Trying to conceive over 40 part 2

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October1979 Sun 29-Aug-21 09:56:25

Here is a new thread for us girls

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Gemandi2 Sun 29-Aug-21 10:41:32

@October1979 love how organised your are thankyou -

Catconfusion Sun 29-Aug-21 10:41:32

Thanks @October1979

Geriatric1234 Sun 29-Aug-21 11:15:52

Thank you @October1979 XX

Jem1979 Sun 29-Aug-21 14:37:48

Thank you 😘

ponymum1980 Sun 29-Aug-21 17:40:32

Thanks for sorting a new post.

Catconfusion Mon 30-Aug-21 09:40:13

How are you today @ponymum1980 xx


Honey2 Mon 30-Aug-21 10:45:22

Thanks for keeping us going @October1979 I hope you are ok? Did you confirm ovulation in the end this month? Xx

Mattieandmummy Mon 30-Aug-21 11:15:12

Thanks x

Marvellouslymadmum Mon 30-Aug-21 11:47:47

Thanks @October1979 how is everyone doing? @ponymum1980 hope you're doing ok?

Littlemiss41andfabulous Mon 30-Aug-21 12:43:59

Thanks @October1979 I'd be very sad not to have this supportive group anymore xx

feelingkenty Mon 30-Aug-21 13:21:57

Thank you for the new thread.

October1979 Mon 30-Aug-21 18:50:27

It's a great group to keep going. @Honey2 still no ovulation since MMC. Think my first peak was due to pregnancy hormone as temps didn't match up. Still getting flashy faces on clear blue and still no af. I suppose it's only 3 1/2 weeks since miscarriage so maybe it will just take a while x

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Honey2 Mon 30-Aug-21 20:06:38

@October1979 so frustrating when you just want to move forward. Sending hugs…

@Catconfusion and others taking progesterone… do you get any side effects?? I decided to start taking my pesseries after ovulation rather than BFP (reading there didn’t seem to be any negatives if you were sure you ovulated) but I’m finding it’s causing some no. 2 issues!! (Sort tmi) sometimes I’m constipated and sometimes the opposite?! I also have dull achy pains in left side…

Mattieandmummy Mon 30-Aug-21 20:49:27

Ah yes....that is a bit of a side effect. Drink a bit more water but other than that 🤷

Mattieandmummy Mon 30-Aug-21 20:51:06

The constipation I mean, can't advise on the opposite and the pain. I get headaches as well but luckily they are mild so can put up with them without too much trouble

Catconfusion Tue 31-Aug-21 13:19:18

@Honey2 I definitely have constipation with the progesterone in the 2ww. Since I’ve been pregnant it’s gone to whole new levels of uncomfortable. The doctor has prescribed me a laxative. I’m convinced it’s the high levels of progesterone in my body. It’s not nice at all. I hope it improves for you. Xx

Honey2 Tue 31-Aug-21 14:09:26

Thanks @Mattieandmummy @Catconfusion
Also - if I don’t get a BFP by 13dpo I l’ll stop taking the pesseries. How quickly will my period come? Does the progesterone delay it at all? Thanks

Catconfusion Tue 31-Aug-21 17:04:15

@Honey2 I’m not sure as the 5 times I’ve used progesterone I’ve got a bfp. The three that didn’t work out were obviously mc bleeds so came later than expected. I have heard that it can delay AF. A friend of mine found it didn’t when she had cycles without a bfp. If it does delay AF shouldn’t be by much. Xx

Mattieandmummy Tue 31-Aug-21 19:18:51

I think they say 3-5 days later but that's for IVF so I suspect the dose is much higher than what you are on.

This month after my chemical and I stopped taking it at my second negative test it took 3 days for my period to start from stopping. I was on 800mg a day.

BebeYoda Tue 31-Aug-21 20:06:42

Can I join you? I'm 40, TTC for a year now. Currently 4DPO. Baby dust to you all 🌟

Catconfusion Wed 01-Sep-21 07:02:35

I might add I was only on 200mg of progesterone so a really low dose. Xx

ponymum1980 Thu 02-Sep-21 13:28:15

5 weeks 6 days pregnant now and have morning sickness all the time (not vomiting, just nausea, peeing all the time and having to constantly eat and drink small amounts. It sounds awful, but I'm really enjoying it and think my middle is starting to look thicker and feel like my boobs could be weaponised. My partner has been amazing with constantly feeding me and doing a lion's share of the housework. What's hit hardest is the tiredness but I do a split shift so it's making a big difference spending the morning napping. I'm thinking of getting a pregnancy journal but so many to choose from.

99pctpractice Thu 02-Sep-21 14:15:24

@Honey2 I’m on progesterone (post-egg transfer, eek!) and i have definitely had a bit of the opposite (!). I think it might also have made me quite tired, but that could also just be my body unwinding a bit after all the hormones of ivf. Test date of 11 Sept, so well and truly into the 2ww!!

Catconfusion Thu 02-Sep-21 18:16:24

@ponymum1980 that’s great news, not about the nausea but it sounds like things are progressing. I’m so pleased for you. My only advice would be to speak to the GP about medication. I decided to wait until my first scan and by then I was full on vomiting throughout the day. By that stage the milder medication isn’t very effective. If you go on it early enough, it can keep the sickness at bay. Just a thought. Hopefully you won’t get it severely. Honestly I’ve been the most ill I’ve ever been over the last 5 weeks and have barely left the house or even got dressed. I wish I’d got some medication earlier. Xx

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