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Ttc straight away after loss

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monkeyy97 Tue 23-Feb-21 16:53:20

As it says above.

Has anyone got any stories of them falling pregnant before there first period after a MC?
Had a very early loss, but we want to get trying straight away! 🤞🏻
I'm taking folic acid and vitamin d but any other recommendations as to what I should be taking prior? 😊

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Catmum55566 Tue 23-Feb-21 17:12:15

Sorry to hear about your loss OP. As long as you aren't bleeding and have got a negative test then there is no physical reason not to try. However, it might be mentally more difficult, especially having no period to date a next pregnancy from. Also there will be more anxiety next time in a future pregnancy. Only you can know when you are ready.

I had a very early mc in Dec then got pregnant the following month with no period between. That pregnancy lasted a bit longer but also ended in mc. I have been assured this was nothing to do with having pregnancies close together. Anyway the 2nd one was much more stressful and I was constantly testing, which wasn't helpful.

You can do lots of googling and you will find your chances of having a successful pregnancy after an early miscarriage are high. However, as to how long that really varies. You will find threads full of women who say they got pregnant straight away but just as many posts from people who say it took them longer than expected. This might not be helpful but just don't put too much pressure on yourself to fall again straight away. Wishing you the best of luck x

bewitchingnight Tue 23-Feb-21 17:15:04

Sorry for your loss it's really hard.

I had an early loss at the end of October / beginning of November last year. We had a month off from TTC for emotional rather than physical reasons and we conceived the next month.

I hope it all goes well for you.

ivfbeenbusy Tue 23-Feb-21 17:41:03

Yes and it didn't work out well for me....First time trying had another miscarriage....didn't wait again and ended up with a near fatal ruptured ectopic and lost my tube.

The doctors said they couldn't rule out that back to back miscarriages and not allowing body time to heal hadnt caused an infection/build up of fluid in the tube and caused the ectopic

Bobojangles Tue 23-Feb-21 17:49:48

Yes I had an early loss (about 5 weeks) and my son was conceived the following month. He's 5 now

We paid for an early private scan at about 8 weeks as obviously it was a bit anxious (but j think that would be the case even if we'd waited)

So you can have a positive outcome too, it was very healing for me

monkeyy97 Tue 23-Feb-21 18:31:17

Thanks everyone.

I had tests and scans and couldn't see any reason why it would have happened other than because I was on the pill it suppressed the hormones needed. 🤞🏻

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DaisyandIvy Tue 23-Feb-21 18:54:51

Yes I had an early mc then conceived DC2 before I’d even had my next period. He’s 14 now. smile I had miscarried before conceiving DS1 so I was a bit more blasé about it all second time around.

Good luck. x

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