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TTC first baby thread 26

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Annny27 Sat 13-Feb-21 21:33:54

Hello all, setting up a new thread for us old timers to keep up and stay sane on the ttc journey!

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Kiza Sun 14-Feb-21 08:43:39

Just marking my place. I wonder how @validuser is getting on?

Aims1991 Sun 14-Feb-21 08:47:05

@Annny27 Can I join! Been TTV since December and even my OH is getting annoyed when AF shows up! My last two AF have been so strange and I get slight cramp and twinges for 5dpo which lacked me get a little excited! Fingers crossed it happens for soon for everyone

Annny27 Sun 14-Feb-21 11:36:43

Yep we deffo want your updates @kiza !! :D

She must be due pretty soon actually! @validuser?

@Aims1991 welcome aims1991 smile we are similar age - i am 29 🙌 bene ttc since may on the long distance track haha

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Annny27 Sun 14-Feb-21 11:41:26


Some of the ladies on the old thread :D

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whatsthecraic91 Sun 14-Feb-21 12:24:21

@Annny27 thanks for the new thread! I like to keep up with how my gals are doing 😊

@Kiza hope you're doing ok!

Aims1991 Sun 14-Feb-21 13:04:20

@Annny27 Yeah I'm 29! Im never confident anything good will happen for me, my OH gets so annoyed but he thinks it's going to happen soon🤷🏻‍♀️ thinking of trying CB opks, I just use one step strips

CycloGoose Sun 14-Feb-21 15:01:15

Hi ladies, please may I join?

I'm 34, TTC #1. We're 6 months in but on CD2 of cycle 6 as it took a while for first AF following coming off the pill.

Got really excited this month as we'd had much better coverage, I've finally got back to healthy BMI, we got the peak smiley on the CB tests and I got some spotting 9dpo but it turned into AF just to spite me.

Looking forward to next fertile week now but frustrated. It's so hard seeing another cycle slip away - can't help think I'm going to get too old before it's our time!

Here we go again!

OoFaithoO Sun 14-Feb-21 15:17:21

Hi everyone! I’m 31 and finally TTC #1 - been waiting for this for about half my life! Went through puberty pretty early (11) and remember being in my mid-late teens and so ‘biologically’ desperate to be pregnant in my mid-late teens.... now finally the time is here! Valentine’s Day seemed like a good day to start 🙂

Have some clear blue ovulation tests and am going to take the first one tomorrow. Looking forward to getting to know you all and wishing you oodles of baby dust. ✨

Kiza Sun 14-Feb-21 19:51:40

@CycloGoose I know it's hard but don't feel that way. I was TTC for 2.5 years, I'm 40 years old and just had a BFP from our first round of IVF where my body responded poorly to treatment and only had 6 follicles left and only 1 little egg was retrieved. This is a hard journey and it's ok sometimes to take some time out, allow the anger, jealousy, upset out so you're not internalising it but then it's so important to get back on the right path, have faith in your body and send yourself all the positive love you can.

thislittlebird Sun 14-Feb-21 20:03:11

Hey @Annny27 and everyone, thanks for the new thread.

I found out this week that my ovulation is weak/not happening/progesterone really low. Hard to say exactly what’s happening but results were bad from my latest tests. I’ve booked my first acupuncture session this Thursday and am hoping it might put me on the road to more balanced hormones, I’m looking forward to it, feels like something different to everything else going on right now.

MIW01 Sun 14-Feb-21 20:11:35

Thanks @Annny27 AF arrived today so cycle length more back to normal this month

Welcome @CycloGoose and @OoFaithoO I'm a long timer been TTC for a couple of years now wishing you both better luck than me!

thislittlebird Sun 14-Feb-21 20:46:40

Sorry, forgot to say welcome to @CycloGoose and @OoFaithoO!

Lizbb Sun 14-Feb-21 22:13:33

@thislittlebird hiya did you do the level test via gp?

CycloGoose Sun 14-Feb-21 23:05:56

Thanks for the welcome ladies!

Congratulations on your BFP @Kiza!

I promise I don't feel like that all the time and I'm not trying to belittle anyone else's journey. I know it's fairly early days. Just needed to rant a bit after AF coming super early this month and confusing me.

@thislittlebird sounds stressful. I suppose knowing is at least a step forward?

@miw01 thanks for the luck. Right back at you. Hope I can stay strong. Wish I wasn't such an obsesser!

thislittlebird Sun 14-Feb-21 23:41:51

@Lizbb yeah, the day 21 test. Had to do a couple to get an infertility clinic referral from the GP.

@CycloGoose it is stressful yeah, I won’t lie, but it’s also sort of a relief to understand why we aren’t conceiving. It’s been over a year and we finally know there’s issues for us both after a lot of delays and frustration, next step is addressing them. I had really reassuring test results before that one so thought everything was probably ok with me until this result came back. I’m also sort of not shocked because my sister needed clomid to conceive her first, so I guess something is running in the family.

Rmd123 Mon 15-Feb-21 00:08:53

Hi everyone! Hope you don't mind if I join.

I'm 26 and TTC #1 and this is our 2nd cycle trying and also 2nd cycle off the pill. I'm 9 DPO today and got a BFN on FRER this morning. Have had mild cramping on and off today but like AF cramps although about a week early so hoping it's implantation. I hope everyone get their BFP soon!!

