Anyone 9dpo

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90mamabear Sat 28-Aug-21 17:46:26

Hoping for a test buddy 🙏🏻daffodil

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Fairy45 Sat 28-Aug-21 18:06:39

I'm 8 dpo. No symptoms or anything. Feeling very pessimistic on attempt number 5.

90mamabear Sat 28-Aug-21 18:23:19

Awh hi!! @Fairy45 smile I have pcos (so annoying ) but I had a pos opk on 18/08 so making me 9dpo I assume or thereabouts 8 at the least !! I stupidly took a frer today as it was driving me mad and of course white as white bfn! I feel so deflated even tho I know it's still early . It's torture isn't it . I don't have symptoms really either but im extremely extremely crampy and sore and it's too early for my period which is due either 02/09 or 03/09 ! When are you testing ? So glad for a buddy ! X

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Fairy45 Sat 28-Aug-21 19:36:58

I will probably test at 11 dpo and then if bfn just wait for period. I've done the whole testing twice a day from day 10 and it drives me mad. How long you been trying? This is for baby 4 for me and all 3 of my others we got it straight away, dtd around ovulation. But this time feel like something must be wrong as we've met ovulation each time. I know it's chance though so trying to stay positive.

90mamabear Sat 28-Aug-21 19:56:02

First month of trying but ntnp for months . And nothing it's number 2 for us and our first was the first time . Pcos is mild but making it a bit more complicated this time but I ovulate and know that we have dtd each time all month so it makes no sense to me. Let me know how you get on . I will test tomorrow morning and 12dpo then the day I'm due on. I'm so stressed out everyone around me is pregnant I can't understand how it hasn't just happened yet which is why we have decided to properly try. I hope this is your month 🙏🏻 I'm sure it's so frustrating when the others happens so easy sending hugs x

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90mamabear Sun 29-Aug-21 07:05:58

Stark white BFN 10dpo 🥲 I'm gutted . Not even a hint of a line . And I've started to get period pain so no doubt a few days it will be here sad . Let me know how u get on!! smile I'll test again on day 14 if it isn't here by then but I know in my heart I'm out x

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ShellUK09 Sun 29-Aug-21 08:27:53

Hello, I am 9DO today, well I think I am. Second month of trying and used ovulation kit this time so feel sure we DTD at the right time. According to the app my period is due on 31st but this could be wrong as feel like my body is still adjusting after stopping the mini pill a few month ago. This is all new to me. I’ve decided not to do a test until 31st, just to try to prevent overthinking, but also not had a huge amount of symptoms only a bit of back cramps so not really expecting it to be positive. @x1092 sorry to hear that, maybe it is still too early for you to test and maybe try again in a few days x


90mamabear Sun 29-Aug-21 09:14:10

Hi @ShellUK09 another cycle buddy ! It definitely helps smile that's probably a good idea !! Your test plan ! If toy record your next few cycles (if you aren't preg this month) you can work out your lute al phase which is the time from u ovulate to you bleed. Then you will know exactly when you can expect your period after you do if using opk. Look out for your cervix so mucus changes too. It can take some peoples bodies time to adjust after the mini pill so hang in there bud some people straight away!! Keep in touch !! X

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ShellUK09 Mon 30-Aug-21 08:11:56

@x1092 thanks so much for the advice smile there’s so many things to look out for, many things I’ve never even heard of before looking on this site! Yesterday before I went to bed there was some slight pink staining on the toilet paper when wiping, not sure if this is the start of AF or if it is implantation. I haven’t had the usual headache/migraine I usually get just before AF… But if I’m not pregnant it will be very helpful to work out the luteal phase for next time. How are you doing today? x

90mamabear Mon 30-Aug-21 08:59:11

Hey girl !! That sounds promising ! It could be like late implantation or sometimes spotting can happen in early pregnancy ! Are you testing tomorrow ! I got a neg this am wirh a first response early it would have detected by now for sure so I'm definitely out this month ! Excited to hear for you tho!! If with you being unsure of dates get neg and ur period doesn't show abs with you being off the pill I would test again a week later just to be sure smile x

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ShellUK09 Mon 30-Aug-21 11:19:45

@x1092 well curiosity got the better of me and ended up doing an early detection test (Superdrug own brand) and got a BFN. No hint of a line whatsoever. I can get on with my day now anyway but feel quite disappointed after feeling a glimmer of hope earlier. Never mind will wait for my period next and go from there x

90mamabear Mon 30-Aug-21 12:03:25

Awhh I'm sorry to hear @ShellUK09 hugs . On to the next cycle ! Maybe we will sync up again!! Xx

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Fairy45 Mon 30-Aug-21 17:42:08

I also tested today and got bfn. I just get this sense that it's not going to happen for me this time. Will test again on Wed.

MissLB Mon 30-Aug-21 20:55:52

I'm 9DPO today (I think). I usually track using OPK but the digital stick broke while I was away. So not 100% . Did a manual one and it looked pretty high the day we came back but then the same the next day. So may be 7/8DPO as well.
Took a test yesterday and it was negative and have literally no symptoms so not holding out too much hope!
Going to hold off until My period coming instead of taking a test (or I'll try to) haha
This is cycle 4 for us

90mamabear Wed 01-Sep-21 16:17:56

Hi @MissLB sorry I'm only seeing this !! How are you getting on @ShellUK09 @Fairy45 any updates ? My period due Friday but Havnt tested since xx

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Fairy45 Wed 01-Sep-21 16:38:13

I did and frer today and got bfn. I'm due Saturday so will wait for that now. Think we are going to have a break for a couple of months and then start again around Christmas. (not sure how we'll that will work as won't go on Contraception will just kind of avoid the fertile week?!) how are you doing?

ShellUK09 Wed 01-Sep-21 20:13:03

It’s been a weird week. I had some pink then brown light spotting and today I’ve had nothing so no period so far. I’ll do another test at the weekend if nothing changes confused

90mamabear Sat 04-Sep-21 10:38:04

That's me out !! Knew it !! Good luck girls
smilesmile xx

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MissLB Sat 04-Sep-21 10:54:18

@x1092 me too! Mine came yesterday. Expected it though

ShellUK09 Sat 04-Sep-21 10:55:49

@x1092 aww sorry to hear that. Onto the next cycle now. I tested again today and BFN again. No sign of period yet though which is strange. Starting to go slightly mad! Wish period would just hurry up now so I can start again x

ShellUK09 Sat 04-Sep-21 10:56:51

@MissLB awww onwards and upwards, at least you know now, it’s the waiting which is the worst part about this x

MissLB Sat 04-Sep-21 11:05:21

@ShellUK09 yeah. I knew it wouldn't be this month. I just had a gut feeling but it's still disappointing x

90mamabear Sat 04-Sep-21 11:08:24

Maybe we will catch up this cycle girls ? Xx@MissLB fingers still crossed For u

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Fairy45 Sat 04-Sep-21 16:50:34

My AF came on Thursday. 2 days earlier than planned. Another cycle here we come!

ShellUK09 Sun 05-Sep-21 07:17:35

Hi all,

Well this happened this morning, I’m shaking. I had given up this cycle on getting a BFP, however I took a first response test this morning and there is definitely a line there. I did a test yesterday and there was nothing (Superdrug own brand). I would be 16 DPO today. I think. I don’t want to get excited yet as I know AF could potentially still arrive, but what do you think of this test? If I test tomorrow I’m hoping it will get stronger x

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