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TWW anybody?

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AIC2015 Mon 08-Feb-21 12:33:14

Hi guys! I believe I ovulated today (CD14) after I got a static smiley on my OPK yesterday evening, this was after a flashy smiley in the morning! We DTD last night and now comes the start of the dreaded two week wait! Does any one fancy driving themselves crazy with symptom spotting and trying to to take a test too early with me? 🤣

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Bec18x Mon 08-Feb-21 22:58:21

Hey @AIC2015 I also had my peak yesterday for the first time ever and so ovulated today. I'm CD 32 today and I've taken Letrozole 7.5mg to make me ovulate but I normally have my bloods done on day 21 and then induce my period straight after so I must of been missing my ovulation. I'll get bloods next Sunday to confirm if I have ovulated but in the meantime until I know for sure, I guess I'm in the TWW 🤞🏻

Mummytoallgirls Mon 08-Feb-21 23:10:32

hi ladies!!im also in the tww,i ovulated on friday and did the deed on sunday yesterday,do you count from the day you ovulate or the day you had intercourse?

Arrierttyclock Tue 09-Feb-21 07:05:53

@AIC2015 that's good your got your static smiley! Did you do the wait 4 hours without a wee? Because I just can't do that I can do an hour max but I'm normally going every 20 mins 😂 but I'm dying for my static smiley so may try give it a go tonight!

Arrierttyclock Tue 09-Feb-21 07:06:17

@Bec18x congrats on your ovulation!!

AIC2015 Tue 09-Feb-21 07:26:40

I used my first pee in the morning when I got my flashing smiley! Then I'm not sure I'm the afternoon when I got my static because I impulsively tested 😂 what cycle day are you all on?

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AIC2015 Tue 09-Feb-21 07:28:55

@Bec18x congrats on ovulating ☺️ it's exciting to know you have, then this wait to find out if any efforts to get pregnant is so difficult 😩

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Arrierttyclock Tue 09-Feb-21 07:40:59

@AIC2015 ah okay thanks! Because I always wake up at 4.30/5am that's the first wee after my longest sleep but then I test at 6.30 so I don't know if I'm even doing it at the right time but will test again tonihjt thanks!

missrose0110 Tue 09-Feb-21 08:17:31

Hi everyone. I'm in 2ww too! When is everyone planning on testing?

AIC2015 Tue 09-Feb-21 09:14:30


Hi everyone. I'm in 2ww too! When is everyone planning on testing?

@missrose0110 I'm going to try and wait until 21st Feb! That's cd 27 for me, my cycles vary between 27-29 days, though i just know I'll give in and want to test before 🙈 How about you!

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Allegra82 Tue 09-Feb-21 09:21:58

Hi, I’ll join in.
I’m 3dpo today.
It’s our first month TTC #3. I’m 39 and hoping I’m not too old.
Not sure when I’ll test yet.

Intrigued2020 Tue 09-Feb-21 09:28:45

Hi guys, I think I am in the TWW! I had a faint positive on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but it never went really dark so I’m not sure if I did ovulate but yesterday there was no line so I hope so 😂 anyway my nipples are very sore today so I’m hoping that I did! 🕺

Intrigued2020 Tue 09-Feb-21 09:31:28

My dream is to do a test on Sunday and then give it to my boyfriend as his valentines present but I know I’m getting ahead of myself here as it will be too early to probably see anything 😂😂

missrose0110 Tue 09-Feb-21 09:36:22

@AIC2015 I'm waiting till 20th, not even ordering tests until the day before. Period is due 23rd for me

Mummytoallgirls Tue 09-Feb-21 15:05:21

@Intrigued2020 that's my plan 😂 i'm due the 19th so will try and test sunday but i think it's defo to soon

Intrigued2020 Tue 09-Feb-21 15:16:09

@Mummytoallgirls - It is too soon but it will be exciting if we get a faint line! Make sure you keep me posted! My period is due on the 20th so we are around the same time! 🤗

LemonDrizzle44 Tue 09-Feb-21 15:20:22

Hi all. I'm currently CD15. Think I ovulated yesterday (CD14) as had positive opk (first month using them) and EWCM. Just waiting for my BBT to confirm. Had a 1 day rise so far and RHR has also increased. Only managed to DTD on CD13&14 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Have been annoyed with my DP for not coming to bed on CD12 (he wanted to watch a film).
AF is due on the 25th. I hate the TWW 😩.
Good luck to everyone else x

BWaiting Tue 09-Feb-21 16:21:40

@LemonDrizzle44 hi! I'm CD13. Had my peak O yesterday so now in the TWW. My cycles are about 26-28 days so on the shorter side. AF is due around the 24th.
We managed to DTD yesterday morning and this morning but didn't for the two days before my peak O so I'm sort of kicking myself!
Good luck!! xx

mooloop Tue 09-Feb-21 16:23:46

Hi smile

I'm 3DPO, and I'm another one wanting to test on Sunday but it's definitely far far too early 😂

LemonDrizzle44 Tue 09-Feb-21 17:10:39

@BWaiting good luck. My cycles range from 27-36 days. Usually ovulate a bit later. Ovulation at CD14 has taken me by surprise.

DOB78 Tue 09-Feb-21 17:34:20

Hi ladies joining you all in TWW. Cycle for us after CP in December. Got positive OPK CD 11 and 12 first month using these DTD CD 12 now around 6DPO and hoping to test Sunday too. Not sure if they're symptoms but boots weigh a ton, nipples are mad itchy, nausea and weird pulling/dragging feeling in my stomach.
I hate waiting I'm so impatient........

Rubi87 Tue 09-Feb-21 17:35:35

Hi all

Can I join, I got a static smiley yesterday evening so thinking I may have ovulated today. We’ve been dtd every other day for over a week so keeping everything crossed

Bec18x Tue 09-Feb-21 18:03:03

Does anyone have a picture of their ovulation tests? I've never ovulated before that I know of and I was wondering if people's looked the same as mine. I'm getting bloods done next Monday so I'll be 7dpo and see if I did actually ovulate. I'm really doubting myself as every month has been a disappointment when I find out I haven't ovulated and don't want to get too excited (which is hard to do after seeing my first peak after 3 years ttc)
I had actually given up testing this month but only tested again because I had EWCM and some cramps. What symptoms of ovulation did everyone have?

Mummytoallgirls Tue 09-Feb-21 18:38:06

@Intrigued2020 i definitely will keep you posted!il be stalking this group haha!it's funny as in ttc no4 it's definitely my last baby i need to even it out 🤣but i didn't use ovulation sticks as i go by my symptoms from previous pregnancies i no when i'm fertile etc but this time i did it the day after ovulation so not sure if my egg would have gone but i usually do it before ovulation so i'm excited to see!!x

chickychicchic Tue 09-Feb-21 18:42:37

I'm due my period on Friday! This 2 week wait is nearly over thank goodness!

I had awful PMT which is normal for me.

Not other symptoms so I'm trying not to get my hopes up

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