MIW01 Mon 15-Feb-21 10:12:43

@thislittlebird let me know how the accupuncture goes. I'm planning to give it a go myself. Of course very sorry to hear about your results . . . Are you certain the timing was right? I'm asking because my 1st one showed slightly low progesterone but I think that's because I didn't time it right woth my ovulation pattern. Previous two have been normal

thislittlebird Mon 15-Feb-21 10:38:04

@MIW01 can I what was slightly low or normal for you? Progesterone is weird tbh, but my last result was 10 which is way below what it should be even if it’s a couple of days out to the best of my understanding. In July it was 17.5 on the “wrong” day which they weren’t happy with and said suggestive of defective luteal phase in the notes (and yet told me “normal” when I initially called for results), but this month I got a CB peak on cd15, FF thinks I might have ovulated cd17 and I tested a week after cd17. Looking at my temp chart it could have been slightly higher a couple of days earlier but I don’t think it would have been 30+.

I’ll let you know how acupuncture goes, I’m looking forward to it and really hoping it will help.

MIW01 Mon 15-Feb-21 11:28:13

Sorry to hear this @thislittlebird that is quite low. Mine was 28 amd I thinknI was 1 day out and others were high 30s and 40s on the "right" days . . . The first 1 I had they effd up and tested my day 3 as a 21 day and got 0.3 grin but then that went towards confirming my cycles look OK

CycloGoose Mon 15-Feb-21 11:31:04

Funny that your sis needed clomid and you're suffering with progesterone - opposite ends of the cycle, no?
Hopefully the fertility clinic will be able to help you both.
Did you see the This Gilbert documentary on the BBC?
I've got 6 months of natural trying to go before we'll get any testing so I should remain hopeful!
Did you have any signs other than lack of bfp? I have very light period but my doc doesn't think that should be a problem.
I'm hoping that my healthy weight has a positive impact. First month with healthy BMI in a while!
Hope acupuncture goes well!

thislittlebird Mon 15-Feb-21 12:40:24

@MIW01 yeah it’s really low, makes me think it’s definitely not getting as high as the normal numbers even if it’s a bit earlier, you know?

@CycloGoose I’m pretty sure she and I have (or had, in her case, she has loads of kids now) the same low progesterone slash lack of ovulation issue. My understanding is the clomid encouraged egg/stronger ovulation makes the body produce more progesterone. I think so, anyway. I’m speaking to private clinic tomorrow to see what next steps would be from there POV, I also have my nhs referral in now, it’s hard to know what to do but speaking to the private clinic can’t hurt. I’ve already had a consultation with them for scans and bloods and they recommended supplements for the husband.

I did see the RG doc! I really enjoyed it and thought it was fascinating. It’s good to hear a man talking about this and trying to get other men to.

Good to hear about your healthy weight! My BMI is a couple of points over what it should be right now so I guess I should work on that, will give me something to do too. I want to try to start doing regular yoga or Pilates but need to convince myself to start.

No signs whatsoever really. I have always had very regular periods, I don’t get spotting between periods, I feel like I ovulate and I get o pains. My periods have suddenly got very light from last summer/autumn but neither my GP nor the private nurse I spoke to at the scan were remotely concerned by that, they said it’s fine as long as you’re regular. The only thing of note was that I had a transvaginal ultrasound recently and I had quite a lot of follicles for my age (28 at age 37). Maybe they’re not releasing? No idea really but the clinic were not concerned by that. They said that and my high AMH were in line and my womb lining was good so thought I was fine and the DH was the main problem because he has high count but low motility. Then we got this result and maybe it’s both of us 🙃. Honestly it’s a minefield.

CycloGoose Mon 15-Feb-21 14:13:50

Sounds like an absolute mind 'expletive'.

Ahhh that makes sense with the Clomid. I suppose it's all tied together - I'm clearly no expert!

Thought the RG thing was great. Long way to go before I think it will stop being a taboo thing though.

Sounds positive about your follicles! Also sounds positive that your sis has gone on to have multiple pregnancies, too.

If you can afford the private, then go for it, absolutely!

I've actually lost 17lb since June so I'm chuffed with that. I use My fitness Pal to track my food as it helps me to be more mindful of what I'm putting into me! I was jogging with a friend and trying to walk more which helps. Bonus as I do feel better about myself now, too.

I look forward to seeing the day you get your bfp :-) Hope it's sooner rather than later.

MIW01 Mon 15-Feb-21 15:35:57

I've got an appointment about Clomid this week @thislittlebird and have some questions to ask in light of my lack of readings this month on the cheap OPKs. No doubt they will just tell me they're not accurate and to ignore them! Anyway, I'm keen try the Clomid to see if it does male a difference

Well done @CycloGoose thats fantastic about the weightless and generally healthy lifestyle. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago, even though I'm healthy BMI, eat well and active I'm still mindful that living a healthier lifestyle supports our fertility amd been researching this. I think a lot of it comes down to how stressed your body is so I'm putting a lot of effort into reducing stress!

I saw the RG documentary advertised somewhere but not seen it. Think I'll give it a go.

thislittlebird Mon 15-Feb-21 16:17:41

Is your appointment with your GP @MIW01? I never really got readings on those, but I do get lh surges on CB. I wasn’t sure what criteria would need to be met to go on it, I am assuming my shitty progesterone level will qualify.

My sister gives me a bit of hope @CycloGoose but she was much younger than me when she started having kids. Hopefully our double bubble of problems will be resolved.

17lb is really great, I love MFP. Need to get back into using it myself.

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