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Planning ttc

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Cristal302 Tue 23-Feb-21 08:39:48

Hello smile my fiancé and I have been together for coming up to 11 years this year, we are in a situation where we’re both ready to start a family now and have both decided we want to try in the near future, we both have jobs, a house and both drive, we would love to book our wedding for early next year but we are just worried that it will just get post poned anyway with everything going off and just don’t want it to be later that we’re trying if we wait until after we’re married, as I know big weddings with lots of guests will probably not be allowed for some time, I’m just struggling to know whether it’s best to just wait a couple of year to book our wedding and try starting a family in the meantime, my fiancé has spoke of wanting children for years but I've been putting it off until we got our house etc and now I’m really broody, I just wondered if there was anyone else that is in a similar situation? I’ve been on the same mini pill now for around 12 years and I’m currently 28

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Chanel05 Tue 23-Feb-21 09:20:00

There are so many factors here that could impact your decision. You're 28 so have plenty of fertile years ahead of you. You may conceive very quickly, it may take a long time from the start of your journey to baby.

Finances also. Having a big wedding I'm sure would be wonderful, given the last 12 months we have had! Would you be happy to spend big wedding money with a small child? Priorities change.

Amz6219 Tue 23-Feb-21 09:33:22

I was 30 when I got married (almost 31) and then we decided to start TTC straight away and luckily fell quickly so I had my son when I was 31, almost 32.

I am so glad we did it that way, more than anything for the 3 week honeymoon road tripping across America! We could not have done that if we had a family!

Like Chanel said, there are so many factors to impact your decision, especially with things constantly changing at the moment - but you do have some time ahead so there is no rush essentially smile then again, if you are broody now then it's very hard to supress that broodiness and you would never regret a child! x

Cristal302 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:47:44

Thank you both for taking your time to reply to me,
Yeah that’s true, I think I do just overthink things a little too much at times, I do worry Incase it does take a long time, yes that’s very true! When you put it like that it does make me think, it would be lovely but I would also happy to have a smaller wedding too with just close friends and family smile
Aw that’s lovely, I’m hoping that would happen to me too if we got married soon, that sounds lovely! What a great trip smile that is true it’s a lot harder when you have children isn’t it
Yes I think I need to slow down and take a breather and have a good think about things, yeah that is exactly right! It’s like I can’t stop thinking about it everyday and I don’t know how I can try to suppress it, feel like it’s the only thing I think about
Thank you both for your advice and kind words I really appreciate it smile

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