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Missing period! Stuck in limbo

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Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 11:59:07

Hi everyone just wanting some advice or experience. Ttc #3 last period was 19.12.2020 so was due on around 20th January. That has come and gone and still nothing. Negative tests obviously. Always been regular have missed the odd one before. Have also been using opks but there still all fairly light so nothing happening on that front. Just feel like I'm stuck in limbo. No ovulation happening up to now and no period. What do people do in this situation?! Just keep DTD? Or is it pointless with negative opks all the time. Soo frustrating. I'm now cd 49 roughly. confused driving myself mad testing all the time . Why does ttc make us go so crazy??!! grin

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ShutUpAlex Sun 07-Feb-21 13:01:33

My period didn’t come till cd52 this month! I’ve just finished and am on cd7 so hoping it doesn’t happen again!

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 13:20:06

@ShutUpAlex what did u do while in limbo? Did u Carry on DTD or using opks. I just want something to happen never wanted af to arrive so much!!

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ShutUpAlex Sun 07-Feb-21 13:22:08

Well we have sex everyday anyway so that didn’t change anything haha. I did carry on using opks and I think I ovulated about 2 weeks late. I had some high readings but no peaks.

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 13:39:17

@ShutUpAlex ok thankyou gives me hope guess I will keep on plodding along until something happens!

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Sparkles512 Sun 07-Feb-21 15:14:19

Hi I'm in a similar situation TTC #1 and currently on CD 37, tested this morning and BFN, no signs of AF.
I just want AF to make an appearance so we can carry on trying!

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 15:19:58

@Sparkles512 i feel your pain it's so frustrating. Have u been tracking ovulation? I'm currently using opks but nothing happening on that front either confused just a waiting game I guess

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Sparkles512 Sun 07-Feb-21 15:49:44

I'm not very good with OPKs, we started with the casual approach then I bought the OPKS but always forgot or work got in the way and didn't get chance.
I tried to use them this month as I'm at home on furlough, I had a line from 16th to 19th January which would have been around CD 17/20 and then stopped testing as I assumed that was when I ovulated.
Maybe I should have continued testing?
I think once AF arrives I need to get the CB ovulation tests, and use them more regularly!
We have been taking the relaxed approach but it's not working for us so far.
A few friends have announced accidental pregnancies and I'm like how did that happen, there seems to be so much science behind baby making for it to be an accident! 🤣
Fingers crossed for you 🤞🤞

Crazydoglady123 Sun 07-Feb-21 16:00:17

Hey, hope it's okay to join but I'm also in the same boat. I'm 24 months in TTC #2. Recently I've finished three cycles on Letrozole and this cycle on Clomid. The Clomid made me super ovulate and I released 5 eggs (and ended up in a lot of pain and 5 haemorraghic cysts because of it). I had a scan on CD21 so know I ovulated before then (though I don't track). I'm now CD32, AF late and all I got earlier this week was BFN. It's hard symptom spotting because of the problems the cysts have caused but my main two at the minute is waking up to pee in the night and uncontrollable burping (I rarely burp unless I drink a fizzy drink 😂). I want to test tomorrow but I get so down when it's BFN I can't decide whether or not just to wait but AF being late is frustrating the hell out of me!!!

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 16:19:22

@Sparkles512 yes I started casual and now cos I don't know where in the cycle I am I'm testing everyday and my line isn't even budging confused same light line everyday wish af would just show now! So I can start again. Yes maybe u should have tested a bit longer to see if they went pale again. Yes some people just fall pregnant without all this complications would be good wouldn't it 🤞
@Crazydoglady123 did u have trouble ttc #1? I can't even imagine what your going through trying long enough. My 1st took 9 months and that was bad enough. Wel I'm a pee on a stick addict I want to take one eveytime I go to the toilet have to stop myself as I'm spending a fortune grin but if it upsets you to much I would leave it a few days x

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Crazydoglady123 Sun 07-Feb-21 16:32:09

@Skl2021 no, literally second cycle after coming of birth control. Was 9 years ago and a previous relationship. All of our infertility investigations seem to be me being the problem. I'm still being treated on the NHS and my consultant is booking me in for a scan to see what my cysts are doing on day one of my cycle...but it doesn't want to arrive clearly! We've got a virtual open evening tomorrow for an IVF clinic as we're going to pay privately (as we're not eligible on NHS) but I just wanted to sort my cysts out first. I get the obsession with testing! I would too but just feel sh*t after! I've just had my Amazon parcel arrive of more FRER, also some strips that test at 10 mIU/mL and also ordered the other day a finger prick HCG test 🙄

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 17:03:51

@Crazydoglady123 hope your virtual appointment goes well! Yes af knows how to piss us off 🤣 never comes when u want it too. Omg I would be trying one right now. I have no self control. Probably just a cheapie tho and save the frer 🤣🤞 never heard of finger prick HCG may have to look into that now 🤔

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Crazydoglady123 Sun 07-Feb-21 17:47:41

Hahaha I collect my FMU and then spend a few hours debating whether to do one or not 🙄 The finger prick one was from Medichecks but I'm not sure if I was a bit mugged off with the price...I was desperate and clutching at straws as late and BFN's but my rational head is now saying I can't be, just must be very bizarrely having a long cycle.

