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4 days of ovulation pain... any ideas?

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pixie04 Thu 01-Nov-07 14:15:07


I have been using ovulation pee sticks. This cycle I got my first + OPK 5 days ago the next day the line was fainter and I was having ovulation pains so I figured I had hatched my egg. Then 3 days ago I got another + OPK. I have now been having ovulation pain (a strong stitch type pain in my left hand side) for four days now. It may sound funny but it feels uncomfortable when I walk, like when I'm stood up straight it aches more.

I had a scan only a couple of weeks ago to check for cysts ect and was told that my ovaries look clear.

Is it normal to have 4 days of ovulation pain? Could I maybe have released two eggs?

Any ideas?

anniemac Thu 01-Nov-07 14:56:12

Message withdrawn

anniemac Thu 01-Nov-07 14:57:55

Message withdrawn

pixie04 Thu 01-Nov-07 15:04:36

That's what I wondered anniemac. I'm feeling quiet healthy otherwise though. The reason I think it's ovulation pain is because I had the same pain last cycle but on the opposite side for about a day and a half. I thought it was normal kind of pain but going on a bit long.

anniemac Thu 01-Nov-07 15:10:58

Message withdrawn

pixie04 Thu 01-Nov-07 15:49:48

I was diagnosed with endo June 2006 but the scarring I have is on the back of my womb and the recent scan showed that my ovaires were all ok so the pain is strange.

Getting refferals and tests ect takes ages. like I said I was diagnosed last June but am only now starting to see a gyne who's looking further into it for me ie treatments, questions about ttc ect. The gyne that diagnosed me only offered the medication that makes your body think your going through the menopause and he didn't mention anything about how it may or may not effect my fertility. I had being seeing a gyne off and on for four years before they finally did a Laparoscopy and diagnosed endo and adnemyosis.

I am thinking that I've Ov'd twice hmm that's the only explanation I can't think of for such prolonged pain.

pixie04 Thu 01-Nov-07 15:52:20

sorry forgot to say good luck for your appointment, make a list of questions you want to ask and write down the answers. I find them more helpful when I do that instead of fobbing me off.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 01-Nov-07 16:14:55

Hi pixie04,

Was very sorry to read of your previous diagnoses. I have endo and its a real PITA if you'll pardon the expression.

I would arrange to see this gynae as soon as possible.

Endometrical deposits are not normally detectable through ultrasound scans (as you are no doubt aware).

I don't think you've ovulated twice and ovulation pain does not last 4 days.

Going by your previous history as well my guess for what its worth is that endometriosis has reared its ugly head again - the leg pain like you've described can be symptomatic of endo. Such pains can travel down the sciatic nerve - this may be why you find it has been painful on walking and standing up.

Have a look also at Endometriosis UK's website which is

pixie04 Thu 01-Nov-07 16:24:27

Hello, thanks Attila I really appreciate your advice. I have an appointment with my gyne for three weeks time, I'm not sure I will get anything sooner if I try but will give it a go. I am reluctant to go to the GP because I find them very unhelpful about the condition.

I'm a bit dissapointed that it's likley to be endo playing up again but at least it's something that I'm in the process for getting help for.

Will look at the website, In the meantime I think I will top up the ibuprofen and take myself and a hot water bottle to bed.

Bessie123 Thu 01-Nov-07 16:29:53

Pixie - where did you have your scan? I had one at an NHS hospital and was told I had no cysts at all. then I had a scan a couple of weeks later at a private hospital (for a second opinion) and found out I actually had loads, plus a growth on an ovary. It might be worth getting checked again.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 01-Nov-07 17:39:49


What might be helpful for you to do between now and your appointment is keep a "pain diary" and note any symptoms on it. You can then show this to the gynae on your next visit.

pixie04 Fri 02-Nov-07 10:39:11

Bessie I had an NHS scan, I'll get the full results when I see my consultant at the end of the month but the woman who did the scan said everything looked ok. I can't afford to go private, but my new gyne is really quiet good so I'm trusting him at the moment.

Attila I started keeping a diary of symptoms about two weeks ago, it started off as a means for me to find out when I was most fertile but have realised that there is very rarely a day that goes by when I'm not having some kind of pain. I find it useful to stop me thinking I'm going insane but I will deffinatley take it to the Dr's with me.

Thanks for your replies. I'm still having the pain this morning but I guess there's not a whole lot I can do. Of course if it get's worse I'll take myself to the GP or A&E although I'm not sure they could do anything but better to be safe than sorry hey.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 02-Nov-07 12:55:38

Hi Pixie

Re your comment:-
"Of course if it get's worse I'll take myself to the GP or A&E although I'm not sure they could do anything but better to be safe than sorry hey".

If it does get worse and you do end up going to hospital you need to be seen by a gynae rather than A & E.

As mentioned before endometriosis deposits are not detectable on scans.

Do let us posted, I wish you well with your next visit to the consultant.

pixie04 Fri 02-Nov-07 21:01:01

am bumping to ask attila a question....

Any ideas for pain relief? I normally use ibuprofen and a slow release anti inflamatory perscribed by my gyne but it doesn't seem to be helping. The pain's not getting worse but it really is getting me down, I'm now on my 5th day of a constant stitch like pain around my left ovary. Any ideas would be appreciated.... Taking a walk normal helps me ease the pain a bit along with pain killers but I'm finding walking's making it worse.

dapple Sun 31-Aug-08 18:39:35

hi all. i used to have painfull periods as a teenager which became painless after i had my children i was sterilized after my last birth and since experience alot of pain during mid cycle which can make it painfull to touch either side where my ovaries are and my tummy can ache at the same time. i have a brownish discharge at this time which will stop after three to four days then my period will start about a fourtnight later. am iovulating? can anyone help please?

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 31-Aug-08 18:57:19


Were your ovaries removed on sterilisation?. If they were not these can "feed" the endo deposits that remain.

All your symptoms to me could be due to endometriosis. It can still occur even after sterilisation. The brown stuff you mention is "old blood" (this can also be symptomatic of endometriosis).

Would suggest you make an appointment with your GP asap to see a gynae. This is not a problem that should be tackled by a GP.

Littlefish Sun 31-Aug-08 19:09:04

Pixie04 - I had pains in my side for some time that I was convinced were to do with my ovaries. It turned out that I have irritable bowel, and it was actually pain from my bowel (which sits very close to my left ovary). Is this possible? Do you feel bloaty at the same time? Constipated?

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