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Delay TTC until you've had the vaccine? Age 35+

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CloseYourMouthLynn Tue 23-Feb-21 20:09:19

Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster.
This is a real first world problem but I've been really worrying about what to do for the best.
Me and my DH have been TTC number 2 for a few months and no joy so far. With the news that they are playing to vaccinate all adults by the end of the year I don't know whether to now halt TTC until after then in case me not having the vaccine when requested impacts seeing family when legally permitted to (they live far away) or for whatever reason I can't then get the vaccine if choose to defer it due to TTC (unlikely I know but I'm paranoid!)
I'm nearly 36 so age is not technically on my side and I would be gutted if I delayed it and then it didn't happen, but on the other hand I know waiting and having the vaccine sooner is probably the 'sensible' thing to do. Is anyone in a similar boat?
Thanks if you got this far through my ramble!

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CloseYourMouthLynn Tue 23-Feb-21 20:12:39

*planning not playing

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supollard Tue 23-Feb-21 20:29:37


My experience is slightly different to yours in that I am a nurse so had to make this decision a couple of months ago. I felt pretty certain that the vaccine will be proven safe to use in pregnancy (based on the type of vaccine it is- eg basically the same as Moderna which has been rolled out in wider groups in the US inc breastfeeding women), and went ahead and had it on the 29th of Dec. I actually got pregnant that month although unfortunately I have just miscarried. In my field (exposed to Covid frequently), it’s a risk balance and I would have gone ahead and had my second dose in pregnancy in line with the recommendation around this. I have also seen for myself the slightly increased risk of severe Covid in the later stage of pregnancy and in the post natal period, which informed part of my thinking.

I think it’s a personal choice for you, I’ve assumed you aren’t in a healthcare role so you are less likely to be exposed to Covid 19. On the other hand it’s very likely to be proved safe during TTC and pregnancy with more data coming out all the time- the only reason we don’t have this data now is due to the stage 3 trail participants not including pregnant women, but actually some did fall pregnant during the trials and no adverse reactions have been reported- and the pathophysiology around vaccines wouldn’t suggest we’ll see any.

Good luck with it! x

CloseYourMouthLynn Tue 23-Feb-21 20:40:51

Hi @supollard, thank you for your reply and firstly I'm very sorry for your loss. My role is not healthcare, so I have not had to face the same challenges as you. I'm in local government and my role will likely become public facing again once restrictions are lifted, which is another part of my dilemma.
I have been scouring through reports about research into the vaccine and pregnancy but I guess it's the question of how long to wait. My husband says it's up to me but thinks we should carry on TTC and it'll all be alright, he's annoyingly optimistic!

Good luck with it all too. X

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supollard Tue 23-Feb-21 20:53:43

@CloseYourMouthLynn Thank you. So rubbish. This is trying to conceive number three, which has taken (much) longer than the first two and I am 37 so didn’t feel happy with the idea of stopping for three months. As luck had it, my first jab was scheduled and took place while I was on my period, so I felt ok knowing I couldn’t actually be pregnant when I got it! Which doesn’t make a lot of sense really but it gave me a level of confidence in my decision at least.

The opportunity to protect myself and my family from Covid is certainly something I couldn’t turn down, but as you say, the circumstances are different and it’s very much your choice.

Also just to say, I had the Pfizer vaccine which is very similar to the Moderna- should have clarified as they are a different type of vaccine to the Oxford AstroZeneca. Worth reading into both types to help inform your choice! xx

CloseYourMouthLynn Tue 23-Feb-21 21:10:19

I'm sorry to hear that @supollard and I hope it works out for you. At least you can proceed now knowing that you're protected which must be a weight off.

What worries me is I am aware that age is not on my side and if I wait until I've been vaccinated it may be too late.

I haven't seen my family for a long time and if I do get pregnant I may not be able to see them if I have to distance (I think that's the rules if you're pregnant!) and I'm sure everyone will think I'm a bit mad for not waiting. Hopefully the research will be positive, and speedy! Xx

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Fireplacedreamer Tue 23-Feb-21 21:47:52

@CloseYourMouthLynn I have been offered the vaccination & I am choosing to wait until (hopefully won't happen) AF arrives so I get it while on my period in around 2 weeks time.

I work in a school so if I become pregnant before I have the vaccine I will have to rely on social distancing & my mask.

Good luck with your decision!

CloseYourMouthLynn Tue 23-Feb-21 22:09:51

I hope af doesn't arrive for you @Fireplacedreamer, although good to know that you're being offered a vaccine if you need it. I wish it was sooner than July so that it wouldn't be such a long wait
I worry that everyone will think I'm being selfish for getting pregnant (if it happens) before having had a vaccine as it will likely inconvenience my work, impact on future social gatherings if I have to socially distance etc. I'm sure I'm massively overthinking the whole situation, especially as I'm not even pregnant yet!
Good luck to you too!

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peanutbutterandfluff Wed 24-Feb-21 07:01:17

I’m 40 and on cycle 4 TTC my 2nd. I’m not going to delay TTC due to age. I’ll get advice on the vaccine nearer the time. I’ve been working full time with the public since the start of the pandemic as have my pregnant colleagues so that wouldn’t change. I guess I’m like your DH, I figure everything will work out! Waiting another 5 months to TTC again is too long for me.

CloseYourMouthLynn Wed 24-Feb-21 09:14:11

@peanutbutterandfluff, you do sound like him! It's definitely the best attitude to have. I tie myself in knots worrying about it all, which probably doesn't help TTC. We delayed trying for number #2 for various reasons but I didn't envisage a pandemic coming along and complicating things! Good luck with it all, I hope it doesn't take much longer for you.

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