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Very Very sore breasts and AF not due for 8 days

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malinki Thu 04-Nov-04 16:56:50

Help!!, has anyone had the following symptoms, lower back ache, and sore breasts so sore that even getting into the shower is a problem (with the water hitting them) been like this for nearly a week and period not due until next Friday. I don't usually suffer this early, maybe 3-4 days before and not this bad, have noticed that my nipples feel like they are expanding on my breasts and the part where the nipple meets the breast is very swollen on both, like a raised ring going round, never ever had that before. I have PCOS and have my 1st appointment with IVF clinic on 9th Dec, could it be ever so possible that....... , oh well, it might just be my body telling me I'm due AF. Also every god damn time I dry my hair and the towel brushes against my breasts I could scream in agony (well not that bad, but bad enough). Also I have been taking Clomid to help with the ovulation part of PCOS and on my last AF, Gynie told me to take 150mg and not 100mg (as I have been doing for last 5 months), do you think that the increase in doseage may have anything to do with my breasts being so painful. I have a god damn cold as well which I have caught off one of the pupils at the school where I work.

Mum2girls Thu 04-Nov-04 16:58:35

Ooeeer Malinki...perhaps a test is in order???

JuniperDewdrop Thu 04-Nov-04 17:02:24

Agree get a test and soon as we're very nosey on mumsnet

malinki Thu 04-Nov-04 17:04:55

Is it not too early to test though, its my DH birthday a week next Tuesday, you don't want to even think what I'm thinking about presents, this one couldn't be wrapped and wouldn't it be so exciting just wrapping a BFP PG testing kit up and giving it to him, I've always dreamed of a moment when that would happen, but I'm so scared to test now!!!

cat82 Thu 04-Nov-04 17:09:25

You can't wait that long Malinki-we want to know!

You can get those "first response" tests now. They're meant to be very acurate i think.

Best of luck!

smellymelly Thu 04-Nov-04 17:13:38

Very exciting, but I'd definitely wait, you would never get a BFP 8 days early, although you could try Tues morning.

I have had positives 3 days before and this time 5 days but am expecting twins.

I know how hard it is to wait, especially in your situation, but please do as you will only be disappointed at the moment....

hester Thu 04-Nov-04 17:24:19

Malinki, it would be lovely to say something definite but I don't think anyone can - no symptoms are conclusive enough in the absence of a test. The swollen nipple thing is very, very hopeful IMO but I don't know about Clomid...

I think smellymelly is probably right that it's too early to test, which must be AGONY for you! I truly understand how you must feel right now - the excitement and anxiety must be at fever pitch - but I think you just have to go quietly mad on Mumsnet till you get to test. We'll help you through! Why not start a 'keep malinki off the ceiling' thread and we'll post soothing mantras at you for the next few days

malinki Thu 04-Nov-04 17:32:07

Thanks ladies, have also noticed over the last couple of days that my knickers have been quite wet with discharge, but not thrush or ovulation, just more than usual.

hester Thu 04-Nov-04 17:36:46

Another very hopeful sign

SpringChicken Thu 04-Nov-04 17:42:14

Sounds V. positive Malinki! But i would second Smellymelly.
You don't want to test to early, it be negative then you get all diheartened when infact it could just be too early.

I was sooo tempted by this so many time when i was ttc - put it this way, if you wait you wont get an incorrect result and you wont waste an unnneccessary money.

Defo sounds positive to me though - let us know as soon as you have tested

MeerkatsUnite Thu 04-Nov-04 20:44:18

Hi Malinki,

PCOS is a real PITA to deal with isn't it and that's putting it mildly.

As it stands you are on the maximum clomid dosage; what you could well be experiencing now are clomid side effects. Breast discomfort (their description) is one such effect mentioned of clomid use.

Have tests confirmed that you are ovulating on the previous doseage of 100mg?. If you have had no such tests how can they advise you to increase the doseage?. If no tests have been done they are uncertain as to whether the clomid is actually working. It is certainly not a treatment suitable for 100% of all PCOS patients.

Would not suggest you test at all yet as a result is likely to show negative. Infact I would now speak to your clinicians re your symptoms and seek their further advice.


velcrobott Thu 04-Nov-04 20:48:06

Meerkats - how come you know all this ??? this must be more than passing interest ???

codswallop Thu 04-Nov-04 20:53:48

oooh sore knockers sounding goood
do you get them normally pre af?

also the towel thing sounds like thrush though
ar ehtey red?

