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hels301990 Tue 09-Feb-21 07:54:27

Hi everyone, just looking to see if anyone is just starting the next cycle and want to journey along together? We are TTC baby no.1 and this will be the 5th month of trying but 4th of actively using OPKs etc. After 2 months of being convinced we'd got pregnant and then AF arriving both times I'm getting a bit disheartened (and I am more than aware that it's really early days compared to most but it's just how it feels to me - can't seem to shake off the "something must be wrong feeling" even though you know it's probably fine) anyone trying anything new or different this month? Sending baby dust vibes to all!

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katiemumma20 Tue 09-Feb-21 15:45:00

The month we got pregnant we had tried a few new things. It was the first month we used OPKs, the first month I was taking vitamin d (although I think I started it after I ovulated so probably not that), it was the first or second month of using pressed (can’t remember which and quite funny but in the first month ttc we used normal lube both being clueless that it’s a spermicide), we also dtd from earlier on in my cycle which was probably the biggest thing as it turns out I ovulated very early, and we also tried some different positions blush as I know I have a tilted womb from being told at a Pap smear and When I did some research a few people swore that a certain position worked for them!

JessB89 Tue 09-Feb-21 15:52:49

Hey. Im on CD9. This is our 7th cycle of TTC. I was convinced last month was the month and was so upset and disappointed when AF arrived. Ive had initial blood tests done due to being worried about my thyroid. They are all fine. This month I will be using OPKs again and following some advise from DR larrisas conception plan. This involves some new vitamins for me and my partner. Ill also be using some preseed. Fingers crossed for us this month.

hels301990 Tue 09-Feb-21 15:59:35

@katiemumma20 ahhh I did the normal lube thing for the first 2 months! The last 2 we've used conceive plus - going to try using the applicator ones on more of the days we DTD this time round. Am already opking and last month did every day of the fertile week but not the actual day of ovulation so need to maybe try getting that this time round! My womb is tilted too - always have to lift my hips up for a smear so I'll have to see what google has to say about positions lol

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hels301990 Tue 09-Feb-21 16:02:28

It's so hard isn't it! I've had basic bloods done for things like thyroid but all normal so I'm hoping I'm just being impatient and 🤞 that this month is our month! Ive been using seven seas for 2 months but I'm wondering whether to ditch them and swap for just vitamin D and folate 🧐

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katiemumma20 Tue 09-Feb-21 16:08:42

@hels301990 definitely look it up 😂🙈 yeah if you can dtd on ovulation day I think that will make a difference too! Oh that’s funny you also used the normal lube. I discounted the first month as we used normal lube and definitely reckon we missed the ovulation day completely!! So I don’t think that month really counted haha x

JessB89 Tue 09-Feb-21 16:54:19

Definitely is. Thats good about your bloods. My doctor is doing the day 21 bloods and sperm analysis too so hopefully they are ok. Finger's crossed. Yes ive been using seven sees also. Going to mix it up this month with other vitamins. We have also been eating healthy and ive been doing some exercise. Not sure what else i can try x

sasbiscuit Tue 09-Feb-21 18:01:43

I am CD9 today and this will be first month of OPKs and tracking BBT. We have been TTC in a relaxed approach since October but this time I decided to invest after AF arrived unexpectedly 8 days early!!

hels301990 Tue 09-Feb-21 18:16:51

Yeah I'm not counting the first cycle as I didn't even think about days to have sex lol so counting this cycle as no. 4 ... just each time AF comes it's like one step closer to that first 6 months 😬 had a look at that stuff about positions...interesting lol

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katiemumma20 Tue 09-Feb-21 18:48:37


Dominican20 Tue 09-Feb-21 19:23:38

I am CD1 today also sad TTC for baby no1 onto 4th month trying, will be 3rd month using OPKs and conceive plus. Feeling disheartened today but will keep positive smile

Elling Tue 09-Feb-21 22:24:48

Hi Ovulated today so starting my TTW, cycle 9 TTC #1!
Forever convincing myself every month that's it's worked, worst symptom spotter ever 😂 I'm sure I make them up sometimes!
Baby dust to all! 🌟

hels301990 Thu 11-Feb-21 16:35:26

Just coming to the end of AF (CD4) Is it weird that I can't wait to get to day 8 so I can start OPKing and at least start feeling like doing something towards this month being the month 🤞

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Dyinghouseplant Thu 11-Feb-21 17:38:03

Hi! I'm on CD5. 3rd cycle. I'm the same, start testing on CD8 and ready to get going again. I reaallllly hope it happens this month 🤞🤞🤞
I'm taking vitamin d, b12 and b complex and folic acid. I've had low levels of b12 and folate in the past so trying my best to keep them up.

Dominican20 Thu 11-Feb-21 17:45:15

@hels301990 @Dyinghouseplant I am on CD3- 4th cycle. I know I am the same, I am taking folic acid & b12. I am not sure what else to do this month, feels like we have done all we can!

hels301990 Thu 11-Feb-21 17:58:08

@Dyinghouseplant I'm the same - low folate and B12; have 5mg a day of folate from the gp plus whatever is in my seven seas tablets (plus diet obvs) my b12 doesn't come up with tablet forms of B12 so I have injections every 3 months with the latest being tomorrow - I'm thinking surely that's got to be good for this month being the one?!

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Dyinghouseplant Thu 11-Feb-21 20:49:51

Same here, 5mg folic acid and 3 monthly injections and I take a b12 sublingual daily but I've no idea if it does anything! I used to be terrible at remembering to take vitamins but I haven't missed a day since TTC!

hels301990 Thu 11-Feb-21 21:38:11

Yes I used to be awful with my folic acid but since TTCing I've been spot on. Shame it's not worked so far though lol

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Dyinghouseplant Sat 13-Feb-21 10:17:14

How is everyone? I'm CD7, I feel like time is going so slow!

hels301990 Sat 13-Feb-21 10:28:26

CD5 for me I think times stopped lol although AF has finished which is good! I recon some non baby making sex this weekend for Valentine's - try and get us a bit more relaxed and remember that it's not all about the baby making 🤷‍♀️ looking forward to Monday when I can start OPKing - that always feels like progress!

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Dominican20 Mon 15-Feb-21 10:31:04

CD7 today and started OPKing. I really hope this is the month for us all 🤞🏻 I can’t help starting to panic that something is wrong with me, I know it’s still early days but it’s a horrible feeling!

hels301990 Mon 15-Feb-21 11:55:49

@Dominican20 exactly the same as me!! I literally cannot shake off the something must be wrong feeling! Starting to OPK today too x

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Loops01 Mon 15-Feb-21 12:08:56

@hels301990 I was also CD1 the same day as you. This is month 7 for us. Been doing the opks for 5 months and lube for the past 2. Taking folic acid and some other general vitamins. Read a bit about coq10 and isoflavones helping others but they appear to be really expensive. I feel like I spend so much every month on TTC and it doesn't work so I am not quite at the stage where I want to spend more. This may change if still nothing this month. Bloods from GP were normal but they didn't do anything cycle or hormone specific as far as I am aware. When are you starting your opks? I normally don't ovulate until day 16 so don't do it until day 11 or 12. Also depends on my shifts!

Dyinghouseplant Mon 15-Feb-21 12:21:44

I'm starting OPK today at CD9. Totally forgot yesterday.

Loops01 Mon 15-Feb-21 14:24:50

@Dyinghouseplant why do you test so early? Are you normally early or a short cycle? Or am I testing too late? The last 3 ovulation days for me were cd16, 16 and 17 (2 day longer cycle than usual)

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