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L0tM0w Sun 12-Sep-21 13:14:47

Hi everyone, it’s my first post on mumsnet, I spent a LOT of time reading through these threads when ttc my son and they helped so much.

Now I’m back ttc my second and it is only our second cycle and I am already much more desperate for it to happen than I was the first time around with my son 3 years a go.

I think it’s because it took us 10 cycles to conceive my son and I’m already heartbroken over it potentially taking that long (or longer) this time around.

Anybody else out there ttc their second baby and feeling the same anxiety? I swear I drove myself mad last cycle, it’s no wonder it happened really, I was borderline insane with googling, symptom spotting and even poas as early as 4dpo confused

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L0ts Sun 12-Sep-21 13:19:02

Oops typo.

No wonder it DIDN’T happen*

Elisemum Sun 12-Sep-21 17:40:49

I was terrified as well becouse I always heard stories from people saying it took sooo much longer to conceive second baby. My first baby was conceived on 2nd cycle and I thought I’m going to pay the price while trying for second… well, it happened on the first try!smile so no need to stress, good luck !

mrsS21 Mon 13-Sep-21 04:45:03

Hi @L0tM0w just wanted to say we’re in a similar situation, LO is almost 2 1/2, been actively trying a few months now but not not trying since last September. Had a couple of times where I felt we were definitely expecting, but nope. The absolute panic that it could take forever or might never happen is awful x

Kiaa Mon 13-Sep-21 06:27:04

Hey @L0tM0w
I hear yah
We are currently ttc #2 cycle 6 this month waiting to test ! the symptom spotting is the worst isnt it
My 1st daughter is nearly 3 worried about the age gap getting bigger

mrsS21 Mon 13-Sep-21 06:39:57

Hey @Kiaa ditto!
I got excited yesterday afternoon as had some discharge I’ve never had before… googled like crazy and thought we were maybe having implantation bleeding. This morning feels like af is imminent 😭 just sick of feeling like this could be it, just for my period to show. Scared it’s never going to happen.
Agree there feels like so much panic about the age gap, would love my little ones to be close, feel like a smaller gap enhances that (just my opinion)

Kiaa Mon 13-Sep-21 08:41:19

Aww I know the feeling I'm trying to ignore the symptom this time I have nausea & sore boobs just doesn't help when are you testing?
It will happen just have to stay positive & try not to stress 🌟
Yes I agree , my daughter doesn't have any cousin near her age so is tough
Not to mention the pressure from family always asking when baby 2 🤦‍♀️


mrsS21 Mon 13-Sep-21 10:11:07

It’s just so hard isn’t it - I wonder if there’s ever a point we don’t pressure ourselves for one reason or another?!
Yes we’re the same, we’re the first to have children in our immediate families, so she doesn’t have any cousins yet. We’re really close with a few friends who have little ones though, so it helps that she’s got little friends with them and at nursery.
Will keep everything crossed for you this month, when are you due to test?

Kiaa Mon 13-Sep-21 10:49:23

@mrsS21 so sorry accidentally forgot to tag you last comment
That's for sure last time was so easy hopefully not to much longer for us both
Yes same we were lucky to make a few little friends at nursery and playgroup
Aww thank you sending lots of baby dust for you too
The 16th so nervous to test ..

L0ts Mon 13-Sep-21 13:20:38

@Elisemum Oh this is fab to hear! I’m so pleased to hear it didn’t take long for you at all, I hope it is the same for me smile

@mrsS21 Argh, sorry you’re feeling the same stress, it truly is horrible. With it taking 10 cycles for my son I can’t imagine going through that heartbreak again every month, it was horrible! sad

@Kiaa Oh it’s the worst isn’t it? I think I worse last cycle than I ever was when ttc my son. I was honestly like a mad woman. Was kind of pleased when AF showed so I could just start a fresh cycle and tell myself to chill out this time!!

I have only JUST had AF show two days a go (also like 2 days early what is that all about? Ergh) but this cycle I’ve told myself I am NOT testing until my period is (hopefully) late!!! We will see if I can ignore the tests that are tucked away in the draw!!

