First cycle TTC after miscarriage

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Elsie2021 Fri 18-Jun-21 22:32:48

I found out at my 12 week scan that our baby’s heart had stopped beating at around 11 weeks. I had to go in for medical management the following week and it has been a long 12 weeks following that. I had retained product and bled for 8 weeks resulting in 3 hospital trips.

2 weeks after I stopped bleeding, I finally got a negative test and my period came (10 more days of bleeding!). Now I am tentatively ready to start TTC again.

It has been a long, emotional and exhausting journey. We are absolutely heartbroken, but so keen to start trying again.

I find it therapeutic writing it all down! And discussing with people who know what it’s like. So I thought I would start a thread in case anybody in a similar situation wants to join me.

Baby dust and love to you all 💕

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BigAlice Thu 25-Nov-21 13:51:12

Hi @Elsie2021 I just stumbled soon your post and wondered how you’re getting on? I am just entering the first cycle I can ttc after miscarriage 😊

Elsie2021 Thu 25-Nov-21 20:03:37

Hi @BigAlice. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant!!

Took 3 cycles and actually had a chemical on the 2nd cycle. But all looked good at our 12 week scan and have another scan booked in a few weeks which I am looking forward to!

Still a bit anxious but starting to relax a bit.

Best of luck on your journey x

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BigAlice Thu 25-Nov-21 21:03:41

That’s so lovely, massive congratulations!!! All the best for the rest of your pregnancy 🥰

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