Trying for baby number 3

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HeatherSmithxoxo Tue 27-Apr-21 10:52:06

Hi mummies

I'm in month two now of ttc my baby number 3, I know it's not been long but I'm nearly 30 and I'm worried that i won't be able to get pregnant again ☹️ did anyone else feel like this? I went through the whole tww last month and this month I'm trying to be a bit more casual about it as I STRESSED last month ridiculously. I hated trying to track ovulation and dpo it was alstreful absolutely expensive with pregnancy tests I got a bit obbsesed! Any support would be lovely

I'm a housewife who currently has my two children already 7 year old girl and 9 year old boy, I am so desperate now for a baby though it's giving me anxiety the thought of not being able to have another xxx

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Springflower3 Tue 27-Apr-21 11:08:47

Hey @HeatherSmithxoxo I’m kinda in the same boat! Ttc 3 with a new DP so not only am I older but a new partner so it’s like completely unknown! Just finished my break thru bleed stopping the pill but prior to that I was using OPKs but no ovulation so I’m kinda stressing!
You are still young so I would stress to much! How long did it take to conceive your DCs? Xx

HeatherSmithxoxo Tue 27-Apr-21 11:13:45


Hey @HeatherSmithxoxo I’m kinda in the same boat! Ttc 3 with a new DP so not only am I older but a new partner so it’s like completely unknown! Just finished my break thru bleed stopping the pill but prior to that I was using OPKs but no ovulation so I’m kinda stressing!
You are still young so I would stress to much! How long did it take to conceive your DCs? Xx

Hey smile

It's comforting to know other mums are in the same position! I have too only just come of the pill (lavest) I think it was called and have been on that a long time. Each time in the past when I've come off the pill I've been lucky enough to conceive straight away pretty much. So I'm hopefully worrying over nothing and get a bfp soon.

How did you test ovulation did you use cheap strips or expensive? I only ask because I spent £30 on a clear blue ovulation kit , got super excited when I finally got a still smiley, but then af showed up a few days later ☹️ so I don't know how good they actually are. Maybe the cheap ones are worth it as there a LOT cheaper haha xxx

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Springflower3 Tue 27-Apr-21 11:23:55

My first was totally unplanned! Second I was pregnant on 4th cycle! So this time I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!
I initially used the CB digital and was getting a load of flashing smiley faces! Then after about 7 days I lost the plot and bought easy@home strips but tbh I was obsessed over it so in the AM I used the CB then evening I used the cheapies but even with a flashing smiley my AF showed up 🤷‍♀️ So I’ve bought an OvuSense monitor 🤣🤣 it tracks your temp throughout the night and there is an app you download the information to so i think it could potentially be an easier way to track temp?? But I will use opks as well as it only lets you know after your have ovulated if that makes sense??
Did you just finish your break through bleed or is your cycle back to normal? Xx

Maggiesfarm Tue 27-Apr-21 11:26:45

Calm down, you are young. It can take a while to become pregnant at any age and stressing about it (especially as you already have two children), often has a negative effect.

Try to think of something else and enjoy yourself a bit. Now lockdown restrictions are easing there is more to do and places to go.

Is your husband equally anxious?

Good luck.

Finalbaby3 Tue 27-Apr-21 11:30:20

Hi 🙋🏽‍♀️ also trying for number 3 and just turned 30! Feeling the same way as you as my girls are now 6 and 9 so it's been a while. I stopped my pill in November so now on to cycle number 5 and feeling like it's never going to happen. It took 7 months for my eldest and youngest was unplanned. I hate tracking and gave up on opks as I never seemed to get a second line so just using the Flo app. I'm trying to take a more relaxed approach although it's never very relaxed in my tww lol always looking for symptoms! Good luck! Xx

Springflower3 Tue 27-Apr-21 12:17:26

@Finalbaby3 hiya 😬
Which pill were you on? Honestly I think we are all in a pretty good position for having another as the evidence suggests! The pill will mess us about a bit but I think it will happen! Maybe I am too positive.... come back to me in a month when I am convinced I haven’t ovulated 🤣🤣 xx

