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Misty84 Tue 27-Jul-21 11:41:23

Hope this works girls, haven’t done this before, we’ve run out of space on the other thread.
@thislittlebird @ElsieG3m @Marvellouslymadmum @KatRee @Anxiouswannabe

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KatRee Tue 27-Jul-21 11:47:39

Worked for me thanks! Will catch up later x

Misty84 Tue 27-Jul-21 11:47:50

Here’s a few more tags, not sure who else is still active on the group, feel free to add any I’ve missed!
@MargotChateau @Theosmommy2011 @GuessHowMuch @AnxiousWannabe (spelt incorrectly the first time!) @Geriatric1234

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Misty84 Tue 27-Jul-21 11:48:26

@thislittlebird yes I have antibodies

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Marvellouslymadmum Tue 27-Jul-21 11:55:48

@Misty84 thanks for the new thread!

ElsieG3m Tue 27-Jul-21 12:18:34

@misty84 It worked! Thanks so much for setting up. We do love a chat don't we?!

ElsieG3m Tue 27-Jul-21 12:20:28

@M4v3r1ck @MgW1 @Noodella18 @ImpatientTTCer @notyetamumbuttrying @spttc @Geriatric1234 @KatRee @charja100 @Gummybear17 @Eiremogra @Henslovetoscratch @A1b2c3d4e5f6g7 @Katiekattty @Kitekat81 @TTCat39 @gigchic @ShirleyValentineManc @Missmcmonkeymcbean @Pamparam @02Carol @bass123 @selina37 @LizzieLou86 @stegfletch @baabiee @LabradorMama @Teachermummy83 @Bundaberg84 @calamitykay @CityGirlintheCountry @CocoLady @@Honey2 @Magnum99 @Malbals


AnxiousWannabe Tue 27-Jul-21 15:25:44

@Misty84 thankssssss

Loladoodle Tue 27-Jul-21 15:44:26

Place marking. Still following the thread ladies and wishing everyone so much luck 🍀 and bfps!! Have been keeping busy to avoid any obsessing re ttc but check in to catch up now and again. On cycle 19 now- nothing much happening aside from oh going for SA soon (has got letter asking to phone to book). I’ll get some tests done soon too. Best wishes to those starting ivf soon!! 🙏 stay positive - what will be will be! 💫 wishing miracles for us all 💫

ElsieG3m Tue 27-Jul-21 16:00:17

@Loladoodle keeping everything crossed for you!

Loladoodle Tue 27-Jul-21 17:40:26

And you @ElsieG3m 🙏

KatRee Tue 27-Jul-21 17:44:38

@Loladoodle Good luck for your tests - sounds like you have a very healthy attitude x

Going to contact GP re rubella but really hope I have antibodies- don't want to have to delay as it's all go now. Had nurses consultation this afternoon. I cried when she showed us the needles...

Misty84 Tue 27-Jul-21 17:57:21

Hope everything goes well with your tests @Loladoodle.

@KatRee I also found that nurse consultation very overwhelming, especially all the mixing I have to do. Can’t believe we’re trusted with this stuff!

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Tofu35 Tue 27-Jul-21 18:02:27

Hey hope there's space for another one in here, just turned 36 (so my username is a bit out of date), been TTC #1 for about 2 years smile

KatRee Tue 27-Jul-21 18:31:16

Hi @Tofu35 -always room for another one. I've also been ttc #1 for about 2 years

@Misty84 -it was so overwhelming, I got as far as noting the name and dosage of the first injection and then was like'this is too much!' She told me there are videos all over YouTube showing you how it's done and recommended series by a nurse Jackie in the US and also the videos by care fertility, so I think I'll check them out when I feel ready

Misty84 Tue 27-Jul-21 18:56:36

@KatRee My eyes were like saucers. I’m just glad my partner took it all in because I certainly didn’t!

Welcome @Tofu35. I’m 37, have also been trying for #1 for 2 years. Very low AMH (ovarian reserve) and starting IVF in August. Hope you’re doing ok mentally- it’s very tough!

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Marvellouslymadmum Tue 27-Jul-21 22:24:06

Hi @Tofu35 think we are on another thread together too

Tofu35 Tue 27-Jul-21 23:00:17

Hey @marvellouslymadmum! Fancy seeing you here smile

Good luck for starting your IVF next month @misty84! Agree that its tough, there's definitely days where I have a wobble about the whole thing!

thislittlebird Wed 28-Jul-21 00:24:02

Thanks for the thread! @Misty84

Marvellouslymadmum Wed 28-Jul-21 10:55:37

@Tofu35 👋🏻 when I see people pop up I think I know I always have to check Incase it's just a simulate user name lol

thislittlebird Wed 28-Jul-21 11:17:49

Hey @Tofu35! Welcome aboard! I’m also coming up to two years for #1.

Just had my ivf chat today ladies 😭😐😔. All very scary. Didn’t like my new doctor as much but it is what it is now. He was cracking a lot of jokes which was stressing me out lol. He’s putting me on meriofert 225 and 150 on alternating days.

thislittlebird Wed 28-Jul-21 11:18:34

Oh, and he recommended IMSI, which I assume will be more cost 😑

KatRee Wed 28-Jul-21 12:39:37

@thislittlebird what's IMSI? Sorry, should know all my acronyms by now!

thislittlebird Wed 28-Jul-21 13:28:55

@KatRee It's essentially a big microscope x 6000 they use to pick the best looking sperm. Obviously costs another 400/500 confused. I'm not sure we need it because HFEA are critical of it is shows any benefit, but with sperm issues it may be worth giving it a go.

thislittlebird Wed 28-Jul-21 13:29:07

A link for a better explanation

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