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Faint positive? Evap?

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TalulaBella Tue 23-Feb-21 18:23:48

I am pretty consufed.. I am not sure when I ovulated as I didn't use OPK for January. I got my period, or what I'm assuming was my period, 3 days later than my expected date but it was much lighter than normal and shorter.. Ended 3 days ago. I took the test because my LH and Hcg tests arrived today so decided to take one of each because of the weird cycle. Does it look positive? I couldn't get it very well on camera, so added filter to show it better, but in person it's much clearer.


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Jesslyra123 Tue 23-Feb-21 18:38:52

Could be a evap or maybe a positive! I’d test again tomorrow. Iv been using ‘one step tests’ this month and had loads of evaps pretty convinced at one point it was positive but seems not sad!
Let me know how it goes 😁

TalulaBella Tue 23-Feb-21 18:41:36

Thanks so much! Iv used these ones before in other cycles. And never had even a hint of anything 😭 I just got fed up and stopped tracking in January and then I got this faint line today! I'll test tomorrow and update! ❤️

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Runkle Tue 23-Feb-21 18:41:39

How long did it take to come up? It's hard to tell from the pic. If you test tomorrow try and picture with a plain background and use a wedding ring or other ring placed around the line/s on the test to help focus. You'll see other ladies on here have done similar with their tests for pictures.

Jesslyra123 Tue 23-Feb-21 18:43:41

@TalulaBella it was the same for me but I think this time around it was a dodgy batch of tests! Bl**dy things!! Good luck x

TalulaBella Tue 23-Feb-21 19:12:53

That's why they use rings! I had no idea.. It came up within the time frame. But I took it at like 5.30pm when got home from work as hadn't been to the loo in a while. I actually was just going to take an OPK but decided to do both! X

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Runkle Tue 23-Feb-21 22:23:17

Hehe I didn't know til recently either. Good luck!

TalulaBella Wed 24-Feb-21 14:34:48

Update: test with FMU another super faint line. Decided to buy another brand to find out if it was my tests that were faulty. That also has a super duper faint pink line with SMU. Will retest either tomorrow or Friday and see if it comes out darker. 😔

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TalulaBella Thu 25-Feb-21 10:48:59

Update and ramble because someone might Google this and be in the same situation. So 4 tests (2 different brands) have faint lines.. More easily seen than in pictures. I had a GP appointment booked because I keep getting migraine headaches, so decided to bring up the tests. They tested me at the GP. Not FMU, the person doing the test checked it after 30 seconds, for about 5 seconds and threw it away. Negative. They then proceeded to tell me "I'm just seeing what I want to see on the tests" and that my headaches are probs stress and sent me away with a prescriptions for some strong af painkillers. I'm going to attach some pictures. 1 I did take the top casing off because I couldn't get a decent picture. All are within the time frame and you can see they are not dried out, but dry enough to see the line (dye not still running). I don't expect anyone to say they see or don't see anything. Just pissed off, as I'm not just seeing things.

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ShalomToYouJackie Thu 25-Feb-21 10:54:58

You're not seeing things, there's definitely a faint line in your most recent photo. Get yourself some FRERs and test again in a day or two using FMU. Might just be super early to get a strong positive

TalulaBella Thu 25-Feb-21 11:24:43

@ShalomToYouJackie BTW epic name, love a bit of FND. I live in Benidorm, and FRERS can only get on Amazon and take ages to come (not to mention they are expensive af). I have a CB digi im holding out to use if the lines get any darker. I didn't expect to get super dark lines considering 1) I have no idea what DPO I am 2) it's been less than 3 days that I have taken these tests. I am glad you see something too, as the doctor believes it all in my head!

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november90 Thu 25-Feb-21 15:09:58

Sorry to hear your doctor was so un empathetic, what a thing to say to someone!
There's def faint line there, it's not just in your head!
How many dpo are you?

TalulaBella Thu 25-Feb-21 16:25:25

@november90 thanks for commenting. I find Spanish doctors to be pretty rude in general. My midwife with my first child was so rude I stopped going. I am not sure how many dpo I am as I didn't use OPKs this month to try and be more relaxed (obv that didn't work) but I did have EWCM for a few days about 10 days ago.

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TalulaBella Fri 26-Feb-21 09:18:07

I should probably just stop peeing on sticks now and give it some time to get a definitive answer on this because they just keep coming up faint... sigh if anyone else in this predicament, come be my limbo misery buddy 🎉

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Jesslyra123 Fri 26-Feb-21 19:00:22

Looks like a positive to me!! But on the other hand I had some really bad evaps this month of cheapies, some were very very convincing and come up in a minute sad try again in two days if you are pregnant the line would have gotten a little darker. Please keep us updated good luck

TalulaBella Fri 26-Feb-21 22:38:25

@Jesslyra123 thanks for coming back! I did one today that looked a bit darker and dipped on in water to check if they were faulty.

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Jesslyra123 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:18:36

@TalulaBella I definitely would say that’s a positive 🙈 congratulations

november90 Sat 27-Feb-21 10:27:37

Yessssss op I am SO happy to see this!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

TalulaBella Sat 27-Feb-21 13:49:42

@Jesslyra123 I am going to do a digi in a few days time to just be assured I'm not getting evaps on them.

@november90 thank you so much!! 😊

I'll update with the digi result to not leave it in limbo for future googlers that might come across it. As I have been searching the net and no one comes back with a result!! It svery frustrating sometime. I know everyone is different but would be great to see the ending.

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november90 Sat 27-Feb-21 19:04:42

Awww @TalulaBella I would love to know how you get on! Wishing you a really healthy and happy pregnancy! Please feel free to come back and chat whenever 🥰

Jesslyra123 Sun 28-Feb-21 07:37:59

@TalulaBella I’m so excited to see the outcome for you!! Any updates as of yet xx

TalulaBella Sun 28-Feb-21 16:32:20

@Jesslyra123 I did the digital this morning and it said not pregnant. I did a cheapie at the same time and 2 lines. By rough estimation based on Ewcm and cramps I would be around 15dpo. So I am just going to see what happens for now. I'm not convinced I am to be honest 😢

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TalulaBella Mon 01-Mar-21 17:39:26

If the bleeding was in fact period, I'm on cycle day 10. Got a positive LH test. So took my last Hcg test and line is still faint but more visible than any of the others... I don't ovulate until CD20 and have 33 day cycles... 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

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Jesslyra123 Mon 01-Mar-21 18:07:05

Still a very obvious positive on that hcg though?
Iv heard about opks picking up a pregnancy before a test! Xx

TalulaBella Mon 01-Mar-21 19:14:17

@Jesslyra123 just don't know why the digital would give me a not pregnant then. It was 25mlu and these are 10mlu but it's been a week! This is driving me bonkers 😕 can see its pink!

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