May 2021 TTC Bus :-)

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Lollipop25 Sun 02-May-21 17:09:43

As requested ladies 🤗 Anyone not tagged , apologies but feel free to join!!

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amyannx Sun 02-May-21 17:11:10

Thank you for adding me @Lollipop25 x

DreadedTWW Sun 02-May-21 17:11:40

@Lollipop25 thank you lovely xx

Court2611 Sun 02-May-21 17:36:17

@Lollipop25 Thankyou xx

Sam8582 Sun 02-May-21 17:41:18

@Lollipop25 thank you! Fingers crossed for us all this month smile

dunkedbiscuit Sun 02-May-21 17:52:03

Thanks @Lollipop25 😊 here's hoping May is the month for us all!

Confused678866 Sun 02-May-21 17:52:25

I'll hop on this bus! Currently coming towards the end of my TWW but will probably end up on this bus! 😂 xx

Court2611 Sun 02-May-21 18:21:21

I’m 6dpo today and resisted temptation to order a Frer so I’m feeling proud🤣 x

carlsi6 Sun 02-May-21 19:28:04


I am on Cycle day 11, cycle 4 our first baby. I don't normally ovulate til day 14 but had some symptoms this morning took a OPK straight away and it was pretty strong not sure if it was my peak, just did one again and it's gone weak so will keep tracking just incase it was false. DTD this morning anyway so 🤞🏼🤞🏼 my cycles are normally only 25 days long so I suppose you could technically say I'm in my 2WW if I have!! Xx

Hope everyone is ok & sending lots of baby dust.

ohsohopeful Sun 02-May-21 20:05:26

Hi, hoping you don't mind me jumping on the bus too! Hope you're all doing ok. Just coming to the end of April TWW but can already tell this isn't our month. First cycle though so trying not to feel too disappointed and looking forward to May. Fingers crossed for us all for this month smile I'm going to try using OPKs this month, does anyone have any top tips for time of day to test? Heard that first thing in the morning isn't a good idea?

carlsi6 Sun 02-May-21 21:08:01

Hey! @ohsohopeful

Yeah try using OPKS it helps a lot. I normally find your second pee of the day is a good time or in the afternoon. Try not to drink too much before it otherwise it dilutes it! 🥰

abbs1 Sun 02-May-21 21:28:33

Im 3DPO hoping for a BFP this month. 🤞

ChickPR Sun 02-May-21 21:28:41

Crikey it's May already!

ohhisammi Sun 02-May-21 21:30:15

Hope you don't mind me joining ♥️

CD 1 today Cycle #3 TTC Baby #1

Is anyone doing anything different this month ?

feliznavidad2 Sun 02-May-21 21:30:21

Joining please. It's my first cycle since stopping the pill and just had my first period/withdrawal bleed.

Cycle day 5 here.

I'm also planning on using OPKs for the first time (didn't when TTC no.1).

DreadedTWW Sun 02-May-21 21:57:46

@ohsohopeful my ovulation kit states that the best time to take opk is between the afternoon and early evening xx

BabyFeet92 Sun 02-May-21 22:02:48

Hope you don't mind me joining. This is our first cycle TTC for baby #1, so I'm still very new to this all. Feeling quite anxious but excited. I'm on CD8 now.
Fingers crossed for a lot of positives this month.

Bellesjp Sun 02-May-21 22:09:14

Hope it’s ok to join! This is month 5 of ttc our first 💕 have been using opks and this month started temping. Usually ovulate around day 18 but this month I didn’t get a positive opk until cd19 so even longer to wait this time!

Lealu Sun 02-May-21 22:24:31

Sending baby dust to all ✨

We are cycle 5. TTC baby #2. Managed to be quite chilled for the first few months but now doing BBT Natural Cycles and OPKs 🤣
Generally driving myself crazy- why do we do this to ourselves?!?

DPO 11 today. Been getting lots cramps and twinges/tugging feeling so got my hopes up for implantation pain... BFN this morning. So crushing 😔

Lollipop25 Sun 02-May-21 22:54:00

Welcome to all the new ladies 🤗 and baby dust to all on the TWW🤞I'm on CD10, had mc in feb so last two cycles have been 35/34 which is quite a bit longer than my usual 28. Started using CB opks last cycle but no static so who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️. Hoping to see a few BFP's this month on this thread. Best of luck everyone🙌

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wishfulthinking93 Sun 02-May-21 23:05:23

Hi everyone,

I’ve been off the pill since August but only really classing this as month 2 TTC. Been having 33/34 day cycles.Currently on CD 6 -and patiently waiting for ovulation - usually ovulate day 20 I think. Trying the SME method this month but pushing back starting to around day 10/11 rather than day 8 due to my longer cycles.

Good luck to everyone, really hoping this is our month 🤞

mummyh2016 Sun 02-May-21 23:18:16

Hi can I join you all please!
Cycle #5, CDO7. Trying for for our second. It only took 3 cycles when we conceived DD so I stupidly thought it would be the same this time!

katewitch Mon 03-May-21 00:14:39

Hi, I'd love to join please smile

Cycle 1 TTC #2 (NTNP since January) with long cycles, taking soy isoflavones to help bring ovulation forward!

Hopefully May will be a good month for us all grin

Missmcmonkeymcbean Mon 03-May-21 07:58:43

Hi, hope it's OK to join? CD3 on cycle 2 of TTC #1 at 39. Had all the twinges last month so was wondering if it was going to be a miracle cycle 1 but alas no, AF turned up like clockwork. Now just waiting till I can start the opk's again!

DreadedTWW Mon 03-May-21 08:47:22

Hi all,

I am currently on cycle #3 after being told to have a month off in march due to early miscarriage. I am hoping for baby no 3, and am currently on CD 13. According to my app today is ovulation day 😀 so will soon be riding that awful TWW. Sending you all baby dust xxx

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