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TTC February/March

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Sallyjo27 Sat 06-Feb-21 15:56:44

Hi ladies anyone want to join me in a thread to chat about ttc this month? I’m currently on CD2.
A bit about me.

I’m 28 and TTC baby number 1. We’ve been trying for a year and a half now, I had 4 recurrent miscarriages in 2020 so hoping the next will stick. I’ve been given new medication to try next time.

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BWaiting Sat 06-Feb-21 16:11:05

Hi @Sallyjo27 I'll join you if that's okay. I'm currently CD10 of cycle #2
I'm 33, I have a son who is 9 and have had 3MC. I'm so sorry to hear about yours, I know how rubbish it is sad
Did you have any examinations or tests?
I'm in FW now although the OPK's are showing nothing at the moment. My cycle is between 26-28 days.
I've also just found out I have an under-active thyroid which can come in the way of ovulating so I'm relying on OPK's right now to tell me if I am!
Good luck in your journey, hoping this year is the one for you. Xx

Sallyjo27 Sat 06-Feb-21 16:19:21

Hi @BWaiting I’m so sorry to hear of your miscarriages. I’ve had all the usual ones, thyroid, progesterone, blood clotting, immune antibodies etc all have come back normal 😩. I’ took cyclogest and aspirin in my 4th pregnancy but it didn’t work so next time it will be cyclogest, asprin, clexane and steroids too. Fingers crossed they work. I hope this is your year too! Did you have any testing? X

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spagino21 Sat 06-Feb-21 16:20:55

Ooh I’d like to join please. I’m on my first cycle of TTC and currently 5dpo so in the dreaded two week wait! I’m 28 and this will hopefully be baby number 1 for us. I’ve only just stopped my pill this month so was quite surprise that I ovulated, hopefully that’s a good sign smile
Sorry to hear about both of your miscarriages, wishing you both the best of luck.

BWaiting Sat 06-Feb-21 16:36:35

@Sallyjo27 that's good to hear everything came back normal, although must be very frustrating that cyclogest and aspirin didn't work.
I had a MC before my son, then two after him so they won't test unless they're consecutive.
It's taken me about 2 years to entertain the idea of TTC.
It's a rough rollercoaster all of this, you're a strong lady!

@spagino21 oh the TWW! I told myself I'd be all cool and calm last month but my gosh it doesn't half drag, and all of the symptom spotting and every little twinge hahaha good luck in your journey 🤞🏼 How are you feeling, any symptoms?

spagino21 Sat 06-Feb-21 16:55:00

@BWaiting honestly if it doesn’t happen for us this month (which is of course only a very small chance anyway) then i don’t know how i’ll be able to do it month in month out! we haven’t told anyone we’re TTC so I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it - my husband does his best but I think he’s starting to get bored of me showing him my chart every day lol

I definitely had the ovulation twinges on my left side and spotting shortly after so hopefully they are good signs! Since then though I feel perfectly temps are up so at least I know I have ovulated. I’m really trying not to symptom spot just so I don’t accidentally convince myself i’m pregnant when I’m actually not..but yeah you’re right these two weeks are dragging and being in lockdown doesn’t help!! Do you remember any very early symptoms with your first?

BWaiting Sat 06-Feb-21 17:10:42

@spagino21 I know exactly what you mean, I feel like if it doesn't happen this month I'm going to end up give up, I'm so impatient haha.
With my other pregnancies I conceived in the first month, although I don't ever remember doing any of this ovulation checking, symptom spotting, being on forums 24/7!
I didn't have any symptoms until 4 weeks when I would wake up feeling off, would feel sick brushing my teeth and had a metal taste in my mouth. I also didn't test early, only when my period was late.
Looks like I'm a changed woman now! Hahaha

Your spotting and twinges sound like a really good sign!! I'm the same, we haven't told anyone else so my poor husband has to hear all about it ☺️

els10 Sat 06-Feb-21 17:14:25

Can I join?! 👋🏼
I'm 29, got pregnant my first month trying in October but miscarried unfortunately, started trying again last month.
I travel for my job so being home at the right times is our biggest battle at the moment! So stressful. And it's CD19 and I haven't ovulated yet (usually CD15) so who bloody knows what's going on 😂
Hope we can keep eachother sane!

mooloop Sat 06-Feb-21 17:21:32

Hi smile

I'm 27, TTC baby #1, on CD20 of cycle number 2 of trying. Had a positive OPK yesterday so think today is ovulation day - hoping we get lucky this month!

Hope everybody is doing ok, and sorry to hear of those who have had previous MCs ❤️

spagino21 Sat 06-Feb-21 17:24:52

@BWaiting i am definitely in the impatient camp! That’s reassuring to hear you conceived in the first month with your other pregnancies, hopefully you will be just as lucky this time round 🤞🏽

Also good to know you didn’t have any symptoms until four weeks, I am going to try and wait until at least 14dpo to test - if my period doesn’t show and i have the willpower that is! I’ve already got some hcg tests which came with my opks so the temptation is real lol

it’s the not knowing that’s the hardest part i think..even my husband has started to symptom spot for me 🤣 i was dying for a bacon sandwich today and he said hmm maybe it’s a pregnancy craving...i then explained that even if i was cravings wouldn’t happen this early lol

BWaiting Sat 06-Feb-21 17:53:47

@spagino21 yes it's reassuring but now I have an under-active thyroid so I'm obviously thinking the worst.
I've read people testing from 8dpo, you're good to hold out till 14! I wish I was more like you but this time around I'm so so impatient.
I've made sure I don't have any tests at home haha.
I love that your husband is symptom spotting, any little thing now will be 'maybe it's the pregnancy' ☺️ not knowing definitely is the hardest part though. Once I knew I wasn't last month it felt like a bit of a relief that I didn't have to symptom spot. I couldn't wait to get on with the next month and was impatiently waiting for this FW.

