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Ttc after an etopic pregnancy.

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Pudding01 Mon 23-Nov-20 23:24:30

Hey. I had an ectopic pregnancy August 2014, where I lost my tube and again Dec 2014 where it implanted outside the womb. Both resulted in surgery and the second also needed methotrexate after.
I didn't try again until March 2016 (as my XH left me for a few months), but I conceived my DD within 3 months when I came off the pill ❤ Really didn't think I would. I had lost hope. Now I hold her that little bit tighter. Best of luck to you and sending love 💘

kerosene20 Mon 23-Nov-20 22:44:27

I had methotrexate and couldn’t try for 3 months. Got pregnant first month we were allowed. Healthy baby. Best of luck op x

Laurens2890 Mon 23-Nov-20 22:38:51

Thanks you so much for your reply. Good luck c

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Chica1990 Sun 22-Nov-20 12:23:17

I had one in October and I’ve had a period and the consultant on my follow up call said I can start trying again so I’m on my first go since now! Wishing us luck!

Horrible thing to go through and I’m sorry you had it too. When it happens again you should get an early scan to check everything is in the right place x

Laurens2890 Sun 22-Nov-20 11:30:55

Thank you so much. Sorry that you have went through this too ☹️

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MrsB2019x Sun 22-Nov-20 11:13:56

Hi @Laurens2890, there is a group full of lovely ladies on this thread who have all been through the same thing -

Quite a few have got pregnant successfully too ☺️

Personally, I had an ectopic in April, I had methotrexate so couldn’t try again for 3 months. Haven’t fallen pregnant again yet, but apparently 85% fall pregnant again within the first year ☺️ So keeping hopeful!

Laurens2890 Sun 22-Nov-20 10:55:20

Just looking for some answers and advise. How long did it take to get pregnant again? When did you start trying again? Did you have another etopic pregnancy?

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