Miarara Mon 13-Sep-21 13:22:32

Hi yep I'm feeling impatient too, we're on month 5, DD we were really lucky and concieved 1st try, had a miscarriage prior and that was 1st month as well, this Tim's I'm driving myself crazy, period is currently 2 days late but tested BFN sad

mrsS21 Mon 13-Sep-21 13:37:39

@Kiaa I’ll keep everything crossed for you for the16th, let’s hope this is your month. It is lovely they have little friends, but think it’s so different when they booked as siblings.
Thanks @L0ts hope this time is quicker for you. We took 11 months with our daughter, I’ve had my cycles back since September, so will be just a year - but actively trying for a few months x

L0ts Mon 13-Sep-21 15:34:43

@Miarara Oh no! You’re not out though until AF shows smile It is really hard when you see that negative though! I’ve sworn to myself this time I’m not doing any early testing, I literally drive myself insaneconfused

L0ts Mon 13-Sep-21 15:36:34

@mrsS21 I really hope it happens for us both soon!! You’ll have to update this thread regularly! I love keeping up to date with people’s stories and being happy for them when they get their BFP smile

Kiaa Mon 13-Sep-21 18:01:20

@L0tM0w haha yes I think we all go a bit crazy after time yet my partner is so calm 😂
Aww I've had a short cycle 3 months ago is weird now my cycles tend to extend by 3 days
Best of luck for this new cycle sending lots of baby dust for you 🌟

Kiaa Mon 13-Sep-21 18:09:40

Aww thank you will definitely update you all !
Yes I agree siblings bond is so much more
My daughter is also in the cute stage of loving & looking after her baby born doll 🤩

Kiaa Mon 13-Sep-21 18:16:57

I feel yah we are up to cycle 6 alot tougher this time round sorry to hear about mc x
Hopefully AF been late is a good sign & a BFP for you

has30 Mon 13-Sep-21 18:56:25

Hiii hoping I can join in with you all. On the first month of trying to conceive our 2nd. We were lucky that it only took 2 months for our first.
Im 5DPO today and it's driving me mad, I'm certainly much more desperate for it to happen this time round which I don't really understand why. I'm worried that it was only quick last time as we were both quite easy going and were relaxed!
But symptom spotting is the worst, I've backache at the moment- most likely due to how I slept last night, but also can't stop googling if backache is an early sign grinblush

Miarara Mon 13-Sep-21 20:32:32

Thanks, 🤞 for BFPs for you all x

mrsS21 Mon 13-Sep-21 21:14:32

Thanks @L0ts @Kiaa I will keep you posted smile I’ve tried a few times today to hope it’s maybe still implantation, but really think it’s full af. Never mind. At least today is a new cycle, another chance.

L0ts Mon 13-Sep-21 21:57:40

@has30 Hi smile and welcome!! Oh god symptom spotting is the worst isn’t it? It’s weird because I KNEW in my heart I wasn’t pregnant last month, I just knew it. So I don’t know why I wasted so many tests and drove myself mad symptom spotting when I should have just listened to my intuition. Looking back when we conceived my son I absolutely KNEW I was pregnant from about 6dpo, call me crazy but I just did. Hoping it’s the same this time around!

Fingers crossed for you! 🤞🏻 Backache can definitely be a symptom!

Chanel05 Tue 14-Sep-21 14:48:08

@L0tM0w I'm also ttc number 2! It's my first cycle. I was tracking sort of last cycle but it was all over the place due to the vaccine!

On cd3 currently and likely to ovulate between cd11 and cd15. Also prepping myself for a journey. I took 8 months to conceive and then had a mmc and then my daughter took another 8 months to conceive. So start to birth was 27 months! I also used to have 35 day cycles and they are between 25-29 now which makes a lot of difference.

L0ts Wed 15-Sep-21 13:57:21

Hi @Chanel05 😊 It’s really nice to have somebody at the same cycle as me and who understands how heartbreaking it is when it takes much longer than you ever anticipated. I’m sorry to hear about your mmc but how wonderful that you now have your daughter smile

My cycles seem a little shorter this time around! They were always bang on 28 days and now they can be anything between 26-29! A couple months a go I was a whole 8 days early for AF. I have no idea why or what happened!! I am still breastfeeding my son though! My periods came back 6 months pp but I think it does affect my periods some what!

Kiaa Fri 17-Sep-21 06:19:28

Hey all
I ended up testing got a indent but no pink to it no AF still either the waiting game now ...
How is everyone going ?

has30 Fri 17-Sep-21 08:25:31

@Kiaa good luck!! Where are you in your cycle?

AF showed for me yesterday. Trying to be positive, it was only our first month trying and we are going away the week after next so at least I can have a few drinks and enjoy myself.

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