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Stats for posters on ttc threads!!

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Geordie Mon 01-Nov-04 17:45:13

Hi everyone,

I am collating a list of posters and their annonmous details!! to post at the start of ttc threads!! I also think a list of the abbreviations would help if you'd like to be on the regular here.

I'll start it off.......

Screen name - Geordie
Age- 27
dh age- 30
Children- ds- 11/2/04
ttc- #2
cd- 26 (1/11/04-todays date)

dh/dp-dear husband/partner
cd- cycle day (counted from the first full day of af)
af- aunt flow - period
ob- old bitch- period
dpo- days past ovulation

please add your stats and any suggested abbreviations!!



ps- these stats will be put into a chart which you will be able to view through a link!

Geordie Mon 01-Nov-04 17:54:39

forgot to add that there will be a list of bfps aswell!!! just to spur us all on!!

Miaou Mon 01-Nov-04 18:17:26

Hi Geordie

I'm a regular poster ttc atm but I find it impossible to keep up with the ttc thread, so this is a great idea!

my stats:

username: Miaou
Age- 33
dh age- 42
Children- dd aged 7, dd aged 6
ttc- #3
cycle-2 (I think? is this the no. of months I have been trying?)
cd- 3ish (1/11/04-todays date)
dpo- no idea!

Not very good at stats, I'm afraid!

nasa Mon 01-Nov-04 18:20:40

have been avoiding the ttc threads as trying not to obsess about it but here goes
Screen name - nasa (was krocket)
Age - 32
Children - 04/10/04
ttc - #2
Cycle - 5
DPO - 8

alterego Mon 01-Nov-04 18:23:31

My stats:

Screen name - alterego
Age- 39
dh age- 44
Children- 2 dss - 8 & 3
ttc- #5 (2 mcs at 10 weeks in last year)
cycle-lost count
cd- approx 21 although on 1st cycle since latest mc)
dpo-approx 7.

Hulababy Mon 01-Nov-04 18:24:05

Screen name - Hulababy
Age- 31
Dh's age- 31
Children- dd- 05/04/02
ttc- #2
cd- 27 (1/11/04-todays date)
dpo-12 (was on CD15 according to FF)
method - temping, and monitoring CM/cervix using FF

This month's chart to date

alterego Mon 01-Nov-04 18:25:13

nasa - you're moving on very quickly if you have an Oct 04 baby! - or am I misunderstanding something??

RudyDudy Mon 01-Nov-04 18:57:38

Screen name - RudyDudy
Age- 32
dh age- 34
Children- ds- 17/10/03
ttc- #2
cd- 24 (1/11/04-todays date)
dpo-poss 3?

as for abbreviations, I'm not clear what some of the more technical things like CM and EWCM (?) are.

thanks Geordie - think it's a great idea

Geordie Mon 01-Nov-04 19:05:18

cm- cervical mucus
ewcm- egg white cervical mucus (the extra fertile sperm food stuff!!!)

velcrobott Mon 01-Nov-04 19:17:10

Screen name - Velcrobott
Age- 36
dh age- 36
Children- ds- Dec 99 and dd Aug 01
ttc- #3
No clue what's going on with body... No AF in 63 days !

velcrobott Mon 01-Nov-04 19:19:22

BFP - big fat positive
BFN - big fat negative (relating to pregnancy test)
OPK - Ovulation Prediction Kit

mariella Mon 01-Nov-04 19:28:48

Screen name - Mariella
Age- 35
dh age- 35
Children- ds1 Feb 97; dd Sept 00; ds2 Aug 03
ttc- #4
cycle- 1
cd- 17 (1/11/04-todays date)
dpo-? hope I ov today?

moschops Mon 01-Nov-04 19:40:21

Screen Name - Moschops
Age - 29
dp age - 27
ttc - #1
cycle - been trying since july but system all over the place, only had three AF since March (body getting over 11 years on the pill)
cd - 10(1/11/04 todays date)

Sallie Tue 02-Nov-04 09:28:33

My stats:
Screen name -Sallie
Age 32
dh age 33
children - ds 26months, dd 9 months
ttc no 3
cycle - 3
cd 20 (02/11/04)
dpo - day 2 of 'o' on persona
method - persona and lots of bd-ing!

