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Can't believe how daft I am - please read and giggle!!

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ShouldKnowByFriday Fri 22-Oct-04 23:02:13

Ttc for some months now - yawn - and have cruised various ttc threads but now conclude I have to get through this myself so stopped posting/whining/hoping publicly. Started on Evening Primrose to sort out CM prob (no egg white for months) and lo and behold there it was on Day 16!! Halelujah!! (sp?)Was so excited just at the egg white result alone as I felt I had made some sort of progress..

So this Monday, Cycle Day 29 of 35-ish day cycle, I start feeling a little nauseous. Tuesday and Wednesday, again a little nauseous but on both days but I wondered if I am imagining it due to wanting to be preg. Wednesday night at 3am I wake up definitely feeling sick and want to scream from the roof top "I am feeling nauseous, it's day 32 and I must be preg" (I don't) and after an hour of feeling smug, blissfully content, life is perfect, etc, preparing for No 3 late June 2005 and working out how old it's siblings will be, etc, I manage to get back to a restful sleep.

Thursday, I am sitting in my office feeling nauseous with odd cramps and think "Funny, feel sick and have cramps, but do remember the cramps I had with both pregs early on. Revel in the horribly sick feeling again feeling smug and the sicker I feel and the more smug I felt and think "sign of a strong pregnancy". As the day goes on, I am frozen, feeling sick with tummy pain and think, it's a cold day, definitly feeling sick so will confirm with a preg test.

BFN - thought to myself "too early, too early" and trot / stagger back to office on serious high vowing not to poison fetus with pain killers and thinking how lucky I am to be preg. What does it matter if I feel sick/in pain/uncomfortable? S'normal.

Late Thursday afternoon, cannot avoid the fact that I want to throw up, I feel weak, frozen with newly developed back and neck ache. Mention it ever so casually to colleagues who then proceed to tell me there is a bug around like the achiness of flu but without the cold symptoms. It suddenly hits me: I have a bug!!!!

Has this happended to any other MNer or something similar that you would care to share with us/me so I know I am not alone?

Your comments gratefully received.

Bibi20 Sat 23-Oct-04 14:43:09

Hi ShouldKnowByFriday

LOL - I can so relate to your story! The waking in the night feeling sick with sore boobies and then lying awake with a smile on my face as I imagine how I'm going to tell everyone that I'm pg and what I'm going to call it if it's a girl...

Thing is my imagination can also go wild during and after af when I try to convince myself that I could be one of those women who still get af when they're pregnant...

But it could still be your month so don't give up hope yet!


marthamoo Sat 23-Oct-04 15:00:14

Hope it's not a bug - best of luck xx

kizzy212 Fri 03-Dec-04 16:33:20

very funny. i have ben there and done that. but even went a told close friends i was almost 99% sure i was. how silly did i feel after a mnegative result.

hester Sun 05-Dec-04 09:45:50

Been there, done that!

beansontoast Sun 05-Dec-04 10:58:25

you describe it perfectly....i had the same bug...and was similarly convinced!!!however i was petrified.hope you are better now and good luck with getting genuinely morning sick.

beansontoast Sun 05-Dec-04 10:59:12

derr just seen how old this thread is!

yingers74 Sun 05-Dec-04 15:01:03

yes totally relate to this, had a take away curry which gave me a tummy ache but tried to convince myself that it was cramps due to a possible pregnance, I have no idea whether I am pregnant, too early to test but the ache was due to food certainly not baby

ShouldKnowByFriday Sat 11-Dec-04 00:06:18

Thanks y'all. Did have an awful bug and then did test positive at the beginning of 6th week but in my seventh week I miscarried. Seems like ages ago now. Was upset but have to be optimistic. Am now of course ttc again. Egg on schedule for Xmas so will be hiding alcohol from DH.

amynSaintnixmum Sat 11-Dec-04 00:09:22

Good luck{{{{}}}}}

ShouldKnowByFriday Sat 11-Dec-04 00:23:26

Thank you but DH using coitus interuptus in hope that I won't get preg .

Canadianmom Sat 11-Dec-04 00:58:26

Does DH not want another baby or does he just think that it is too soon?

Keep us informed.

ernest Sat 11-Dec-04 11:52:48

it's a nightmare enough trying to conceive without dh wanting the fun without delivering the goods, so to speak. Sounds like mental torture. Has he had 2nd thoughts or something?

Btw, doesn't sound funny, your dilema. i had similar - not but, but following removal of mirena, had loads of pg symptoms, really felt pg & even had milky discharge from breasts. i mean crapms are 1 thing, but milky discharge from breats? That was def. not imagined. Did approx. 10 million pg tests & each time was neg. Saw doc who explained that the hormone level (can't remember exactly - rising levels of oestrogen, maybe) mimicked pg symptoms. Thank God 3 months later I finally succeeded or I would have driven poor sil crazy.

You never know, it could be a coincidence & you could be lucky, but if you're not this time, I'm sure you soon will be xxxx

Levanna Wed 15-Dec-04 01:47:15

The first time I thought I may be pregnant (sore breasts, sickness and even swelling tum) it turned out it was actually an extremely large ovarian cyst. It was my first set of PCOS symptoms so I found myself in hosp being told what it was, that I def wasn't pregnant and would have difficulty conceiving...all in one fell swoop! One or two similar incidents passed, so when I felt sick all around the time of my wedding, (having been told by consultant on wedding 'eve' we would not conceive without 'help') and still ill throughout honeymoon, I put it down to stress. I eventually went to gp when we got back to find we were indeed expecting DD1 and had been for nearly two months!

Awful when we think we are and we're not though, .
Very positive wishes to all TTC.

ShouldKnowByFriday Wed 22-Dec-04 21:54:10

CanadianMum, Dh doesn't want another - we have two children. But was told by a friend of his that he could be persuaded.

Good luck to all of you ttc. Maybe over Christmas?

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