Long cycle girls ttc #3

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Justanothercyster Mon 16-Aug-21 11:58:23

Hi girls, getting a bit paranoid that the old thread will fill up and we'll lose each other so here's the next for when it's done smile

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Pol96 Mon 16-Aug-21 18:15:53

Just commenting so I can follow your ladies journey!

Suki2020 Mon 16-Aug-21 19:44:11

@Justanothercyster thanks for making a new thread x

Skl2021 Tue 17-Aug-21 20:01:35

@justanothercyster thanks for making the new one! Very nearly the end of the other thread πŸ™ŠπŸ˜¬ x

justlonelystars Tue 17-Aug-21 23:19:56

Also commenting so I can follow your journeys! Got everything crossed for all of you 🀞🏻

xoJellyBean Wed 18-Aug-21 14:26:38

Thanks for setting up @Justanothercyster πŸ₯°

Skl2021 Wed 18-Aug-21 15:05:56

@xoJellyBean how u doing? U sure it's af? X


xoJellyBean Wed 18-Aug-21 15:27:39

@Skl2021 I'm pretty sure it is yes... haven't opened any tests yet 🀣 although got hardly any PMS so part of me is still a little bit hopeful πŸ’œ how are you today x

Skl2021 Wed 18-Aug-21 15:31:57

@xoJellyBean well I have everything crossed for you 🀞 hope it's not af. Are you testing or waiting for af? What dpo are you now? X

xoJellyBean Wed 18-Aug-21 15:48:33

@Skl2021 thanks πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ FF says I'm 11dpo and Femometer says I'm 9dpo! No clue which one is right. I'm CD23, usually only ovulating by this stage lol xx

Skl2021 Wed 18-Aug-21 16:06:08

@xoJellyBean I think u will be 11 as I'm 7 today and u were well before me! How longs your lp? I'm having a wobbly day. I'm hopeful then I'm not and it's all I am thinking about driving me mad xx

xoJellyBean Wed 18-Aug-21 18:02:05

@Skl2021 af is starting for me sad hope you have better luck!! ✨ my luteal phase is normally 14 days! so fed up xx

Skl2021 Wed 18-Aug-21 18:46:25

@xoJellyBean I'm sorry to hear that 😩 I will probably be there with you soon I don't have high hopes either 😘 I usually start to spot at 10 dpo so only 3 more days until I find out xx

xoJellyBean Wed 18-Aug-21 19:11:37

@Skl2021 will you test tomorrow?? This is the shortest cycle I've ever had! No idea why 🀣 xx

Skl2021 Wed 18-Aug-21 19:15:47

@xoJellyBean don't think there's any point I will only be 8 dpo πŸ€” but I may get the itch and have to do it πŸ€£πŸ™ˆ I have never had a positive test this early anyway. Yes it's a short cycle for me too I'm only cd 21 now xx

xoJellyBean Thu 19-Aug-21 08:49:01

@Skl2021 how you feeling today?

@Suki2020 how are you?

Skl2021 Thu 19-Aug-21 09:04:22

@xoJellyBean I'm currently going insane with this wait.. 😬 I tested this morning and obviously bfn don't know why I did it as I'm only 8 dpo. Don't feel like it's my month. Trying not to get too excited to be let down 😩 how are you xx

Suki2020 Thu 19-Aug-21 09:14:52

@xoJellyBean sorry to hear af showed up for you, but great that it was a shorter cycle. How are you feeling?
I’ve really struggled the last few weeks feeling like it’s never going to happen. Should of had a gynaecologist appointment yesterday to talk about ivf and what happens next, but I never got a call so left it 2hrs and then rang to be told it had been cancelled but no one told me 🀬 so I now have to wait for another date. My OH also got pinged last Saturday to self isolate as he’d been in contact with someone at work that has the virus. He seems fine though so that’s good. I have the day off today so I’m going to do some clothes shopping to cheer me back up haha.

katewitch Thu 19-Aug-21 10:30:06

Hi all, happy new thread!

I'm here to join you all in losing your minds all hope... After last cycles miscarriage I've now gotten faint positives at 12dpo and 16dpo that don't seem to be developing plus a nearly negative FRER and negative digital at 14dpo, I have no idea what on earth my body is doing sad will just keep plodding on I guess!

LeeTTCRainbow Thu 19-Aug-21 10:55:17

Hey girls, so I'm not meant to be tracking this cycle, but on Sunday woke up with awful let side back pain i took a test just to check and got a smiley face BD leading up too and on day and after and now since 2dpo i have had sharp pulling pain in my left of lower back/side also getting some twinches in my abdomen same side also last night was fast asleep then woke up shivering like i was frozen and couldn't warm up for a good 15/20 minutes, was so bizarre, i'm roughly 4dpo today, any one else had sharp back pain and lead to BFP before? xx

xoJellyBean Thu 19-Aug-21 13:44:00

@Skl2021 aw noo still early though! What are you testing with xx

@Suki2020 having a weepy day as per usual on CD1 lol I had a 23 day cycle which is insane for me! Omg that is really unreasonable of them! Hope you complained? I'm currently isolating now too. Nightmare tbh 🀣 what CD are you now?

@katewitch lovely to hear from you again. Sorry to hear about that, so you think it's left over HCG or do you think you could be pregnant again?

@LeeTTCRainbow sorry, I'm no help πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Skl2021 Thu 19-Aug-21 14:04:33

@xoJellyBean yes still early. I'm using the femometer ones! So there not that sensitive anyway. How u doing? Has af arrived? X

xoJellyBean Thu 19-Aug-21 14:16:24

@Skl2021 oh yes she's here πŸ₯² about to cry my eyes out but trying to be positive lol x

Skl2021 Thu 19-Aug-21 14:52:54

@xoJellyBean try not to be too hard on yourself ! Here's a virtual hug πŸ€— just think positive new cycle! Keep the hope I know it's hard sometimes. I think this month is affecting me more than others. Hopefully u have a nice short cycle again and it will nearly be ovulation time 🀞🀞 xx

katewitch Thu 19-Aug-21 16:22:46

@xoJellyBean hi! Sorry to hear that, hopefully next cycle will be a nice shorter one for you 🀞🏻 I think its leftover hcg honestly, so goodness knows when I'll actually ovulate again hmm

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