"It's been 84 years" infertile donkeys ahoy, all aboard! Not a fertile unicorn insight bus 5

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notyetamumbuttrying Mon 12-Apr-21 12:32:07

Buckling up for the ride of their lives, our infertile donkeys 🐗and their stats below:
@Annny27 29, no1 since June 19
@RobinRose 27, no1 since Oct 2019
@kerrym87 34 no1 since sept19
@Motherofkittens28 39 no 1 since aug19
@Yutes 34 no1 since aug19
@Crazydoglady123 32 no2 jan19, ivf in April21!
@Marvellouslymadmum 42 no3 since April 18
@Tofu35 35 no1 since sep19
@Hayley19835 38 no1 oct18
@Narwhal88 32, no1 since jun19
@Dogmum13 29 no1 since dec19
@Theawkwardblonde no1 for 18 months
@CreativeThinkerTequilaDrinker 15 months ttc ivf in June, ov 8th April
@2020mission 33 no1 14 months ttc
@Sjhigs 37 no1 since sep18 ivf consult mid April
@crazycatlady1981 39 no1 since Oct18, ivf in May
@Juno231 33 no1 since jan20
@clolo 31 no1 since jun19
@Aimzie 28 no1 4 years NTNP 22 months ttc
And me 😊 35 ttc no1 for 19 months

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notyetamumbuttrying Mon 12-Apr-21 12:34:44

Newbies are:
I'm sure I've missed others, sorry! Will add as I remember

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2020mission Mon 12-Apr-21 12:39:00

Thanks for the new bus @notyetamumbuttrying

I'll add here I've been TTC since January 2020 for future buses as it will be easier than incrementing the number of months 😅

notyetamumbuttrying Mon 12-Apr-21 12:40:25

@VenusStarr 37 no1 since nov2017, ivf starts in May!
@MiniBaker 30 no1 since May 2020
Think that's all now 😃
Thanks @2020mission 😉

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VenusStarr Mon 12-Apr-21 12:41:47

Thanks for the new thread @notyetamumbuttrying

VenusStarr: TTC #1 since November 2017, 4 losses, IVF round 1 starting in May 🤞💕

VenusStarr Mon 12-Apr-21 12:42:24

Ha! Cross Post!! 🙂 Thank you @notyetamumbuttrying x

Motherofkittens28 Mon 12-Apr-21 12:46:58

@MIW01 oh really whereabouts? We are north east I think near the borders with Surrey and Berkshire.

polejunkie Mon 12-Apr-21 12:54:42

Thanks @notyetamumbuttrying

Annny27 Mon 12-Apr-21 13:05:17

Thanks @notyetamumbuttrying :D

paintfairy Mon 12-Apr-21 13:17:15

New bus coincides with CD1 for me! Thanks for adding me.

I've rang the hospital to see if we can start IUI this month. They've written my name down. And might ring me. 🤣 So who knows......

Marvellouslymadmum Mon 12-Apr-21 13:18:42

Taking my seat on the new donkey bus, thank you @notyetamumbuttrying

polejunkie Mon 12-Apr-21 13:25:12

@paintfairy that’s not a lot to go by, honestly 😂 can’t make it up can you!

Theawkwardblonde Mon 12-Apr-21 13:49:42

Wooo all us infertile donkeys 😂😂😂 thanks @notyetamumbuttrying for the new bus!

Juno231 Mon 12-Apr-21 13:55:42

Barren donkey at your service!

crazycatlady1981 Mon 12-Apr-21 14:09:37

@notyetamumbuttrying yay! Thanks for the new bus! Definitely feels like I’ve been an infertile donkey for at least 84 years! Probably be another 84 before I get ivf!!

@paintfairy that’s so frustrating! 😤 why can’t we ever get any straight answers!

@Crazydoglady123 good luck with your scan tomorrow!

crazycatlady1981 Mon 12-Apr-21 14:17:54

@notyetamumbuttrying I’m just going to carry on taking all the supplements for now! I’ll maybe ask a few more people like my fertility nurse and email Bath Care and see if they have any opinions on supplements.

Marvellouslymadmum Mon 12-Apr-21 17:41:00

@crazycatlady1981 🤔 i was just about to order more ubiquinol now I'm not sure if I should!

Aimzie Mon 12-Apr-21 17:47:01

Haha ah love the name, hope this new bus brings some good news with it for us all ❤️
My temp has went back up since the spotting 4 days ago & had another bit yesterday so now I'm confused again. Took a test and I think I have severe line eyes 😂 what a messed up cycle
Hope your all doing okay ❤️❤️

RobinRose Mon 12-Apr-21 17:48:25

Taking my seat!

I have only read positive things for taking CoQ10 🤔

crazycatlady1981 Mon 12-Apr-21 18:13:45

@Marvellouslymadmum @RobinRose yes I’ve only heard good things too! The food sources it’s found in are meats, oily fish and whole grains so its completely natural and I may be lacking as a vegetarian so I’m going to ignore the consultant and keep taking it. I didn’t really warm to him and I got the feeling he just wanted to act like he knows better than me. Everyone on an ivf group I’m part of is taking it, so going to go with my gut instincts! 😊

Marvellouslymadmum Mon 12-Apr-21 18:19:03

@crazycatlady1981 I'm a veggie to so I'll
Place my order and carry on I think! I don't think any of these docs like it when we seem to know what we are talking about lol

@Aimzie how frustrating for you! Hope you find out what's going on soon

RobinRose Mon 12-Apr-21 18:25:18

@crazycatlady1981 I think we have all done more than enough research to know what vitamins ect may potentially help us so I say stick with it too! Unless your consultant can prove otherwise 🤣

Hayley19835 Mon 12-Apr-21 18:27:16

Thanks for the new thread @notyetamumbuttrying
Still awaiting a surgery date for my prolapsed discs, TTC has completely stopped here as my pain is just too much at the moment ☹️ I'm still here but just observing for now xx

paintfairy Mon 12-Apr-21 18:55:02

@crazycatlady1981 @polejunkie no not really! Like it's not bad enough not being able to do/plan anything for the 3 months you have it, you don't even know which 3 months they are or if it'll be happening! I would rather they just allocate me 3 months (whatever they may be) and know where I stand! Obviously I don't want a life this year either. 🙄

I'm taking ubiquinol as well. So I hope it is OK!

polejunkie Mon 12-Apr-21 19:00:00

@paintfairy gosh, I really need some info in that case, I have to be honest I really don’t know what to expect as I know literally nothing about ivf 😂 I mean I’ve tried to find out but it’s so confusing until you know what your meds and approach etc will be... luckily I have no plans but with the world opening back up I need to know what to plan for - there’s definitely a lot that people don’t discuss when it comes to ivf / ttc... babies are certainly not delivered by stalks!!! Wish they were available on Amazon prime haha

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