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TTC November bus

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keepingfaithandhope Fri 20-Nov-20 11:54:30


Hi. It says the thread is closed 🤷‍♀️ or is it just me?

Anyway starting this thread for the November TTC bus , as many of us are still TTC or in 2ww.

Pls invite others you know. Thanks !

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keepingfaithandhope Fri 20-Nov-20 12:02:09

Attached is the screenshot I got when I tried to post on there..anyway I'll PM to check up on you all from time to time xx

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keepingfaithandhope Fri 20-Nov-20 12:06:09

@namechangeTTC fyi

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gracie2307 Fri 20-Nov-20 12:31:59

Hi everyone! I was on the other group too and tried to reply to @SRyellow, @SunnydazeQ, @SparkyLauz and @Sunflowers81 but it said it was closed. Do we know why its shut @keepingfaithandhope? I cant seem to tag people who haven't posted in here...

keepingfaithandhope Fri 20-Nov-20 12:41:47

Hi @gracie2307 I don't know why it got shut.

I googled and reasons such as being at "full capacity" & "the original poster shutting it" were suggested. Xx

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gracie2307 Fri 20-Nov-20 12:43:30

Ah no worries @keepingfaithandhope 😀 so bizarre it kicked us out! How are you doing? Xx

keepingfaithandhope Fri 20-Nov-20 12:48:37

@gracie2307 😀 I'm doing alright besides boobs killing me. But I'm not relying on this symptom as it's happened before and AF showed up. I'm just 2 or 3 DPO..

How about you ? How are you? Are you in the 2ww yet? Xx

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gracie2307 Fri 20-Nov-20 13:09:04

@keepingfaithandhope Yeah its so hard trying to symptom spot, I feel like I have given up now! The 2ww is a killer, have lots of distractions to get you through grin

I am ok thanks, I am on a new cycle so CD4 - going to try SMEP from CD8 so fingers crossed it works this month! Xx

Bizawit Fri 20-Nov-20 13:35:26

Hi all, once a thread reaches 40 pages on mumsnet it closes. So that’s why they shut it- just got full up.
In very late to the party but currently in my 2ww, cycle #3 of TTC. Can I join? X

keepingfaithandhope Fri 20-Nov-20 14:44:09

@gracie2307 I know right @ 2ww. Yeah I'm trying to keep my mind busy which is helping so far ☺️.

Fingers crossed for you 🤞🤞.

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keepingfaithandhope Fri 20-Nov-20 14:45:27

Hi @Bizawit ah thanks! Didn't know that.
Ofcourse you can join in! How many Dpo are you? I'm 2 or 3dpo.. xx

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MimiRai Fri 20-Nov-20 15:33:03

Hello I am 1 DPO can I also join the TWW with you all? Fingers crossed for everyone!

Sohe Fri 20-Nov-20 16:16:05

Just claiming my seat from the old bus. 4DPO so long wait still. X

Markygirl1995 Fri 20-Nov-20 21:20:00

Guys I thought I lost you all! Still BFNwaiting for AFto show her face due today and normally I wake up to it. I'm cramping this evening so may come on 🤷🏻‍♀️ unless it's possible to get implantation cramps now lol 13dpo

Raffaella13 Fri 20-Nov-20 21:47:42

Hi everyone!

Currently 5DPO. Not feeling any different yet (first cycle TTC).

How's everyone else?

SRyellow Sat 21-Nov-20 06:37:20

@Markygirl1995 I’m with you, 14dpo just got BFN had spotting 12dpo nothing since but lower temps last 3 days

bmeggar Sat 21-Nov-20 06:49:14

@MgW1 sorry for delay, what did you do in the end? I'd be inclined to say stick with what youve been doing as it's just a few more days then switch to seven seas once past ovulation? And I'm sure taking just half a pregnacare at this stage would be fine, doubt any need for additional folic acid as just a few days. Also, was going to ask if you're taking it with food? I found it I've got something harsh to take (like antibiotics etc) I take it mid way through my main meal and it helps so much with nausea or stomach upset. X

buckingmad Sat 21-Nov-20 07:00:04

Hi everyone, 12dpo here and my bbt is pretty high compared to normal. Been feeling a bit sicky and boobs hurt but my boobs always hurt in the few days leading up to AF.

I always test too early so not testing until my period is very late, maybe mid next week.

Sunflowers81 Sat 21-Nov-20 09:28:40

Hey everyone!
Thank you @keepingfaithandhope for starting a new thread and adding me!
Keeping my fingers crossed for lots of BFP for you all!

PurplePops Sat 21-Nov-20 09:30:38

Just dropping a message on the new thread so I get notifications, I'm 2 or 3 dpo today.

@buckingmad that sounds really promising! Fingers crossed for you xx

MgW1 Sat 21-Nov-20 09:31:41

Im just going to take 1/2, cant do with contipation , giving me more cramps! Also no peak as yet , 5 days of flashing smiley faces ?! Have you ovulated later than normal? X

Markygirl1995 Sat 21-Nov-20 16:01:20

@SRyellow anything today? 15dpo now had back pain, lower cramps, stretchy cm, low cp, tired and sore nipples havent tested today

Bizawit Sat 21-Nov-20 17:04:52

@keepingfaithandhope I’m not really sure as my cycles have been all over the place. I think I’m actually around 13dpo, but I’m not planning on testing unless af doesn’t arrive for another week as I’ve been so irregular and hate seeing that bfn sad.
I was managing to keep myself fairly distracted but now I’m expecting af to turn up any day it’s getting more stressful..
how are you doing? X

keepingfaithandhope Sat 21-Nov-20 19:20:12

Ohhh fingers crossed🤞*@bizawit*. Hoping it's BFP for you rather than AF.
I'm alright thanks. Still in early/mid days..trying to fill my time while I wait ⏰ X

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michywishy Sat 21-Nov-20 19:27:08

Hey ladies hope I can join you all on the tow3crazy train, I'm currently 11 dpo (I think, use apps and have a 27/28 day cycle) predicted o date 10th, dtd the 8th and 10th, had ewcm on the 9th. Hoping I caught it but I dont think I have.
Iv recently been researching link between resting heart rate and bfp where it shoots up after o day, mine had so I stupidly got my Hope's up and as soon as I did resting heart rate has started to drop again.

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