Late period.. positive ovulation test?

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fish231 Mon 08-Mar-21 14:24:06


I'm on day 35 of my cycle.. they had been here there and everywhere for two cycles due to stress before Christmas but I'm back to feeling good and my last two cycles were 28 days so was expecting them to return to 28 days.
We are desperately trying for baby no 2 but I had a negative pregnancy test on day 28 of my cycle and haven't tested since.
As my period was so late I took an ovulation test out of curiosity and it's a really strong positive? Does this mean I've just ovulated REALLY late this month? Or could it mean anything else?

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Misspacorabanne Mon 08-Mar-21 14:25:53

It could mean you are about to get your bfp! Happened to me, keeping fingers crossed! smile

fish231 Tue 09-Mar-21 07:42:58

@Misspacorabanne thank you! I've taken a pregnancy test this morning and it's negative so starting to think I'm having a really long cycle!

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