malinki Fri 05-Nov-04 07:49:48

Defo not thrush, had that before, this is different, its just like water coming out of me, its that thin is the discharge. defo not wee either, had 1 dd thanks to ovarian drilling, this is my 2nd time around, and yes I have been ovulating on the last 100mg of clomid, had ultrasounds etc, also on day 10 of last period I had HSG done, but I did ask on here several months ago if anyone had conceived after HSG and the replys I got said no. Am under careful watch of Gynie, don't worry, but she has told me to wait until next Thursday to test. Don't usually get lumping v sore boobs at all until a couple of days before AF is due, its like I've become allergic to my bras or something like that v strange. Remembering have v sore boobs when I was pg with DD, but my periods were all over then, at least I know that due to my cycle over the last 8 months or so, they have been between 32-35 days, the last 2 being on 35 days, I'm sat her in my chenile dressing gown and every time I move the fabric knocks my boobs and they hurt, also noticed that they stay erect as well (nipples that is), doesn't matter if I'm hot or cold....

Bibi20 Fri 05-Nov-04 09:54:42

my friend had constantly erect nips which is what drove her to test and she got a bfp. She thought it was too early in her cycle, but turns out she had her O date wrong. (temps didn't got up for several days after O for some reason)

Good luck - would be so amazing to fall naturally when you're so close to IVF - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

MeerkatsUnite Fri 05-Nov-04 12:47:26

Hi Velcrobott,

From experience I am sorry to report.

I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 1997.


CookieMonster Sat 06-Nov-04 19:39:46

malinki, just seen this .... how are you doing? This must be such an exciting / worrying / confusing time for you with all the anxiety of IVF treatment on the horizon.
I'm thinking of you ... best wishes CM x

zippy539 Sat 06-Nov-04 19:51:29

Malinki - is the HSG when they squirt blue dye through your tubes? If it is, I got pg with DS the month after having mine done - consultant said that happened reasonably regularly...

malinki Mon 08-Nov-04 08:04:44

zippy, yes I think they did inject a dye into me (forgot what colour though), then saline solution through my left tube to unblock the fluid blockage. I did a test on Sat morning but sad to say a BFN, although, I know it was the incorrect time to test, I just had to do it. DH said he thought my boobs were getting bigger (already at 38E), he said my bras didn't "hold me in enough anymore", I asked him how long he thought about telling me, he said he noticed it last week. I am going to wait until Friday to do another test, I really really want a BFP, I did lose 1 stone in 2 weeks, simply by cutting out booze and walking my daughter the 1.5 miles to school and back, I know loosing weight can help you ovulate, but I don't ovulate or so I have been told by my Gynie, hence the 150mg of clomid, I have terrible back ache though, and every so often like yesterday I had been ironing for about 1.5 hours, when I sat down, I had a very very mild period type like pain, so I went to the loo, but nothing.

In all honesty taking 100mg clomid, brought my periods from 45 days to 35 days, I thought 150 mg would hev shortned my cycle even more, if so maybe I should buy a double PG testing kit and test Wednesday and Friday this week, god all I keeop thinking about is that we are going to Center Parcs on Friday for DH birthday (which is next Tuesday) and I so much want to give him the PG test as a present, with a BFP result. I told DH my thoughts about my boobs and he said the arealo (sp??) was all lumpy and that I had what looked like spots over them, having had a dd through years of treatment before (well she's 4 now), I can't remember any of my symptoms other than, I didn't get morning sickness until 13 weeks pg and it lasted for 3 weeks, but I do remember having really sore boobs then, I remember reading a message on this thread that said it could be the clomid causing my boobs to hurt, having an increased doseage, but I'm not sure since having been taking clomid for what seems like years (only been 6 months), they increased it from 50mg to 100mg and then to 150mg on this last cycle, so I would have thought my body would have gotten used to it, I haven't had painful boobs taking it any other month, and I could understand that it might be PMS, but not 2 weeks before AF is due, I usually only get it about 3 days before.

malinki Wed 10-Nov-04 08:01:25

Well I though AF had arrived yesterday, brown spotting, woke up this morning and instead of flooding, its still brown spotting, what should I do, test or not to test that is the question, my breasts are still very sore and I am starting to feel abit nauseous, but whether my mind is playing tricks on me I just don't know. Any midwifes out there!!!!

popsycal Wed 10-Nov-04 08:48:31

i had this 2/3 of the way through my cycle back in due early march - good luck

dnt test yet - i made that mistake and ended up getting 2 negatives before a poitive

smellymelly Wed 10-Nov-04 08:54:58

yeah - go on test!

MINNIE1 Wed 10-Nov-04 10:29:25

test test go on test

malinki Tue 16-Nov-04 14:01:07

well ladies thanks for all your messages, after the 2 days of spotting had 1 day of almost black blood??? never had that before and another 2 days of spotting, so am I to assume that was AF. Boobs are still a bit tender, so....... HELP

JuniperDewdrop Tue 16-Nov-04 14:24:14

How are you feeling Malinki?

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