Twiga Tue 02-Nov-04 11:06:05

My Stats:

Screen name - Twiga
Age - 26
Dh age - 25 (been married just over 3 years)
Tcc - #1 (suffered a mc at just over 6 weeks on 12th July this year)
CD - 7 (as of today 2/11/04)
Cycle - 6th tcc
Normal cycle length - 28-30 days, but things have been up the spout since mc, last two cycles have been 37 days
Method - none at all, stressful enough without trying to chart, temp etc. Work out ovulation dates (using calculator thingy on just go for it.

Bibi20 Tue 02-Nov-04 11:16:32

Screen name - Bibi20
Age- 30
dh age- 35
Children- none yet!
ttc- #1
cd- 20 (2/11/04-todays date)
dpo-4 (I think, not temping this month to reduce obsessiveness!)

Having blood tests to check progesterone and testosterone (have terrible skin since coming off pill - might be pcos).
Dh had swimmers checked last month - all ok (has been on high dose zinc - 25mg per day) for 4 months.
Taking folic acid (of course) plus starflower oil af - o to increase eggwhite! Also cocktail of various other supplements - vit b6, calcium, magnesium & zinc, flaxseed oil, agnus castus but have cut down this month as was getting silly!

ernest Tue 02-Nov-04 12:48:38

Screen name - ernest
Age- 34
dh age- 34
Children- ds '99, ds '01, ds '03
ttc- #4
cd- 8
dpo- 0
method - will use persona from cycle 3

hester Tue 02-Nov-04 16:25:12

Screen name - hester
Age - 40
Dp age - 42
ttc - 1
cycle - 10
cd - 21
dpo - 9

jeddah Wed 03-Nov-04 19:16:07

screen name jeddah
ttc 1st time pregnancy
ttc 11 months (nov 04)
age 41 this month!
dp age 37
cycle 11
cd 13 (4th nov)
no ov yet!
off mini pill since Jan04#
fertility tests are normal

jeddah Wed 03-Nov-04 19:19:35

sorry meant dh..... not dp!!!!!
was f------p last night after upseting argument!

MunnzieB Wed 03-Nov-04 19:19:50

screen name Munnzieb
ttc 1st time pregnancy (with DH) Prev MC at 16.
ttc 6 months
age 22
dh age 22
cycle 06
cd 24
Don't know, not counting this month!
Stopped the Comb pill start June 04
fertility tests are normal for DH, Low hormones for me.

Tania2 Thu 04-Nov-04 03:41:52

G'day girls this is a great idea i did my stats on the other stats thread back in july.

Username - Tania2
age - 27 (august)
DH age - 30 (sept)
DS - 26/11/02 2yrs old in a couple of weeks
Live in Melbourne Australia
ttc #2 since xmas
Currently on CD14 of a 25-26 cycle
got EWCM on CD 8 so i think i have already ov but still bding anyway.
Method - second cycle of seeing a natrapath taking chinese herbs, zinc, evening primrose, and drops of somesort under my tounge. also using a saliva ov test that shows ferns around fertile time.
Suffer from endo.

runtus Thu 04-Nov-04 10:02:51

Ooh me too!

Screenname - Runtus
Age - 29 (May)
DP Age - 35 (Sept)
TTC #1 for 5 months
Live - UK
Just had blood tests - results on Monday

valleygirl Fri 05-Nov-04 09:46:08

Screen Name: Valleygirl
Age: 32
DP - 36 (he has slightly lower than normal sperm count after a vascectomy reversal last October)
TTC #1
Have 2 step sons who are 7 and 4, real cuties most of the time!
Officially been trying for 4 months, but have been tracking BBT since Jan
am having blood tests in 2 weeks time or so because of abnormally low Luteal Phase suggesting low progesterone levels.

crazylegs Sat 06-Nov-04 14:10:24

Crazylegs (36) ttc#1 cd15/28ish of cycle 4

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