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 18:06:45

@Crazydoglady123 I had a look at Amazon and you can get them for around 10 quid but they don't have good reviews so maybe that one u bought should be better. Aww IV been through the desperate stage trying to convince myself I was but now I'm so late I'm angry and just want my period so I can start again! Would have to have a bizarre long cycle just as we ttc 😩 trying to stop thinking about it all as it's taking over my life already. P.s did u try a test 🙈#addicted.

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Crazydoglady123 Sun 07-Feb-21 18:13:30

@Skl2021 yeah exactly! Like get on and bleed already or give me the two lines 🤣 Yeah, the Medichecks one was £49 😱 I actually don't know why I brought it...I don't even know how sensitive it is but like I said I was just feeling very desperate. I think too I freaked myself out last week too as we know from my scan I released 5 eggs and so my risk of an ectopic would be higher and I had so much free fluid in my pelvis where the cysts had ruptured I wondered if that could've stopped the eggs moving into my uterus but the hospital I'm at won't do a HCG blood test unless I get a positive test.
Okay so I caved and used one of the cheap strips and instead of dipping I pee'd and pee'd over the wrong bit so I'm giving up till the morning. I'm armed ready with a load of tests. I'll be dipping away tomorrow morn until I get my two lines 😂🙈

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 18:18:41

@Crazydoglady123 wow yes maybe save that test as it's soo expensive! I hope the cysts don't cause u to many problems. Haha we just can't help ourselves?! I will probably join u Inthe morning and do another one 🤣🙈 hope you get some good news u will have to come back and update me!

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Crazydoglady123 Sun 07-Feb-21 18:27:57

@Skl2021 I think I'm over the worst with the cysts. All five had ruptured and the pain was so, so bad and the bloating from where the blood/fluid was irritating my insides.
I will definitely update on here in the morning! How long are your cycles normally and how long have you been TTC this time round?

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 18:40:48

@Crazydoglady123 that sounds so painful. Hope it gets better for you. I only started in January so one month upto now. I know people wait alot longer like you it must be hell. i'm just more frustrated that I still haven't got my period so I'm stuck waiting around just want to get into the next cycle. They are usually around 30 days haven't really been tracking them but there usually quite regular. I have missed the odd period before but trust me it to be as soon as we ttc 😩 just wish I knew what was happening. If it goes back to normal I would be due around 20th Feb again so like another 12 days to go. Unless I get a positive. (Highly unlikely now) or af just shows up which I am praying for. All opks are negative still so I know I haven't ovulated since last missed period. How late is yours now? I hope that clomid and super ovulation does something for you 🤞

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Crazydoglady123 Sun 07-Feb-21 18:49:56

@Skl2021 have you come of birth control to try this month then? Is this your second period TTC this time? Mine vary between 27-34 days but since the Letrozole and Clomid they've been more around 28 days. I'm CD32 today. I always spot for 4/5 days before AF too and I've had nothing. We plan to go for private IVF this month now anyway but just wanted the scan with my consultant at the hospital to check my cysts first.

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 19:16:36

@Crazydoglady123 so this cycle is definitely different for you hope that means good news. No 1st month last period was 20.12.2020 so should have had one around 20th Jan. But that's been an gone now so I'm around cd49.

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Crazydoglady123 Sun 07-Feb-21 19:34:04

@Skl2021 yeah my last cycle I started spotting CD21 and AF came CD27. Will see what tomorrow brings 😬 Could your cycles still be regulating themselves then? Anyone not TTC would be in their element for no AF for so long 😂

Skl2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 19:43:33

@Crazydoglady123 haha I know I never thought I would want af so much ever! 🤣 Or IL settle for a positive opk so I know I'm ovulating. Not asking for alot! Until one of them happens I won't know. Then I can make a plan. Might be harder than I thought. confused

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Liz2021 Sun 07-Feb-21 23:51:07

I'm in a similar position, 9 days late for AF (my cycle is fairly regular, typically 28 days plus or minus one day) but BFN. Have had some symptoms like fatigue, back pain, sore boobs. It's very confusing!! I'm TTC #1 and have been trying for quite some time now, so I can't help but hope.

Crazydoglady123 Mon 08-Feb-21 08:23:53

@Skl2021 Negative on both 😭 not even a squinter

Skl2021 Mon 08-Feb-21 09:49:47

@Crazydoglady123 oh no 😩 hope your feeling ok. Nothing for me either x
@Liz2021 welcome. So frustrating isn't it when our bodies do this to us and get our hopes up. Have u been tracking ovulation? X

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