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Anyone else due AF on Wed/Thurs?

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2021WillBeMyBitch Sat 20-Feb-21 08:47:51

This is my second cycle off the pill! If I follow the same as last month I'm expecting to spot on Wed, with full flow arriving Thursday.

I don't know why but I feel like I've wrote this month off, don't feel pregnant at all (although I didn't at this point when pregnant with DC1 either...)

I tested on Wed which was BFN, but I know that was far too early so I'm just waiting now grin

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Dinomama21 Sat 20-Feb-21 08:57:19

@2021WillBeMyBitch I'm the same. AF due wednesday/Thursday I should start spotting monday/Tuesday. I have cramps and a dull back ache, and been peeing every hour for the past 3 days. No sore boobs, which I always get 5-10days before AF. BFN yesterday at 9dpo 🙈 I had no symtomps at all with DS, but that was over 5 years ago and I didn't track anything. I will honestly be giving my body a telling off if I get a bfn for giving me all these symptoms 😂

2021WillBeMyBitch Sat 20-Feb-21 11:25:57

@Dinomama21 so nice to have someone in the same boat grin are you holding off to test? Yes I've been needing a wee more regularly now you mention it, I hadn't realised! Have you been TTC long?

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Dinomama21 Sat 20-Feb-21 11:40:47

@2021WillBeMyBitch if my temp stays high, I might test tomorrow or Monday (I've got 4 more tests so why not? 😂) what about you?
I came of the depo injection 2 years ago, and we hadn't been using protection, but we never BD that much tbh. I'd say this is the third proper cycle which I've been using apps, which always predicted my ovulation later so I think we kept missing it. First month using OPKs and BBT so I'm crossing everything🤞I'm waaay over-obsessing this month, I've been noting down the times I pee for goodness sakes! So either I am pregnant or I have a urine infection, someone seriously needs to stop me!

2021WillBeMyBitch Sat 20-Feb-21 18:12:58

@Dinomama21 I'm going to try and hold off until at least Wednesday. I don't keep tests in the house, bought one in Tesco on Wed on a whim, even though I knew it was too early 🙄 if AF isn't here by Wed I may order on Amazon.
Hopefully you'll get your BFP 🤞🏻 I've been feeling sick on and off all day, not sure if I'm just feeling how I want to be feeling, if that makes sense 😂

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Dinomama21 Sat 20-Feb-21 18:39:05

Good you are, I have no will power what so ever this month, and I've been off for half term and its been terrible weather so I've been stupidly buying them out of boredom.
You too! Its horrible reading into these symptoms

Dinomama21 Sun 21-Feb-21 18:19:28

@2021WillBeMyBitch how are you today?
All my symtoms seem to have disappeared today, just frequent peeing and still no achy boobs. I usually start to have AF symtoms by now, cramps and sore boobs but nothing...
I chickened out of doing a test this morning because my temp dipped again, not past the cover we shall see tomorrow. Have you ever used BBT to track? This is my first month doing it, so nothing to compare it to 🙈

2021WillBeMyBitch Sun 21-Feb-21 18:27:56

@Dinomama21 hi! 👋🏻 I'm good thanks! Have spent my day baking a cake and cooking a roast which has kept me occupied smile how are you? Well done for not testing today - are you going to test tomorrow with FMU?
I've never used anything to track grin I got pregnant on my second cycle off the pill with DC1! That time I was happy to give it 6 months or so and see what happened but it all happened quick. This time I'd love to be off work for Christmas so ideally need to be pregnant this month or next 😂 no pressure! I don't even know for sure when I ovulate. I used an ovulation calculator based on my last cycle being 28 days but I know that's not necessarily accurate.
Have you been finding it easy to chart your temp?

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Dinomama21 Sun 21-Feb-21 18:42:23

@2021WillBeMyBitch oh that sounds lovely, the weather has been lovely today so manged to go out today for a change, so been distracted for most of the day and DS hasn't been liked a changed animal stuck inside, bless him. I didn't track with DS either, more obsessive now for some reason 😂 How old is your DC? I'm similar to you I really wanted this month to be THE month, we have been talking about taking a break after this for 2/3 cycles so the baby wouldn't be due around Christmas and January, DS's Birthdays in January along with like 5 other family birthdays 😂 Be so nice to be off for the Christmas month with 2 LO's. Yes, really easy I thought it looked complicated to begin with, I've been using the free trial with Fertility Friend to input my temps in and it shows a readable chart, that I can actually understand 😂 but has definitely fed my obsession this month!

