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Post Pill Party - The Ceilidh

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TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 10-Feb-21 10:39:58

As the Post Pill Party Mosh Pit dies down... sweaty and bewildered, the ladies head to the bar to freshen up. Suddenly, a fiddler bursts onto the stage, beginning a merry tune. Everybody swings into an energetic Ceilidh!

Our heads are spinning, our bodies are knackered but we arent giving up dancing when the music is this catchy!

This is the 8th post pill party thread for women whose bodies don't know the correct dance steps after hormonal contraception. Raise a dram to combating delayed ovulation, flabberghasting follicular phases, loopy luteal phases, bizzare temp charts and OPKs whiter than a Scotsman's bum!

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TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 10-Feb-21 10:48:38

Out there, throwin' a hoolie I can see...


Drag any dance partners I've forgotten up to the floor!

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LauraT94 Wed 10-Feb-21 10:53:44


@Juno231 replying to your last message - thank you so much for pointing out about the charts! I've just had a quick browse through some and it's already making me feel better! Going to sit down later in and have a look through more of the 'late Ovulation' ones to see if that's anything like what I'm having.

Feel like my body's played an awful practical joke on me the past few months. Letting me be a (lucky) freak of nature catching my Ovulation and conceiving first month TTC, then losing the baby, and then not actually letting go of the pregnancy... And now messing me around with ovulating haha. I think I just need to try and take a breather. I'm mainly just wishing for AF now so I can stop feeling hopeful this month and just start over again x

Juno231 Wed 10-Feb-21 11:05:05

@LauraT94 tbf all of this is crazy hard without a pandemic - but now all we do is sit at home and THINK about this crap nonstop. There's nothing else to keep us busy...

@TheDaydreamBelievers thank you for the thread you star, love the name and intro!

Kay00 Wed 10-Feb-21 11:11:01

@TheDaydreamBelievers LOVE the new thread!!! thanks for setting it up <3

Juno231 Wed 10-Feb-21 11:16:51

@TheDaydreamBelievers can we safely assume you're based in Scotland btw?? grin

Kay00 Wed 10-Feb-21 11:18:40

Back to the subject of names grin... I don't get to talk bout this with anyone as my OH just says a flat 'no' to absolutely everything (he thinks he's so funny....)

I like quite traditional names too, like Elizabeth, Alice, Jane etc. @trying4one Amelia, Charlotte, Evie and Annabelle are all really pretty too xx

MissC07 Wed 10-Feb-21 11:34:03

@TheDaydreamBelievers Thank you for setting up the new thread!

@Gracie2021 Sorry about your temp dip, fingers crossed you aren't in limbo for too much longer.

@Juno231 Still keeping everything crossed for you too 🤞

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 10-Feb-21 12:11:31

Yeah @Juno231 - Glaswegian born and bred grin!

Ooh didn't realise we are talking names @Kay00 - all the names I love are mad Scottish ones, just like my thread posts! I like those ones too though.

@LauraT94 I feel the same - just so much TIME wasted on bodily piss taking! Sooooooo much time to have cycle 1, time wasted being pregnant that didnt work out, sooo much time to have AF after MC, so much time to ovulate again after than.

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Juno231 Wed 10-Feb-21 12:37:50

@TheDaydreamBelievers ooh my ex and I both studied in Scotland - he was at Strathclyde so I'd be in Glasgow every other weekend!

Nellieee Wed 10-Feb-21 13:31:34

Thanks for the new thread! How is everyone, and more importantly, who is testing this weekend?! Some VDay positives are hopefully on the cards! I seem to have missed a week of messages!!

@Tillybabs so sorry to see the witch got you. Hope you get some help from your GP.

CD5 here. I'm having an odd luteal phase. Unusually low post-O temps in comparison to previous months. Sigh. Started taking Seven Seas this month (taking pregnacare before) and EPO in the follicular phase. Who knows why the low temps?! 🤷‍♀️ Chart below... and comparison with other months.

crabette Wed 10-Feb-21 13:42:19

Ha! @TheDaydreamBelievers I'm a Glaswegian too, adore the thread title and intro!!! 😂😂😂 Loved whiter than a Scotsman's bum lol.

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 10-Feb-21 14:10:26

Thanks @crabette and glad to see a fellow Scot!

After my temp nosedive and near positive OPK yesteday my temps have... gone back up to still a bit low and my OPK is blank white hmm

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Robyn101 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:18:32

A new thread Woo!
I may as well grace it with my ridiculous chart. I’m on day 32 and not a peep, temps are all over the place, OPKS are stark white and I’m just plodding along DTD and wondering wtf is going on

Any chart specialists happy to interpret for me? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

Juno231 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:20:29

@Robyn101 I'm just admiring your dedication! Look at all that CM tracking and the DTD every other day! Beautiful grin. The actual temps made me laugh though - how insanely frustrating are they?! With EWCM here though I'm crossing my fingers you'll get a positive OPK soon.

