7 high days opk no peak yet!

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AZ1992X Wed 24-Feb-21 19:28:01


I’ve been ttc for around 7 months. Brought my first opk this month.

I had one day negative and just had my 7th day of high opk. This is now day 17.

Cycle is normally around 30/31 days.

Any advice or has anyone else had multiple high opks?

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Amz6219 Wed 24-Feb-21 20:28:55

I had 11 days of high this January! Peak on CD21 and BFP at 9dpo smile

I usually only get 2-3 flashing days but ovulation date does vary, usually 29 day cycle with ovulation CD16 and 13 day luteal phase.

I’m taking it that the 11 days of high was bulking up my uterus, it’s increase in oestrogen detected and that’s what tells your lining to thicken 😬

Don’t worry, the peak will come eventually! X

AZ1992X Wed 24-Feb-21 21:20:13

Thanks, that’s reassuring- I’ll keep trying ☺️ X.

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Amz6219 Wed 24-Feb-21 22:56:40

Just realised the way I worded it makes it sound like immaculate conception 😂

Actually ended up DTD quite a lot because of all the flashing smileys!! I was absolutely shattered...! but did manage 4 days in a row, 3 days up to and on day of peak x

AZ1992X Thu 25-Feb-21 07:23:37

Yes, I feel exactly the same we’ve been dtd every day for 7/8 days cause I kept thinking maybe it’s today 😂. I think I’ve worn my partner out.

Just had my 8th flashing smiley face however this morning noticed a symptom of ovulation so hoping it’s coming very soon.

Congrats too ☺️ X

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Rose2108 Thu 25-Feb-21 08:02:04

Oh gosh I had a nightmare with the flashing smiley! Wanted to throw it out the window!! I thought I was ovulating around CD 16 but after one month of using these, I realised it was more like CD19 - 21. Do you bbt at all? As I find charting in an app to be a really good way of pinpointing when you're ovulating. I would probably have a day off as you've got a flasher, try again tomorrow, because the peak status means it's gunna happen in the next 24 - 36 hours xx

AZ1992X Thu 25-Feb-21 08:08:58

I feel the same, I hate seeing it flash now 😂
I don’t currently as wanted to see how we got on the first few months but feel like I should try that now, might have a look on Amazon at getting one.

Thanks for the advice ☺️ X

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Amz6219 Thu 25-Feb-21 11:51:03

Yeh by the last day my husband was struggling 😂 we did day of peak and stopped, I thought well there’s plenty of swimmers in there waiting and I CBA with another night!! But it did the trick! X

AZ1992X Sat 27-Feb-21 07:35:30

Yay, finally day 20 - got my peak.

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BellaBoo7 Sat 27-Feb-21 08:06:12

I needed to read this I’m cd18 and had 8 days of flashing smileys and was thinking about giving up with them. Last month I had a 28 day cycle (it was my first month off the pill) so really expected the solid by now sad

Rose2108 Sat 27-Feb-21 08:10:02

Phew that's good @AZ1992X. There are a few forums on here about "short luteal phase", it seems to indicate a slight progesterone imbalance. But lots of people have had BFP's and I had mine yesterday, with a 10 day gap between ovulation and AF due, so it's not really a problem xx

AZ1992X Sat 27-Feb-21 12:13:44

@BellaBoo7 , it took a good 3 months for my periods to get back to some sort of normal after coming off the pill but saying that I was on it for many many years!

Keep trying, I’m sure it will come at some point, I actually felt like it was coming two days ago so that’s why I carried on.

My cycles can be a bit longer some months shortest tends be around 30/31 days which has been for last two months but had one or two around 34.