2021WillBeMyBitch Sun 21-Feb-21 22:15:14

@Dinomama21 yes we've also been for a walk round the local park, I think the fresh air has done us all good smile
DC is almost 3, so it felt like now or never. I'm already not looking forward to the newborn stage! grin how old is your DC?
Ahh well I do hope this is your month!
I may use OPK's next month if this month isn't the one for me.

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2021WillBeMyBitch Mon 22-Feb-21 00:34:15

Hmm I've started getting the odd crampy twinge tonight 😕 that's not a great sign...

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Dinomama21 Mon 22-Feb-21 07:24:51

@2021WillBeMyBitch DS in 5 so definitely time for another 😊 You're not out until AF shows her ugly face. I thought I was out because if my temp, but this happened this morning.... I dont think ill believe it until I missed AF! 🙈

2021WillBeMyBitch Mon 22-Feb-21 07:59:17

@Dinomama21 I feel really sick this morning! No more cramps yet so 🤞🏻 this is a good sign.
Ahhh I definitely see something on there, that's so exciting grin will you test again tomorrow? (Stupid question)

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Dinomama21 Mon 22-Feb-21 08:16:28

@2021WillBeMyBitch oh that's a good sign, I'm crossing everything for you! Thank you, its really pink in real life. Im not sure, was debating whether to wait until Wednesday when AF is due 😊 we'll see how much will power i have tomorrow.

2021WillBeMyBitch Mon 22-Feb-21 09:11:26

@Dinomama21 that's so exciting grin hopefully next time you test you'll see a big difference in the line!

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caitvictoria Mon 22-Feb-21 09:15:46

AF due Wednesday/Thursday. I've had the sorest boobs for the past week and lots of on and off cramping. Took a test this morning & BFN. I know I'm not out until AF shows but I can't help but think that I am!

2021WillBeMyBitch Mon 22-Feb-21 09:50:57

@caitvictoria I'm sorry I don't see anything on there, but you're definitely not out yet! Do you track ovulation? Is there a chance you may have ovulated later than expected?

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MM333 Mon 22-Feb-21 09:54:23

I’m due on Thursday, every test so far BFN but so many symptoms that it’s sending me a bit mad lol! Fingers crossed for everyone getting their BFP!

2021WillBeMyBitch Mon 22-Feb-21 09:55:28

@MM333 I'm expecting spotting on Wed and full flow on Thurs, but obviously hoping for neither grin I'm holding off testing until Thursday I think...

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MM333 Mon 22-Feb-21 10:34:10

Well hopefully your AF won’t arrive! I always get pains 2 days before AF so only time will tell- how can 2 weeks feel like 2 years lol!

caitvictoria Mon 22-Feb-21 10:50:22

@2021WillBeMyBitch I have been tracking my ovulation, I ovulated on the 11th and I had symptoms that matched up with it so as far as I know I did. I didn't use OPKS this cycle so if I am out I definitely will be using them next month! I'm hoping I just maybe tested to early and I'm going to try my best to wait until Thursday x

2021WillBeMyBitch Mon 22-Feb-21 11:33:40

@caitvictoria good luck trying to hold off! I'm planning to potter round the house over the next few days to keep myself occupied, it's so hard grin I'm tempted to test tomorrow because I think if that's negative I can just resign myself to waiting for AF, Thursday still feels far away, it's like I'm on tenterhooks.

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Dinomama21 Mon 22-Feb-21 15:53:12

Good luck to you all, wishing you lots and lots of baby dust ❤🤞

2021WillBeMyBitch Mon 22-Feb-21 19:56:46

I caved 🤦🏼‍♀️ done a cheapy Home Bargains test just now, BFN. At least I know and can just wait for AF to arrive now I suppose!

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2021WillBeMyBitch Mon 22-Feb-21 22:44:53

Went back and fished it out of the bin checked it again a couple of hours later and there's a faint line. 😕

Wish I hadn't looked now as I know it needs to be checked within the time frame and feel like it's gave me false hope!

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