Finalbaby3 Wed 28-Apr-21 21:41:50

@Springflower3 I was on cirelle (I think, pink packet) I was on the injection a year before that but put soooo much weight on so went back to the pill. Fingers crossed for us, a lot of first time mams are in their 30s these days so I don't suppose we have much to worry about. I get cramps around ovulation but I'm always convinced I don't ovulate 😂 I got a faint line in Feb but then came on a day late so I think it might have been a chemical but can't be sure. It's all just a stressful waiting game isn't it xx

Springflower3 Thu 29-Apr-21 08:23:11

@Finalbaby3 absolutely! Sometimes I just wish I was ignorant to the issues and just could enjoy it! Hopefully, after my break thru bleed I go back to normal so potentially ovulating next weekend! I’ve started to use my OvuSense... but after one night it give me thrush!!! 🤣🤣

When are you due to ovulate? Xx

Finalbaby3 Thu 29-Apr-21 13:56:40

@Springflower3 Oh dear! That's the last thing you need 😂 according to my app tomorrow! But both me and my partner work shifts, I'm on days off but he's on nightshift so it's difficult to find the right time where we don't have our children running around haha I've told him for the next few days we need to get busy before he goes 🤣 xx

Springflower3 Thu 29-Apr-21 14:20:58

@Finalbaby3 absolutely! Could be worse, if it was next week I would be panicking 🤣🤣
Lol you may put something good on the tv and nip to the toilet 🙈🙈
Thankfully we both work days so we have sufficient time at night but sometimes we are both to tired!! I don’t want this to take the fun out of trying but thankfully it is still early days so we are oh what if this one is it 🤣🤣 how romantic xx

Skl2021 Thu 29-Apr-21 23:17:28

@HeatherSmithxoxo hii can I join? Currently trying for #3 cycle 4! I have a 7 and 5 year old and also a sahm! I just turned 30 this year also wondered about the age thing! I'm just using cheap opks and an app ATM. Xx

ILookAtTheFloor Fri 30-Apr-21 09:54:06

I'm here too. Started trying in September. I'm 34 with a 5 and 10 year old (first unplanned, second took 2 months) I had a chemical in February, nothing since. I fear it's now too late for me and DH as he's 43.i also fear I have endo.

I've ditched all OPKs and I'm not testing this month, I'm just going to go with the flow now and if it doesn't happen it's not meant to be, I know I've been blessed with 2 already. I know when I ovulate as my signs are clear so I try to do every other day (DH has delayed ejaculation for anything more than this). My cycles are regular but on the short side, normally ov CD 11 or 12. I try and avoid this board and any TTC talk as its hugely triggering but I ventured here today at 10dpo, there's a freedom just knowing I'm not going to test at all this month and my period will come like normal!

Springflower3 Fri 30-Apr-21 10:30:01

Hi @ILookAtTheFloor and @Skl2021

There is so many worries and concerns when trying for a baby! I’m going for a promotion in work even though I could get really lucky and fall pregnant! I just think I’m not going to stop life whilst trying! Hopefully we are all overthinking it and it will be grand in the end!!

I’m seriously considering not doing anything this month as I will only stress and just go with the flow... I am not to ovulate until potentially next weekend as I am usually a 32 day cycle but since coming off the pill it is all unknown still 🙈🙈

Skl2021 Fri 30-Apr-21 10:34:17

@Springflower3 hii! I have been really obsessed with ttc past few months which was really hard so this month I'm also taking a laid back approach I'm only using opks now and then to give me an idea when ovulation is. My cycles are a bit all over but last month it was cd 18 and I'm cd 15 now so hoping it's in the next few days. I can also be crazy testing early so trying to refrain from testing this month also 🤦🤞🙈 but we will see if I can 🤣 x

Springflower3 Sun 02-May-21 08:53:31

Hey @Skl2021 how’s the opk going?
I started doing them this morning 🤦‍♀️ The apps are telling me I’m due to ovulate in 5 days but because this will be my first real month after break thru bleed etc I thought I would start a bit earlier! Tbh I was expecting it to be stark white but there was good wee line...... stronger than last months even so fingers crossed it will get stronger over the next few days! Can’t believe I bought ovesense and can’t use the bloody thing!! Fml it was 80 quid 🤦‍♀️ Xx

Moominmiss Sun 02-May-21 09:12:42

@HeatherSmithxoxo 30 is still super young so don’t worry about the age etc.