@Rose2108 that’s good to hear! I’m keeping my fingers crossed x

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BellaBoo7 Sat 27-Feb-21 12:57:35

I was on it for 17 years as well so was actually shocked to get af at cd28 last month. I will keep going for a bit longer with the sticks then and hope I get a peak this month. @AZ1992X thank you for the encouragement x

AZ1992X Sat 06-Mar-21 20:33:57

Hi @BellaBoo7, you had any luck yet? X

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BellaBoo7 Sat 06-Mar-21 23:34:52

@AZ1992X yes thank you for asking. I got a peak on cd23! I’m now just seeing if my temps goes up I’m 2 days past the peak and haven’t had a sharp rise yet, hopefully I just get a steady rise.

Where are you now? Is it 2ww time?

Fizzybelts Sun 07-Mar-21 06:51:06

Hope everyone is doing well. Im trying SMEP plan this month. I started doing my OPK today on CD9, straight away ive got a static smile. This is unusual for me, i normally have a blank one to start with then a few flashy ones before getting a peak around CD15/16. Can this be right? We havent DTD since my AF finished and we were starting today. Any advice would be great. Thankyou

AZ1992X Sun 07-Mar-21 08:21:12

@BellaBoo7 glad yours peaked finally come!
Keep us updated ☺️

I’m now in the 2ww - 8 dpo , not feeling any symptoms yet but think it’s too early - just had touch bloating and odd twinge.

@Fizzybelts not heard of that plan..
It could well be , it’s not necessary the same each month. Might be worth dtd to cover yourself then repeating the test in few days time? Let us know how you get on

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BellaBoo7 Sun 07-Mar-21 12:14:29

@AZ1992X fingers crossed for you, let us know how you get on

Fizzybelts Sun 07-Mar-21 13:41:16

Thanks for the reply. This is cycle #8 for me. I know ovulation dates can vary. Its just quite a bit different to previous cycles. Also have stomach cramps which is unusual for me & slight brown discharge when wiped, thats now gone. I was thinking i would repeat them once the static face has gone and see how it goes through the month. Ill start to dtd too if my cramps disappear.
Hope your going ok.

AZ1992X Sun 07-Mar-21 15:14:39

@Fizzybelts might be a long shot but are you sure you’re not pregnant? , brown discharge can be a symptom and you can get positive opks too! Sorry if not but just though I’d mention.

Will keep you updated how I get on over the next few days.

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Fizzybelts Sun 07-Mar-21 15:25:20

Thanks for the reply. I had my period a few days ago? Ive never taken a test as i always just wait until AF doesnt arrived and it always does. X

AZ1992X Sun 07-Mar-21 15:46:04

Ah ok, it’s probably not that if it felt like your normal AF.

I must be impatient as always give in and test around a day or two before, but just end up disappointed twice , second time when AF does show.

Hope you’re doing ok? This is 7th month for me and I’m finding it harder each month.


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Fizzybelts Sun 07-Mar-21 15:57:50

Maybe its just ovulation cramping? It is more to one side so could well be that. Ive never experienced it before. The body is a weird thing.
I think i just dont want to have more disappointment by testing and it being negative. I am inpatient and could easily test but just trying not to cause any more upset.
Similar months to me then. Im on 8. Completely with you it definitely gets harder. Weve had some tests done with GP, mine seems ok. Thyroid is under treatment level but i think it should be lower for conception. Just waiting for my parrners SA results to come back.
I keep trying to think of things to distract me but its hard with lockdown x

AZ1992X Sun 07-Mar-21 16:07:14

Yes could be, I’ve never had ovulation cramping so not sure how it feels. Let us know how you get in with your opks.

Did your gp allow you to do tests? Not sure I’m eligible until 12 months so haven’t tried getting in contact yet.

Just hoping our day will come one day 🤞keeping positive!

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Fizzybelts Sun 07-Mar-21 16:13:16


I will do thanks. Ill have a bath and hope it settled so we can DTD later.
Yes they did, i basically told them when i came of my pill which was May but we didnt try for couple months after. I also had previous issues with thyriod so wanted to get it checked. I was suprised they allowed the tests.
Yes positive vibes 😊

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