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Positive pregnancy test?

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MushroomQueen Sun 22-Nov-20 23:42:44

Yes looks positive

Jane2711 Sun 22-Nov-20 20:02:58

Thanks ladies. Took another this afternoon and was negative. Will just try and ride it out, but it’s hard x

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Ridethewaves Sun 22-Nov-20 19:41:38

Definitely looks positive. Hope all goes well for you flowers

Fearicecream Sun 22-Nov-20 19:30:18

Yep looks positive to me. Best of luck

Jane2711 Sun 22-Nov-20 19:20:38


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Jane2711 Sun 22-Nov-20 13:11:29

Hi everyone,

I wanted a bit of advice. I have suffered from 2 miscarriages this past year sad blood tests confirmed that I have slightly elevated APPT levels, so I started taking aspirin hoping it might improve my chances. Earlier on this week I had pains in my stomach, but I was certain that was when I was ovulating so didn’t think anything of it. Today I woke up with the same and took a test which I did not expect to show a second line.

I’m confused as to how this can happen, according to my calculations I’m only 4 dpo. However I don’t track this properly so I’m not sure. I have seen lots of false positives so just wanted to see some opinions especially on the test as understandably this is a worrying time for me.

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