Cheapy opk advice please

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DeeDee20 Tue 04-May-21 21:52:18

Please could you advise which cheapy opk sticks I could buy and from where. I already use the clear blue opk however don’t want to test twice a day as so expensive. I would like to use cheap ones in between.
Is there an app also that you can use and they interpret the reading for you?
Thank you,

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firsttimemummy321 Tue 04-May-21 22:18:53

I use the one step ones on Amazon
Premom smile

hopingforababyh Wed 05-May-21 07:52:58

I used the Easy@Home from Amazon with the Premom app also smile

DeeDee20 Wed 05-May-21 09:24:56

@firsttimemummy321 @hopingforababyh thank you so much. 2 more cycles before fertility appointment so giving it all we got.
Just ordered and downloaded app ready smile

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