A dozen eggs collected in a box, waiting to hatch, someone call the sperminator! TTC bus 40

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Minster2012 Mon 03-May-21 15:52:33

Welcome back to the bus where anything goes, hop aboard, tell us about you & we’ll be here for you (there’s a song in there somewhere!).

This bus has a growing bunch of gorgeous black and white springy pups on board, tortoises & 2 feisty little kittens so bring your pets and pictures are obligatory 🤗.

We’ve got TTC happening in many different forms, shagging conventionally, unconventionally, with the help of scientific intervention, IUI/ICSI/Clomid/IVF & even just watching from the top of the bus 👀. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been trying for days, weeks, months or like some of us we’ve been around each other for so long we can’t bear to leave, nothing is TMI and there’s never a silly question...

Hell we KNOW TTC is tough, lots of us have had heart ache & are chasing 🌈so we are there for each other, as well as trying to have laughs along the way 🥰☺️

Oh and we like an embarrassing story to get your ticket for entry please!

And if you see mention of my blog then blame these guys they made me do it...#shamelessplug

minstermusings.co.uk for the blog that’s where the full stuff happens
& minstermusings on insta - some of our ladies have made special anonymous accounts so we can link up via me 🥰
*If you want to sign up & get updates please do, please note your username if you comment shows up to others so maybe make it anonymous* I won’t be offended 😂🤣(unless you are mean)

Story so far...

June 24 BFPs
July 11 BFPs
August 18 BFPs
Sep 4 BFPs
Oct 7 BFPs
Nov 7 BFPs
Dec 14 BFPs
jan 7 BFPs
February 8 BFPs
March 5 BFPs
April 5 BFPs - @Minster2012, @Asthenia @2020mission
@Hopeful110 @katiekatty

So into May we go, and plenty going on...


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Juno231 Mon 03-May-21 16:07:33


Minster2012 Mon 03-May-21 16:32:11

Ha ha ha love that @Juno231 you get the passenger seat 🥳

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Minster2012 Mon 03-May-21 16:32:28

Taking up their seats & buckling up...

@Vil10 - here for ride, not of the TTC kind for now!

IVF/IUI/ICSI /clomid passengers as well as TTC on the side!

Newly promoted to the bump list!

Bumps & babies who want to keep track of us 👀

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Madeoftea Mon 03-May-21 16:36:58

Reserving my seat before I hop on 5 stops too late!

Vil10 Mon 03-May-21 16:59:10

@Minster2012 Thankyou for the new bus!! Marking my spot!!

So I'm getting very pissed off, started spotting about Friday and I've been spotting ever since and not started full flow, I mean I know alcohol can affect it and I've drank Saturday and Sunday but come on!!

Franklydear Mon 03-May-21 17:00:09

Thank you driver 🥰

Hopeful110 Mon 03-May-21 17:14:04

Thanks @Minster2012 for the new bus! Feels really weird seeing my name on the new bumps list! 🤭

Haven't really caught up on the last of the old bus as been hectic at work and juggling fatigue and sickness lol! Supposed to have my second covid jab this Friday but I don't think I'm gonna go? Any opinions if it's safe to have whilst pregnant?
5 weeks today and have booked a private scan for 21st May, midwife rang and is sending my appts for scans and booking in appt in the post; should arrive this week.

Sorry for any bfns sad @paintfairy fingers crossed the second round! Like the others have said atleast they can see what tweaks etc need to be made to the meds now smile

How is everyone else doing??

clolo Mon 03-May-21 17:26:39

@Minster2012 thank you for the new bus, I don't think I contributed to the last one at all, sorry 🙈 just caught up on what's been happening with you, I have my fingers crossed for you that everything will be okay 🤞❤️

I'm officially pencilled in for egg collection at the end of May, finally! My tummy keeps doing flips every time I think about it..

paintfairy Mon 03-May-21 17:33:28

Flops down at the back.....

2020mission Mon 03-May-21 17:33:37

Joining again and hoping to see more than 5 BFPs in May 🤞

@Vil10 I spotted for up to 5 days before AF some months 🙄 not fun!

InkyPaper Mon 03-May-21 17:34:46

Just taking my seat, thanks for setting up the bus @Minster2012!

Katiekattty Mon 03-May-21 17:40:25

Hopping on and bringing lots of snacks

BlondePotter Mon 03-May-21 17:41:04

Taking my seat 💛

Dollybird89 Mon 03-May-21 17:50:31

Marking my spot X thanks bus driver x

notyetamumbuttrying Mon 03-May-21 17:51:30

Hey 👋🏾
May is ivf month yay!!
@clolo and I are on similar trajectories. I'm earmarked in for EC on 28th 😃

bez91 Mon 03-May-21 18:08:03

Hopping on 🚌 I'll sit at the back with my legs sprawled across the back seats pretending I'm super relaxed this month 😆

Franklydear Mon 03-May-21 18:10:21

I am just going to sit on the roof until the 19th and then will found out where in the bus I belong

clolo Mon 03-May-21 18:20:33

@notyetamumbuttrying we are as long as my body gets its butt in to gear and ovulates asap 🙄

kaylsd Mon 03-May-21 19:18:40

I may as well ask if there's a monthly bus pass at this rate? ;)

On PMT wars with everyone and everything waiting for my induced period for my last bit of bloods for the progesterone check day 1-3 after hitting a whopping cycle day 73 so far, here's to my long cycle sisters 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

MIL in law is in the firing line for majority of it these days making comments such as "you don't know what it's like" when my hubs asked his brother to spend time with him (as he's got a newborn), feel like giving her a golden sticker for that remark for stating the obvious.. yes I don't know what it's like because at the moment it's seeming like I could be infertile you slack cow 😩😩😩😩 and breathe...

I'll sit on the back seat in the corner with a warning sign saying moody bitch approach with caution!! 😂😂😂🥺

Tornado2Inc Mon 03-May-21 19:20:43


CD11 here, according to Femometer, I've been actively ovulating since CD6 😂 It's my DH's lucky month (speaking of sperminators) 😂

Kirky658 Mon 03-May-21 19:23:27

Thanks for the spot on the bus! Here's my homemade gender reveal cake 😍

Tornado2Inc Mon 03-May-21 19:24:30

(throws bag of crisps toward @kaylsd )

kaylsd Mon 03-May-21 19:26:31


^(throws bag of crisps toward @kaylsd )^

Appreciated 😂😂😘

MartyMcShy Mon 03-May-21 19:27:37

I'm taking my seat down the back too, thanks @Minster2012! Love the new title too!

Ah @kaylsd, that sucks. Why are people so insensitive and just assume every woman can get pregnant at the drop of a hat? Winds me up so much. I know so many people who have struggled to get pregnant, have miscarried, adopted etc and still people think other people's family planning is any of their bloody business 🤨

How are you feeling @Juno231? Is the shoulder pain gone?

It's great to see more ivf appointments this month. I know what you mean about your tummy doing flips @clolo, it's exciting but the nerves!

Still no sign of af here but checked back and I've had a 29 and 31 day cycle in the past few months. Today is day 27 which has been the norm but hey when has that ever stopped af?!

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