ha!!) I'd be 4 weeks pregnant pretty much as soon as I'd start... I'll wait until I get there to read the mat leave policy like @larrythelizard did and take it from there.

Vil10 Mon 20-Sep-21 11:41:00

Replying from the last bus...

@whatwonder yess I just had my progesterone bloods this morning, think im 5/6dpo, not 100% though, they said if I ring up Wednesday they should have my results! When will you get yours back? It's definitely the time for colds isn't it! And yesss to vicks on your feet with socks on! It was also my mum who always did it when we were younger and I feel so much better for doing it just for one night!! Hope yours clears up soon x

@Juno231 haha well maybe not 20k everyday but I do try and get as many in as possible, i usually try and get up early for a walk before walk then I have the gym and my jobs active so get my steps up there then when I get home from work we walk the dogs and sometimes I might go with OH on the bedtime dog walk too! So when will you be TTC again??

@bez91 honestly I really didn't need that many but suppose I'll wear them when it gets colder!

@feliznavidad2 woo to that shacket!! I usually get mine from Zara x

larrythelizard Mon 20-Sep-21 12:08:56

Out and about all weekend so just catching up. Thanks for the new thread *@bez91***!

Nice to see those lines @Minster2012 and *@DKDK123*! That's all I'm saying 🤐🤞🏼

Glad you've told a real person @DKDK123 then whichever way this goes you'll be fine.

Ooh thrush @Somatronic let's hope you're the same as *@bez91***!

Whoop @kaylsd that's a great OPK! And CD20...get your body, top marks for springing back into life!

Anxiety is real and horrible *@bez91***, can completely understand why you might have had a panic attack. Two more sleeps, you've got this.

Orgasm ban @Minster2012 now that is shit! I'd take constant nausea over that!

Get you still at the gym @Vil10 - I sacked it off last sat when I felt rough!

You can deffo make a difference to BMI in a month @Bea14, almost easier with a target too? Or maybe just me!

I think your recognition of PND/PNA is a massive step to getting yourself better @Kirky658 - sending love 💕 also agree that looking after a newborn is the most anxiety inducing thing I've ever ever done and I didn't have nearly as a traumatic time as you did.

That is the correct way round for the tests *@feliznavidad2*, pleased for your positive and negative!

Exciting times @becarefuloutthere get your notepad at the ready for any snagging!

I feel you @whatwonder, nothing useful to add though!

Pleased you've given statements *@Vil10*. Also impressed with all the shackets! I follow the stylist from This Morning and she shared a nice longline one from M&S which is the one I have @feliznavidad2 - not been cold enough to wear it yet though!

You can do it @Juno231, final push! I'm so ready to TTC again but think I've decided to wait for enhanced pay to kick on which will either be March or April depending on when AF falls. I don't think we could afford to keep DS in nursery if I was on SMP and have to protect his life over a hopeful sibling. Which is a bit annoying as I'm getting older and older!

I've got a nice silky shirt on and have quite obv spilt down it 🤦🏻‍♀️

DKDK123 Mon 20-Sep-21 12:31:44

Thank you bus driver @bez91 hopefully be able to stick my head above the sand by the next bus. Now that I've reached the week where it usually goes tits up I've been having major wobbles and bursting into tears at the drop of at hat. Still trying to be quietly optimistic as I do still have a good gut feeling about this one but this is the week where I typically lose them so I have that gut wrenching fear every time I go to the loo I hold my breath incase there's blood. Just need to get thru this week 🤞

Just replying from previous bus @minster2012 I'm another headspace fan, tho wasn't a fan of the price. My go to is Andrew Johnson not just for pregnancy but everything he's got so many apps you can download dealing with specific issues and they all only cost about £2.50. And you can set the setting to wake or asleep so I listen to him at night and fall asleep to it. I've also been listening to random ones on YouTube, never the same one twice so I don't have any specific recommendations but I just search for pregnancy affirmations, 1st trimester meditation and pregnancy after a loss affirmations/meditation. I recently downloaded Evoke fertility meditations app (free) and it covers so much that people on the bus would benefit from, PCOS, IVF, Endo, miscarriage, IUI, pregnancy, only started listening to it but when I saw all the headings I thought it might suit a wide range of people on the bus.

Juno231 Mon 20-Sep-21 13:48:52

@DKDK123 I can't even begin to imagine what a headf**k this week in particular must be. Please focus on all the amazing signs you had that told you this would be THE rainbow baby <3 He/she is here to stay xx

Somatronic Mon 20-Sep-21 13:52:47

@DKDK123 everything crossed for you this week!

I'm 10dpo now but the nurse told me to test on 16dpo if I have no period by then so I'll wait. I read online that FSH shots can give you false positives which is the last thing I want so this is a looooong TWW this cycle. Unless AF shows up early of course.

Weekend with MIL went fine. Thanks for all the good wishes and happy Monday everyone!

blackcurrantqueen Mon 20-Sep-21 14:19:58

Thank you bus driver!!
Marking my spot 🥰 xx

clolo Mon 20-Sep-21 14:32:34

Thanks for the new bus! Had my scan this morning and transfer has been brought forward to Friday! So now we have all of next week off for no reason and we've booked flights to go away instead! Does anyone know if that's a bad idea straight after transfer?? I hope not, I need this 😂

Juno231 Mon 20-Sep-21 14:48:07

@clolo sounds like a great idea! Taking relaxation to the max. Where you off to?

clolo Mon 20-Sep-21 14:50:37

@Juno231 exactly! We're going to Spain, so I'm hoping for some sun (but no wine 😭)

hellointhere Mon 20-Sep-21 14:50:52

Thank you @bez91 for the new bus!

Justanothercyster Mon 20-Sep-21 15:49:24

Hi! Baby dust for this bus ✨

Also, can someone please explain what a shacket is? 😂

Juno231 Mon 20-Sep-21 15:53:45

@Justanothercyster apparently it's this years A/W trend. It's a lumberjack shirt but in thicker material so it's the words shirt and jacket put together = shacket

larrythelizard Mon 20-Sep-21 16:00:56

Although I have a khaki one @Justanothercyster just to confuse matters!

Oh wow @clolo that is exciting! You'd have thought that the more relaxed you can be the better?!

Oh another 16 days is long @Somatronic but the weekend will roll round soon though!

Juno231 Mon 20-Sep-21 16:03:38

@Justanothercyster @larrythelizard yes good point - it seems to have branched out into any jacket that kinda looks like an oversized shirt?

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