Hello @els10 👋🏼 I'm sorry to hear about your mc. I'm sure our bodies start playing up with our cycles when it knows we are TTC, my cycle was shorter last month and that never happens. Good luck for this month, hoping you O and managed to catch it in time!

Hi @mooloop 👋🏼 just wondering, how soon after your positive O you'll DTD, this is my first month using OPK and when/if I get a positive, I'll probably panic and either do it too early or too late knowing me! Good luck with this month! 🤞🏼

mooloop Sat 06-Feb-21 18:04:37

@BWaiting I got a positive OPK at about 6pm yesterday and DTD last night when we went to bed. Gonna go for it again tonight too (disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing grin) good luck!

laura2093 Sat 06-Feb-21 18:14:59

Hello ladies,

I am Laura 👋 I am 27 yrs old and we have now been TTC since March 2020, it currently feels like it's never going to happen. My doctor has been helpful and already started the ball rolling with fertility support. I have my OH's SA here to do and get my D21 bloods back Monday - kinda scary really!

I've attached my BBT's this cycle - can anyone tell me if this looks normal?!

Katierose34 Sat 06-Feb-21 18:21:24

Hello ladies, I'm 34 and ttc no3. I have two dc age 12 and 9 from a previous marriage so this is our 1st together with my new husband. Been trying for around 4 months.

Fifi1086 Sat 06-Feb-21 18:26:38

Hey guys can I join? Cycle 2 of ttc number 2, first DD is 11 and I'm now 34! Second month off the mini pill and had a chemical pg last month. I'm due to to ovulate in next few days and have had flashing smileys on cb opks, but I really felt physically like I ovulated last night and had a temp spike this morning on bbt! Still only getting flashing smileys tho.. I guess the next few days will tell!

spagino21 Sat 06-Feb-21 18:40:49

@BWaiting if it helps at all, my aunty has an under active thyroid and she has three grown up boys so hopefully you’ll be fine! i’m only waiting that long so i know for def if it’s negative and then like you, can just hear myself up for the next month. If i test too early then I’ll just keep retesting thinking it was too you can tell i’m a bit nuts lol

Hi @mooloop, hi @els10, hi @Katierose34 wish you all the best of luck this cycle!

@laura2093 that looks like an almost perfect BBT chart to me! mine is all over the place! looks like we’re using the same app too - femometer? i like it but not sure it’s got my O date correct, probably due to my up and down temps..

@Fifi1086 i’ve heard that opks/ovulation tests can be out sometimes so i’d say trust what your body is telling you (i.e. dtd!!)

Fifi1086 Sat 06-Feb-21 18:47:09

@spagino21 oh I absolutely have been 😂😂 I attached my bbt chart, first 9 days are very high cos of the chemical loss but it does kind of look like I ovulated yday 🤷🏻‍♀️ in saying that, I did drop my cb opk down the sink yday morning and had to start a new one so maybe that was the problem hahaha

spagino21 Sat 06-Feb-21 18:55:10

@Fifi1086 it does and i can see you had ewcm on those days so it’s very likely! and lol i had a kitten to contend with while i was doing my opks last month - he’d meow to be let in the bathroom and then try and nick my opk test
strip before I could get a photo 🙄

Fifi1086 Sat 06-Feb-21 19:01:50

@spagino21 oh stop that's so funny!! The worst was last month when I left my opk reader on my dressing table and my 11 year old came in and said "eh mom why is there a pregnancy test on your table" I swear I nearly died! I'd no idea she'd even know what one looked like!!

I'm hoping that if my temp stays up the next two days it'll confirm ovulation 🤞🏻

laura2093 Sat 06-Feb-21 19:02:45

Thankyou @spagino21 - when you say perfect, in what way? Like AF is coming? 😩

spagino21 Sat 06-Feb-21 19:23:05

@Fifi1086 😂 exactly what you need on top of TTC stress! at first my husband didn’t understand the difference between my ovulation and pregnancy strips either...he was so confused when I said I got my peak!

My app took three days of high temps to confirm ovulation so maybe yours will too 🙂

@laura2093 no no i mean it looks on point, very consistent temps and a nice shift. My temps fluctuated so much and it took a couple of days for my temps to increase but yours look almost spot on 🙂

Katierose34 Sat 06-Feb-21 22:48:50

I notice there are quite a few ladies similar age to me on this post, I'm 35 and ttc no you mind me asking what the age difference is between your youngest and now ttc? Also to be really cheeky and ask ttc this time, is it with the same partner or so eone new? Please don't be offended by this or feel you have to answer, the reason I ask is this is my first with my husband but have 2 dc with an ex husband. Thanks

Fifi1086 Sat 06-Feb-21 22:53:27

Not at all @Katierose34 ! I'm 34, I've an 11 year old with an ex partner and ttc number 2 with my fiancé 😊 on cycle 2 at the min!

Katierose34 Sat 06-Feb-21 23:05:21

@fifi1086 thank you, I have age 12 and 9.we are on 4th month of trying after having the coil removed. Its so frustrating. I really thought this was my month as dtd loads before and over ovulation time but bfn and af arrived yesterday!

Fifi1086 Sat 06-Feb-21 23:16:12

That's so frustrating, it's hard to be relaxed about it too, as much as we tell ourselves we will!!

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