Gracie2021 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:37:17

@TheDaydreamBelievers love the new thread 💗 I'm here for the hoolies!!

@Juno231 my LP cycles have been 12/13 days for last four cycles so fairly sure it'll be sat before she arrives plus I have that heavy body exhaustion that I always get a couple days beforehand so think I'll be having my hot bath and bottle.... ahem.... glass of wine Saturday night. You chart is still up above the literal line though so surely hope left?

@LauraT94 my guilty pleasure is looking at BFP charts on Reddit and finding similarities to mine but the more I see the more I think there is no trend or sure sign and you really have no clue what's happening til you see a BFN/BFP and AF arrives or is late. I'm the same here now thinking I'm out and just wishing she'd arrive already so I can start fresh again.

@Robyn101 that's an impressive chart! You're so thorough tracking and well covered. Fingered crossed that CM is a sign O is on the way.

@MissC07 how are you feeling heading into the weekend?

Gracie2021 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:47:01

Btw random one (and I'm not symptom spotting because this is unfortunately a normal part of my cycle now) anyone else get days of nosebleeds towards the end of the TWW, maybe 3-5 days pre period? I'm gone demented with them yesterday and today. And properly PMSing here so all problems are appearing bigger today.

Tillybabs Wed 10-Feb-21 14:52:56

Thanks for the new thread!

I still feel like I need to learn a lot more as I don’t temp and reading some of the comments I don’t understand what they mean lol 🙈

I need to spend some time reading through the old thread I think.

@Gracie2021 I don’t have nosebleeds but I never have so not susceptible to them. Have you mentioned it to your GP?

Do you ladies exercise? I do daily 1 hours workouts 6 days a week and I’m wondering if this is having an impact during the implantation phase.

Gracie2021 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:58:02

@Tillybabs I'm still bamboozled by some stuff but there's a few experts on here who always have the answer so we're in the right place.

Always been susceptible to them but maybe one every few months. Only getting more regular recently since coming off the pill last year so only spotting the pattern now. And so much worse this month. Dr google links them with first trimester pregnancy but I can't see much about pre period and yet it's this time every month for three months running. Said I'd check if I'm the weirdo or anyone else noticed it. Tbh trying to avoid the doctor as numbers in our area are high and they're run off their feet.

Tillybabs Wed 10-Feb-21 15:09:51

@Gracie2021 I’ve not heard of it before. I hope you get some answers in here.

I’ve definitely learnt so much from here but still more to learn!

MissC07 Wed 10-Feb-21 15:16:02

@Gracie2021 If I'm honest I'm trying not to think about it too much, I'm convinced AF is on her way. My last cycle was also 41 days and that's tomorrow so I'm a bit nervous. Also keep obsessively checking the loo roll after I wipe to see if there is any spotting. Note to self, don't wear red or pink undies during your TWW! The amount of times I think I'm spotting but it's actually a bit of undie fluff 😂

@Tillybabs I'm jealous of your workouts! Pre-lockdown when I was actually in the office I'd do a 45 min gym class every lunchtime. But now since WFH I can only just about be bothered to walk the dog! I have read various things about not doing strenuous workouts during your TWW but not sure if that's factually correct or not.

Kay00 Wed 10-Feb-21 15:46:52

@gracie2021 nope re. the nose bleeds... although i'm sure they can be an early pg sign! I don't understand why though...

@Robyn101 Oh, I totally feel your pain! And am impressed by your dedication. Looks as though something is starting to happen... I hope all your hard work pays off and you DTD right around your FW!

@MissC07 very nice chart!!

Flowers222 Wed 10-Feb-21 16:06:12

@LauraT94 I can't even imagine how frustrating it must be after what you have been through!

@TheDaydreamBelievers thanks for the new thread. My OH is Scottish and is really into Scottish names, he is spending a lot of time trying convincing me.

@MissC07 that is a great looking chart!

I am still in with the group waiting ages for ovulation, there seems to be quite a few of us! Not sure what is going on this cycle, cd27 and opks have been getting a little darker (again!) so hoping this is it

Juno231 Wed 10-Feb-21 16:15:19

@Gracie2021 I feel like big drops are nearly always AF but without them the LP temps basically mean bugger all. There's no such thing as an implantation dip and you can have really high temps and get AF or lowish temps and still get a BFP. The advice is actually to just stop temping after ovulation has been confirmed but I enjoy the data too much!

As for nosebleeds - I reckon this week's cold weather and dry air will have dried out your nose :/ Obv exacerbated by PMS as the hormonal fluctuations have an effect on blood vessels as well I think.

AMS19 Wed 10-Feb-21 18:29:12

Thanks for the tag @TheDaydreamBelievers

@LauraT94 feeling you lovely! Sitting on my hands waiting patiently

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