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Day 21 test

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JessB89 Wed 24-Feb-21 00:32:14

Yes all research i have done says different things. I think my luteal phase is around 10 days, its shorter than average.
Yes im the same as you, i dont want to mess up my cycle really.
Yes hes been good actually, testing earlier than a year. Thats a good idea, i could ask about scans. Not sure what they are doing at the moment with covid but its worth a try.
Yes hopefully your phone call goes well.

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Flutterby8 Tue 23-Feb-21 23:45:36

So I've read either 7 days after ovulation or 7 days before your next period starts.
Alot of people have a luteal phase of 14days so day 7 would be bang in the middle. My luteal phase is sometimes 16 days which is random.
But as my cycles varies in length month to month, I never know for sure 🤷‍♀️
There are quite a few different things I've read about naturally increasing progesterone.
Some sites say increasing Vitamin C or B6 levels. Although this can affect your cycles from what I've read.
I've decided against trying anything like this as I don't have a regular cycle anyway and don't want to make anything worse.
I'm just taking a pre-conception vitamin for now.
I'm sure after my referral I will have a bit more of an idea.
At least your GP is getting everything done test wise for you now.
Maybe ask about an ultrasound too?
Mine sent me for a pelvic and transvaginal scan alongside my bloods to check for polycyclic ovaries and uterus thickness amongst anything random they may find (didn't find anything though).

JessB89 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:33:48

@Flutterby8 yes i have got the clear blue test that i use and i got a positive on CD15. Do they advice a week after ovulation?
Thats good that you asked to see the results so you could question them on it. Is there some medication you can take to help the progesterone level.
Ive asked for a phone call & will ask for my 21 day to be repeated. My partner has a SA analysis next week.

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Flutterby8 Tue 23-Feb-21 19:46:01

@JessB89 if you use any form of ovulation monitoring that can confirm the exact date you ovulate, it will help to get your bloods on the right day.
After my first set of bloods which were low I was asked to have another sample the next month. I started to use the Clear Blue ovulation detectors which allowed me to pinpoint the right day. Luckily i can go to a hospital where you dont have to book an appointment for bloods and can just arrive on the day.
Unfortunately I was advised that this set of bloods were normal. It was only when I asked for a print out if the results that I found it was still below 30.
I had to question the GP who immediately agreed for a referral.

I have been off of contraception for 3 years now and havent taken any precautions at all.
We havent been trying all of that time but not preventing either.
Not a hint of a pregnancy.
My initial referral will be a phone consult and then I guess we just go from there.

JessB89 Tue 23-Feb-21 18:22:16

Is anyone eise able to offer any advice? Thankyou

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JessB89 Mon 22-Feb-21 22:50:56

Thanks for the reply.
My cycles can vary depending on when i ovulate. Normally between 26 - 29 days but had a longer cycle last month as i ovulated later. My GP basically said he would say its normal. This is our 7th cycle. Wondering if i need another blood test, maybe i missed it by a day.
How long have you been trying? Hope your referal goes quickly

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Flutterby8 Mon 22-Feb-21 22:38:20

@JessB89 the reading they seem to go off of to confirm ovulation is 30 or higher.
I found out more from these forums than my GP!
If you have a regular 28 day cycle then the progesterone blood test should be taken on day 21.
If your cycle is longer or shorter than that, the date should be adjusted so the sample is taken mid way between ovulation and the start of your period.
Its very hard to get the right date unless you know exactly when you ovulate.
My progesterone was low at 26 something and I am now awaiting referral for a fertility consult at the hospital.
How long have you been trying?
Has your GP been helpful at all?

JessB89 Mon 22-Feb-21 22:22:43

Was wondering if anyone knew anything about day 21 tests. Ive had mine done today CD 22 and they are 28.7. Is this good? Struggling to find guidance online.


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