I had my 3rd dc at 32 and am currently 20 weeks pregnant with baby number 4 at 38!

Skl2021 Sun 02-May-21 09:19:01

@Springflower3 well I'm on cd 17 my app said ovulation on cd 14 but that didn't happen I'm getting a line but not strong enough for ovulation yet I'm hoping it's in the next few days. Trying not to stress and just relax about it all. What is ovesence? And why can't u use it? Xx

Springflower3 Sun 02-May-21 09:28:03

@Skl2021 how strong is the line? I find using the Premom app is good as you can upload the pic of your opk and see the progression.... another thing to stress over 🤣🤣
Are dtd every day or every other?
It is an internal thermometer that you insert at night and it tracks your temp over night! I’ve read loads of good reviews about it! In the morning you tap it with your phone using the app and it downloads your temp etc 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ But the first night I used it I got real bad thrush and I’m scared to use it again! I might give it one more go.... I was able to get my baseline temp so I’m hoping if I use it now it will gauge a rise 🤣🤣 xx

Skl2021 Sun 02-May-21 20:26:21

@Springflower3 the definitely a line just not as dark as the test. My past ovulation have got alot darker lines so guess I will just have to keep waiting. I'm just dtd when I feel like it trying to relax IV done months were I'm doing the DTD nearly every day or every other and it's so stressful. Oh wow IV never heard of it before. I would give it one more shot for that price 😂🙈 hope it works for you!! Xx

Springflower3 Mon 03-May-21 09:40:20

@Skl2021 have you a pic of yours? Opk are doing my nut in! The line is defo getting stronger but it’s only that strong in the am and then as the day goes on it get lighter 🤷‍♀️ I have attached a pic.....

Last month I used the clear blue digital one but had flashing smileys right up to the very day my period started 😑😑 but I’m thinking it was my body settling after stopping the pill.. I used the clear blue with my son and it worked a treat! But this time not so much!! Xx

Skl2021 Mon 03-May-21 10:51:44

@Springflower3 yes yours is weird isn't it I thought it would stay the same 🤔 that's confusing! Yes maybe u need to give it time for your body to settle fully before u use the clearblue ones. They are amazing I used it with my first also. Took the guessing out of it! Sometimes it's hard to interpret lines. Yes IL attach a pick. Top was 2 days ago. Bottom was yesterday. Will do another later on today. Hoping today or tomorrow is the day 🤞🤣 my app is saying IV had about 6 days or high readings now but no peak x

Bluelightbaby Mon 03-May-21 11:09:59

Hey lovelies...I’m very similar. Trying for baby no.3 but with a new partner. My other two children are teenagers !!! So I feel like I’m completely starting from scratch ! Plus I’m 41 !! We’re also in our second month of trying 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Springflower3 Mon 03-May-21 11:13:18

@Skl2021 I’m kinda thinking is it because I don’t dehydrate myself throughout the day? They say you shouldn’t drink for 4 hours before taking them... but I can’t cope with that! I tend to drink a lot or else I get a headache 🙈🙈so I use my second pee of the day to test but who knows

Yours looks similar to mine this morning I think? So maybe we will o around the same time 🤣🤣
I’ve told DP that’s from here on it every other night.... just to make sure cause if I don’t catch the surge through over drinking then 🤷‍♀️
Which app is it your using?
Men are so lucky they haven’t to deal with all this guessing and working out! Xx

Skl2021 Mon 03-May-21 11:22:11

@Springflower3 I don't limit drinking when I do mine either. But your not meant to do them before dinner time are you? I usually aim for tea time. And stick to same times so it's more consistent? Haha I don't know what mine is doing I only usually get a couple of days of high readings then I ovulate so I'm hoping today's the day. 6 days of high readings isn't my normal. Well at this point I'm hoping I just ovulate 🤦🤣 I'm also not sticking to a DTD schedule this month and see if that works IV tried schedules every month up to now and it's stressful 🙈😂 erm I'm using the femometer app. But sometimes the lines look darker irl than the app is saying so I dno 🤞 I'm cd 18 today xx

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